Picking Up The Pieces

This piece was posted at 6:32 this morning. I’ve bumped it back up top. I think it is an important post for the Republican side and I certainly concur with Senator Staton’s sentiment.

“There is more at stake than my personal feelings or yours. If we want Republican principles to be lived out through state government then we must come together and work for a total victory this fall


  1. Chris says:

    Thank you Senator for pointing out that neither Reed nor Cagle nor their supporters are the enemy. We don’t face our enemies in primary elections. We face our enemies in November.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    The issue that clouded this race was not political smear or propaganda. It is an ongoing problem that has to be dealt with. In the Georiga GOP, we did. His scandal and others will continue simply because there is always a vacuum in government and there is always someone trying to make a fast buck.

    I’m not trying to pile on, but suggesting that we need to embrace core conservative principles and empower people who do.

    The Senator is correct, it is regrettable that friendships have been marred and alliances damaged. We didn’t see eye to eye on this one, but we do need to build consensus to make our Party effective and move forward.

    I am quite satisfied that we have a strong ballot for the fall that can effectively inspire the base and win. The legislative agenda our leadership is promoting deserves the opportunity to be sent back to the dome.

  3. Philly says:

    I am sorry, but I have to say no. I will not be used for a doormat just because I am a christian conservative. Negative campaigning will continue and christian conservatives will continue to be relegated to back door status in the Georgia GOP unless races are lost.

    I could never support Cagle.

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Philly, you certainly need to research the facts. Please provide one fact or bit of evidence that is contrary to the research I have, and others have done. The facts are the facts.

  5. jackson says:

    —-“Negative campaigning will continue and christian conservatives will continue to be relegated to back door status in the Georgia GOP unless races are lost.”——

    Your kidding, right? This was a statement by Christian conservatives…they don’t want ones that have taken advantage of them to prosper. I have news flash for you Philly, Casey Cagle (yeah, the same one with a 100% Christian Coalition Score) is a Christian conservative. You can tell that by even listening to his acceptance speech.

    No, christians were not relagated to back door status. Honest Christians where pushed to the front of the line.

  6. Michael C says:

    Philly I understand where you are coming from. Its tough when you guy loses. Remeber that God chooses our Goverments. He establishes Government Authority.

  7. jacewalden says:


    Your point is certainly taken. It is time to mend fences and build bridges. I think that we could possibly have the strongest Republican slate in Georgia history.

  8. JP says:

    Philly, Christian Conservatives need to stop waving their religious affiliation as a badge of honor and start walking the walk. If Reed had learned that lesson, your candidate might have won.

    And by the way, not everyone reading this is a Republican. I will not be joining the author.

  9. Rick Day says:


    My independent voter’s heart just BLEEDS for your poor party. Perhaps you can get Mr. Bush to come to one of your supporter’s lilly white homes or country clubs and raise a quick million. That outta fix things, eh? Those printers, Television station managers and newspaper publishers gotta eat, you know?

    Suck it up, sir. You all should not have associated yourself with hate-mongers (flaggers/klanners, McKinney bashers, budget bloating, gay marriage, foam-at-the-mouth fundamentalists, chicken hawks/profiteers et. al.).

    When you come back to the conservative core values and start voting as an athiest when it comes to matters of the state and the people, then us Indie’s will flock to your so-called Big Tent.

    Until then, I hope your party dissolves in its own acid.


    Rick Day
    still a disgusted taxpayer and voter.

  10. duluthmom says:

    Quote: Christian Conservatives need to stop waving their religious affiliation as a badge of honor and start walking the walk.

    I agree. I commented to my husband how impressed I was with Sonny’s television interview on Channel 11 this morning. He was able to talk about priorities of jobs and education without ringing up the Christian Conservative agenda.

    As a poster said on another thread, I have no problem with someone using their religious values to guide their decision making, I just don’t want a narrow religious agenda to dominate government.

  11. Jimbo says:

    i agree with Philly. Cagle ran a nasty campaign and he will not receive my vote.

    You Cagle supporters thinks Christian conservatives should just vote and keep our mouths shut. See how far you get without our vote!!!

  12. Chris says:

    I think the Christian conservatives will stay away until about 15 minutes after the Democrat nominee opens his mouth to speak.

  13. Broty says:

    With all due respect Jimbo, Sen. Cagle did pretty well yesterday without your vote. Ralph Reed has pledged his support to all the Republican nominees, including Casey Cagle. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out why some of his supporters can follow his lead.

  14. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Ralph did not have a market on the Christian vote and to attempt to spin it that way is irresponsible. In fact, I would say Ralph had a corner on the Country Club Republican market, but used Christians as his gotv effort.

    Chris, you’re 100% correct!

    Looks like we have perhaps the strongest ticket we’ve ever had in Georgia this fall. The agenda is strong and pro-active.

    Rep. Keen addressed the GAAO yesterday. If Republicans prevail this fall, look for a solid address of fiscal and taxation issues addressed next session. It’s all good.

  15. Philly says:

    Broty, That was the GOP Primary Cagle won. His Democratic opponent will start with a base of around 40% and go up. If even 30 -40% of Reed voters sit out the general or vote for the Democrat, that will have an impact. You guys are far too sure about the general election and just assume the Republican nominees will win. You are just as cocky as Roy Barnes was.

    Reed urged everyone to support the GOP ticket as was expected. That does not mean everyone will. You see we Reed supporters just don’t blindly follow as was intimated.

  16. mercergirl says:

    Well, at least most of us here have the party’s best interest at heart. For the rest, I can understand because I would have felt the same way about Reed- except for the fact that I am a REPUBLICAN PARTY loyalist. That may come across as close minded, but I simply feel that any Republican in the party has my best interest at heart as opposed to any Democrat (someone like Zell is an exception- but we all know he is a “Dixiecrat” 🙂 ). So I will throw my support behind all Republicans come November, and to those who cannot- I suggest leaving the part of the ballot that you are in contention with blank…. unless you feel the Democratic candidate will best serve your Christian concerns (well all know that is not the case).

  17. Broty says:


    I don’t expect Reed voters to blindly follow anyone – not even Ralph. And I certainly hope no one is overy confident about November. Personally, I don’t see any campaign taking their race for granted. If they are, they deserve Roy Barnes’ fate.

    Having said that, I doubt 30-40% of Reed’s supporters will sit out in Nov. or support Hecht/Martin. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would hope they don’t.

    We’re now down to one Republican candidate for Lt. Gov. and it’s Casey Cagle. Even Ralph Reed recognizes that Cagle is a better choice than the dem. candidate.

  18. Michael C says:

    Everyone in the GOP will be back in the fold, come Nov. Why is it that Christian Conservatives are not supposed to espouse their views? Name any other group that is told to shut up this way.

    Thomas Jefferson writes a letter to a bunch of Baptists 200 years ago, and everyone thinks we can not mix religion with politics.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    Everyone should vote for the party nominees. Our worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.

  20. Broty says:


    I don’t think anyone is telling Christian Conservatives to shut up. I think that point is that not all christian conservatives voted for Ralph Reed – many espoused their views by voting for Casey Cagle.

    By all means, vote your beliefs but let’s not let defeat in a primary cloud the big picture.

  21. Romegaguy says:

    You know what would help to rally everyone together? A big old steak dinner… Debbie when are we going to Chops or was it Bones? I hear Chops has a nice dish of Crow for you….

  22. jacewalden says:

    I could be wrong, but here’s my take:

    Being a Christian Conservative is one thing. Wanting to turn the Constitution into the Bible is another. And, I’m sorry, but that’s what I viewed Ralph Reed as wanting to do.

    I think Republican voters, in general, are starting to revert back to the original principles of the Party, I.E. Fiscal Conservatism and Small Government. Matt Towery, who BTW was COMPLETELY wrong about the outcome of CC v. RR, provided some good analysis on 11Alive last night. He pointed out that if you wear your religion on your sleeve, you’re gonna fall and fall hard.

    Now, as far as the elected Republicans, we’ll see. But I think the tide is turning from buidling a theocracy toward building a true representative Republican majority…like I said, I could be wrong.

  23. The Busdriver says:

    Cecil, I trust you’re looking forward to becoming the next Vice Chair of the Janitorial Services Subcommittee.

  24. Maurice Atkinson says:

    “The Cagle campaign was very successful at planting doubt among members of the faith-based community. They stayed home,

  25. Philly says:

    It is Cagle people like busdriver that preclude Reed supporters like me from ever supporting Cagle.

    Speaking of steak dinners, anyone want to bet the Cagle will lose to the Democrat in November ? Also that the GOP will not sweep the statewide races as they expect? That Taylor will give Perdue a close race and perhaps pull off an upset?

  26. duluthmom says:

    No one is saying you can’t espouse your beliefs. The concern is when Conservative beliefs are translated into government policy. I hear people repeatedly say that America is a Christian nation; which is true if you base that on the fact that 80% of the population identify themselves as Christian. Currently over 1200 denominations exist in the US and as we all know, not all Christians share the same beliefs. For example, Catholicism, which accounts for about 25% of the American population as well as more liberal Protestant religions take an interpretive approach to the Bible versus a literal one, a difference which has caused policy issues in the past. One need only look at the issue of Creationism/ID/Evolution to see that this is true. Therefore, the claim by Christian Conservatives that a majority shares the same set of beliefs is invalid and IMO should not be executed as policy in legislation.

  27. BahamaBoy says:

    Jimbo made an interesting comment: “You Cagle supporters think Christian conservatives should just vote and keep our mouths shut.”

    No, actually we think you should open your eyes and ears and really try to understand the issues, the candidates, and then open your mouths at the ballot box

    What we witnessed from the Reed camp was blind allegiance to a charismatic figure that could never quite bring himself to acknowledge that he may have engaged in some underhanded dealings with some unsavory characters. And Jimbo, character counts!

    That’s why Cagle had to pummel Reed with the facts about his Indian tribe work, and all the rest, because it all went to his character.

    Reed supporters couldn’t prevail yesterday because the message got through about their man’s character.

    So don’t blindly vote for anyone. Take time to study the candidates and issues, and talk to others who share your values before coming to a decision about which candidate to support. Blind allegiance has its place, but it can also be misplaced.

  28. CobbGOPer says:

    Too bad for Cecil that Ralph didn’t win. I heard he’s interested in running for Majority Leader in the Senate. No wonder he’s trying to mend fences, Casey can’t be too happy with him.

  29. shep1975 says:

    I am a Christian conservative and I felt marginalized by Reed and the Christian Coalition of Georgia’s heavy handed tactics to shove his campaign down my throat like I am a bad Christian if I didn’t vote for Ralph. After Sadie’s two-for on Monday; slamming Cagle in an ACTION ALERT to the GACC list and allowing her title to be used in the Human Events article (she could have had them not include it or she could have had them add…”This is Ms. Field’s personal endorsement and does not reflect the official opinion or stance of the GCC;” I sent her the following letter and copied a couple of close friends on it:

    Dear Sadie:

    As you well know, I have been a long time member of the Georgia Christian Coalition and an ardent defender of you personally. I have written letters to the editor to support you when you have been attacked by the AJC, volunteered my time and even the few dollars I couldn’t afford to help strengthen the cause we both support with every fiber of our beings.

    I have stayed on the sidelines of the Cagle-Reed campaign and have tried to preach unity while both sides have lied, distorted the truth, attacked, character assassinated, etc. Maybe it is the fact that I have remained in good graces and good contact with both sides that I have been able to look at each through an objective lens.

    I voted over a month ago, though most people would not be able to tell for whom, a rare thing in this race.

    I also respect that you have personally taken a side, and, more so, I would not have expected you to take any side other than Ralph’s.

    Two things I have received today, however, have been over the top and what I consider an abusive use of your position, no different that what David Johnson did in his support for Casey Cagle.

    First, sending out an ACTION ALERT with a hit against Casey Cagle using the GACC email list was bad enough. However, coupled with the Human Events Online Article where the bottom is signed, “Ms. Fields is chair of the Christian Coalition of Georgia.”

    You wrote regarding David Johnson, “In the almost ten years that I have been the State Chairman of the Christian Coalition of Georgia, I can count on one hand the times I have given a candidate a personal statement of support. And, I have never used my title nor the name of the organization in the statements that I have given.”

    You also gave as your reason for dismissing him, “for legal reasons the agreement between the Christian Coalition of Georgia and the Middle Georgia Christian Coalition had to be terminated.”

    While you apologized if anyone was offend by Mr. Johnson’s actions (I was) you have offended me even more by yours.

    While I will continue to work for more Christian leaders and the issues we both support, unless I see a public apology for this abuse of the Christian Coalition’s resources, then my work will not be through the Georgia Christian Coalition and I will no longer direct resources or give of my own, limited though they may be.

    It saddens me that I must take this course of action, but I feel I have been betrayed by an organization that I have proudly called myself a part of for more than 12 years.


    Jason Shepherd

    As a Christian conservative, we need a place and an organization that will work for those values in government, not only in legislation, but in the character of our leaders. The Georgia Christian Coalition has overstepped its bonds and ceased to be that organization for me.

  30. larry smith says:

    It’s not just Casey Cagle. If Cecil ran for majority leader, he’d get what … two votes?

    I agree that mending fences is important, but the idea of Staton being the public face of that effort is just silly. His post is just plain old self-serving politics. He backed the wrong horse, was a complete jerk about it, looks like a fool, and is now back-pedaling rapidly.

    You’ll also note that in his entire post, he still never managed to say a single nice word about Cagle.

  31. Michael C says:

    Here’s the thing, I am a Christian. It is not something I can “turn off” in mixed company. I do not want to replace the Constitution with the Bible, partly because the Constitution is heavily influenced by the Bible, and mostly because not everyone believes the same way I do.

    Ralph Reed did not want this either, he wanted to make a buck and he sold-out Christian Conservatives on many occasions. I would lump Sadie Fields and any other Christian who tries to force their will on someone. That is poor and false witness. I do not want to subject others to my will, but I do feel that Government can and will set standards. Since I look at everything through Christian eyes my beliefs will come through and influence the type of standards I will request of my government.

    It is not for me to say whether Ralph Reed is a Christian or not. But it is my duty to rebuke any brother that sins, if he repents then I forgive him. If commits the sin again and repents I am to forgive him again.

    I see no repentance from Ralph from the choices he has made. Their is a saying, “The greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who profess to know God with their mouths, but deny Him with their lives.” Sadly this is so true.

  32. landman says:

    This race has been a very intense and divisive race,but the Republican voters have spoken and everyone who is a real Republican needs to fall in and vote for Casey.It shouldnt be a surprise if some Reed supporters dont actively campaign and is understandable but to not vote at all,well that is another issue.Hopefully time will heal this animosity and we can come together as a party and get Sonny and Casey along with the other candidates across the finish line.

    Ralph stated many times that he helped build our party to where it is today and has pledged to help continue our progress,I hope he is sincere and that those that supported him will follow suit.It will take all of us to win in November..

  33. Jimbo says:

    Jason, I notice you thought it was ok for the State Senators to use official Senate stationary to pimp for Cagle. You have never condemned that. I did not vote for Oxendine in the Primary and will not in the general.

    BB, Cagle ran a highly negative campaign. He has his baggage the Democrat will bring up during the campaign for the General.

    I can tell by the rhetoric that the party will remain divided going into the general and nothing will appease the anger on both sides.

  34. jacewalden says:

    Micheal C,

    I agree with your sentiments. Except for the part where you mentioned Ralph Reed NOT wanting to turn the Constitution into the Bible. No one is asking anyone to “turn off” their beliefs. Ronald Reagan, the greatest President EVER was a devout Christian, and professed his faith publicly. However, he did not attempt to turn America into a theocracy. While head of the CC, this is EXACTLY what Reed tried to do. And I have no doubt that he would attempt to do the same thing as Lt. Governor, which is why I’m glad he lost. While the Abramoff scandal certainly played a role in my decision, it was the way he tried to force his faith on others through legislation that turned me away from him.

    Christianity isn’t a government mandate. Nor are Christian morals. Christianity and Christian morals are a personal choice that everyone has to make for his/her self. The government cannot change a man’s heart or mind.

  35. The Busdriver says:


    Enough with the negative campaign crap. Everything Cagle said was true. If that’s negative, then so be it.

    Man, even Debbie is being conciliatory, yet you’re still on here campaigning.

    As the saying goes, “Your guy lost. Take off the sticker.”

  36. Jimbo says:

    I will take it off when Cagle is defeated in November. There are some wonds time will not heal.

    Unfortunately things don’t change unless loss is felt.

  37. MorganCoGOP says:


    Cagle has baggage that the Democrats will use? Well what is it? It’s certainly not the lies that Ralph Reed made up about Casey. Can you imagine what a field day the Dems would have had if Ralph had won last night?

    Casey has a proven record of leadership, and the voters recognized that fact last night. He will beat whoever the Dem nominee is in November.

  38. Bill Simon says:


    You state this: …because the Constitution is heavily influenced by the Bible

    Please let me know which of the Articles/Amendments in the U.S. Constitution YOU think were heavily influenced by the Bible.

  39. Demonbeck says:

    Senator Staton –

    If your candidate had been as open and honest as you were in this post, then I’m not so sure he would have lost. I respect your humility and your courage to step in the lions’ den here with a bunch of sharks still high on last night’s kill.

    I do hope that our State’s GOP Elected officials take a long hard look at last night’s numbers and what they mean for the direction of our party. Duluthmom said it best, “I have no problem with someone using their religious values to guide their decision making, I just don’t want a narrow religious agenda to dominate government.”

    Let’s be Christian but let’s not demagogue it and force it down everyone’s throats.

  40. Cobb County says:

    Well, time to swallow the pride!!! Congrats to the Cagle team. The wounds are still pretty fresh, but lets remember the importance of the Republican movement in the state. We are in the middle of something bigger than Cagle vs. Reed. If we allow one candidate to become larger than the party we are in trouble of ruining what we have worked so hard to achieve. Lets remember that as we gear up for November. As my candidate, Ralph Reed said, “we must help our governor by filling our constitutional offices with philosophical allies, not adversaries.” For those having trouble supporting Cagle right now I understand, but Senator Staton is right. We have to push this Republican ticket to victory in the fall.

  41. shep1975 says:

    State Senators and John Oxendine are not non-partisan, neutral entities. They also pay for their Senate stationary out of their own pockets on most occasions. Oxendine pays for his through the campaign.

    I also did not complain that Ralph Hudgens and Cecil supported Reed, nor Lynn Westmoreland. Hudgens is also supporting John Ox, even though they both support different people for Lt. Gov.

    Neither did John Oxendine fire me when I was supporting Ralph openly, like Sadie did to Dave Johnson.

    The definition of hypocracy is that double standard.

    If you want to start paying double for your insurance, let a trial lawyer become insurance commissioner and open the flood gates. Your face will look pretty silly without the nose you cut off to spite it.

  42. duluthmom says:

    They were influenced without a doubt but they took care to let it not interfere with the workings of such a new nation.

    Alan Wolfe recently reviewed three books which explored the question were our founding fathers actually men guided by faith? (Practically speaking they were Diests rather than Christians.)


    Quote: “To be sure, they proclaimed that religion was the source of morality and peppered their speeches and state papers with religious language. But it does the historical record no service to see them as compromising on the conflict between reason and revelation the same way they compromised on the power of big states and small ones. Men of the Enlightenment, they feared what Washington called “the horrors of spiritual tyranny.” Their conception of religious liberty made room for non-Christians and even nonbelievers, and their language deliberately avoided sectarian terminology. They were intellectual radicals, willing to push the idea of religious tolerance further than it had ever been pushed before.”

    The horrors of spiritual tyranny are what many today fear from the extreme Christian Conservatives.

  43. Michael C says:

    I am not avoiding Bill’s question. He has not refuted my statement. But for the sake of time.

    In a study performed by Donald S. Lutz called “The Relative Importance of European Writers on Late Eighteenth Century American Political Thought” which appeared in the 1984 edition of American Political Science Review, it was found that the Founding Fathers referenced directly the Bible or the works of authors who referenced the Bible in more than a third of their writings. Lutz studied more than 15,000 papers, books, and letters written by the founders to come up with his findings.

    When looking at drafting the Constitution the Founders studied all forms of government and all forms of law and law givers including the Law as written by Moses when forming our Constitution.

    But our Founders were smart enough to put limits on what man can do in the name of Religion to subject others. The founders guarded against Religious tyranny thankfully. But to deny Biblical roots is naive.

  44. Michael C says:

    duluthmom, I could not agree more and I am not advocating that we have a theocrasy. It is sad that the persona of Christian Conservatives is what it is. CC’s have allowed themselves to be defined as such because they have not rebuked there own. But that is changing. We no longer tolerate when our religion is highjacked for political gain. Ralph Reed felt the brunt of that. But there is still alot of work to be done to clean up our image. Many Evangelicals voted for change by voting for Cagle.

  45. Bill Simon says:


    To say that the writers of the Constitution were influenced by the Bible is quite a different matter than you claiming “our Constitution is based on the Bible.”

    Perhaps the Founders also read Dante’s Inferno and it may have influenced their writings as well to avoid creating a country of Hell on Earth.

    Would that mean our country is based on Dante?

  46. Bill Simon says:


    Michael didn’t say the Constitution was “based” on the Bible. My personal mistake…I just have run into that claim so often over the past 10 years that I projected that argument on the conversation. My mistake.

  47. Demonbeck says:

    Guys, we just got done with Cagle-Reed. Can ya’ll take the serious issues elsewhere? Go to Political Vine and argue these non-winnable debates, crazy is all sold out here.

  48. Michael C says:

    No worries Bill. I know how excited you get. And Demonbeck welcome to the front page. This is a Cagle-Cagle thing. We all supported Casey.

  49. Demonbeck says:

    I know we all supported Casey, but can’t we take a break from the unwinnable arguments for just one day?

  50. GOPeach says:

    Hey everyone-

    Let’s help Cindye Coates!!!

    She is a great candidate to work with. Nobody
    works harder or smarter. Her district is 75% dem
    and she lost in 2004 by only 150 votes.

    She is so upbeat ( former NFL cheerleader and
    now PhD.) Her platform is Education, Education,

    Here is a message from Dr. Cindye Coates:


    Hi [ my real name] –

    I agree with your comments. Although our dear friend
    did not win the Lt. Governor nomination, we are both mature
    enough to see the big picture and what is at stake. Ralph
    has worked very hard to build the GOP (on a national
    level) and if anyone wants to honor him, they should
    refocus now and find another republican candidate to
    work with.

    You may be happy to know that I received an e-mail
    from Judson Hill today saying he was going to help me.
    Chip Rogers walked door to door for me in ’04 and is
    supporting “our cause ” once gain.

    I had lunch with Cecil Staton a few weeks ago and he
    surprised me with a very generous contribution. So,
    I am blessed with friends in the Senate now as well
    as the State House. We have a lot of work to do to
    get State House 37 filled.

    So, if you know anyone who needs to refocus and
    find a new campaign to work with, we are building
    a strong team as you know. Call me ASAP.

    Thanks a million!




  51. BahamaBoy says:

    Hummm . . . this is same “Dr.” Coates who took a last minute shot a Cagle on behalf of Reed.

    She got 1641 votes; her Democratic opponent, also running unopposed, got 1626.

    Yes, I would say she needs some help. She might want to call on Casey Cagle and see if HE will help her out. I don’t live in her district — fortunately!

  52. shep1975 says:

    That’s why I tell Republicans who are running for office not to get involved in other races (not that any ever take my advice). Look at Oxendine…he’s lost Jimbo’s vote…assuming he is not really a Democrat agitator and would never have voted for Ox anyway…by supporting Cagle.

  53. Bull Moose says:

    I refuse to reargue the merits of supporting Cagle over Reed or who is a Christian and who isn’t and who voted and who didn’t. It doesn’t make any sense – the voters of Georgia have spoken.

    I will say that I do NOT agree with Senator Staton on one point and that is, his assertion that the Cagle campaign was successful at planting doubt in people of faith and that they in turn stayed away from the polls. I’m sorry, but I feel that is an insult to the dedicated Republican voters of Georgia who turned out yesterday to vote.

    This is going to be the only and LAST time that I discuss this matter, because, as I said in an earlier post, the nominee is selected and that’s it. But, what Ralph did was to set an extreme double standard in his use of Christian values. I believe that the electorate knew this and rejected that hypocrisy. But more than that, I think the voters chose the BEST candidate, Casey Cagle. Remember, experience means a lot. Casey and his team of supporters ran an excellent ground game. They turned out there voters.

    Also, remember that everything happens for a reason. The Lord may go on to do amazing things in the lives of the Reed family and this defeat may be the door to a deeper, more intense spirtual level in his faith. You and I do not know.

    What we do know, is what the polls said, anything else is conjecture, or anonymous speculation and it needs to end. It’s divisive and has no merit in the political arena.

  54. debbie0040 says:

    Bahama Boy, you don’t have to worry, Judson, Chip and John Wiles will help her along with the Cobb GOP House members. She did great to receive more votes than Roy Barnes cousin .

  55. GOPeach says:

    That’s right Debbie!

    She is not “needy” fot any support outside Cobb.
    I just though if any Cobb lurkers or bloggers were
    wanting a high energy group to join- C’mon!

    Let’s get ” Coates in the House” !

    Bah Mama Boy –

    FYI- Casey and Cindye are fine!
    So you can give it a rest.

    Both the House and the Senate majority
    are backing her.

    We all know how to flush the toilet.
    Do you?

  56. GrandOleDawg says:

    I haven’t posted anything since election night. It’s been a combination of recovery and wanting to get my thoughts together. I haven’t posted much on here. I’m fairly new. But I’d like to take a moment to use this as my little soap-box. This will be the last thing I will post about the LG race.

    Many of you probably figured out that I was a strong supporter of Ralph Reed. I volunteered a great deal for Ralph, and was close friends with many on his staff. Of course, election night was a big disappointment, but that is done. There is nothing that can be done, and my analysis of the “why” and “how” will probably just come across as sour grapes, so I’ll spare you.

    However, what disappointed me nearly as much as the loss, was the way Ralph was treat both on this forum and elsewhere. I believe Ralph Reed to be a good man. I’ve been to several events of his, sat down and ate a dinner with him, heard all of his staff’s stories about working for him day-to-day, and even by virtue of hanging around “his people” got to see him in some of his less guarded moments. After all that, there is one thing that I am sure of: Ralph Reed is the real deal. He is a good Christian man, and he had (and still has) the state of Georgia’s best interest in mind. If people would ever let him stop talking about Jack Abramoff, he had some great policy initiatives, many more so than his opponent. When all pulled together, the made up a nice sized binder, a copy of which is in my desk drawer now. Yes, he ran attack ads on Casey, but we all know that moves votes. (“Master of negative campaigning”, Jeff? Get over yourself, and go read another Hannity book. Leave the electoral stuff to people with experience in it). His ads were fair, and verifiable.

    As far as the Abramoff stuff goes, Ralph has said he regretted taking the work. That really doesn’t seem to be enough for some on here. It is unfortunate that some of you could hate a person as much as you hate him. I don’t hate Casey Cagle. I’m not voting for him in November, not out of hate or spite, but because he spent his campaign denouncing the very things he used to win. I watched him lie to a man’s face in Thomasville, Georgia one day about a vote (yes, I checked it), and knew he was no better than the picture he wanted to paint of Ralph. I believe that Casey is a good senator. However, I also feel he has ethical issues of his own, and had he put out more than just rhetoric on Jack Abramoff, I would not hesitate to vote for him in November. As it is…Buckley is my guy.

    Finally, many of you talk of “uniting the party” on here as if it’s Reed’s people who need to come back from the wilderness. I believe that burden lies with Casey. Whenever you throw out “forced abortions” and “child prostitution”, I think you bear the responsibility of cleaning up the mess. I do hope we are successful keeping Gov. Perdue in the capital, holding, or advancing our majorities, and capturing some of these constitutional offices. I plan to work hard on my part to see that we do. I’m sure we’ll be okay. I just feel we missed a great opportunity.

  57. shep1975 says:

    I sent him the following email earlier:

    Dear Dr. Bullock:

    I have to disagree with your take in this line:
    Reed’s defeat has set a limit on the influence of Christian conservatives in Georgia’s growing Republican Party, said Charles Bullock, a political scientist at the University of Georgia. “They may be the tail now, but they’re not the dog anymore,

  58. Philly says:

    Grand Ol Dawg, Great posting. Cagle ran a campaign based on lies and distortions. It can not go unpunished. Cagle has to pay the piper and I have full confidence he will do so.

    I made a contribution to Greg Hecht today and urge other Reed supporters to follow suit.

    If you Cagle supporters and State Senate leadership thought the Reed people would unite behind Cagle after the kind of campaign he ran, then you must think we are as gullible as Cynthia McKinney’s supporters.

    The party is divided and will remain so in the near future. Look for the Reed folks to regroup and face you Cagle people at the State Convention next year. As far as I am concerned, only one battle was lost. The war will still rage on.

    Even though Debbie said she would support the nominee, it was only out of obligation. She said her hubby was voting for the Democrat and I really doubt any Reed supporter will be donating volunteer time for Cagle. There is an underground movement afoot.

    I do agree with Debbie, we need to support Gary Black and Karen Handel in the runoff. The State Senators need to be taught humility. Black and Handel are great conservatives. I urge all Reed supporters to unite behind Handel and Black. We don’t need any more State Senators elected to statewide office.

  59. Philly says:

    Bahama Boy, as far as Cagle helping out Coates, he will have his hands full with his race. With Reed out of the picture, he won’t have the support he had. The gays and libreals that donated money to his campaign and volunteered will leave Cagle hung out to dry and vote Democrat..

  60. debbie0040 says:

    Great sentiments grand old dawg. About 80% of Reed supporters I have talked to feel the same way as you.

    Ralph Reed is a great and honorable man and it is Georgia’s loss that Cagle won. Ralph will be back and I will be first in line to volunteer for his next campaign. It was an honor to work with him and his staff.

    I will never forget the type of campaign Cagle ran. Unfortunately the negative campaigning worked and it will continue to be used if Cagle is elected Lt. Governor. The fact there was crossover voting had an impact. I saw an email where Georgia Equality was gloating over the fact Reed had lost.

    The only reason I support Cagle now is because he is the nominee and the people have spoken. My hubby is not voting for Cagle and he stated that nothing would change his mind.

    I am not Christian Coalition and never have been. I supported Bush 41 in 1988 over Pat Robertson. I do think those of you that think the CC is finished in Georgia are beign rather premature. I think the election results have awakened a “sleeping giant”.

  61. BahamaBoy says:

    It you Reedites want to keep up this argument put up or shut up!

    You claim Cagle lied about Reed and his dealings with Abramoff. Quote it chapter and verse. No generalities, thank you. Give me ONE specific quote on paper or in a TV ad and I will document the evidence for you.

    You claim Reed’s charges against Cagle are all TRUE! Prove it. Recite the charge and YOU provide me the evidence to back up your assertion. None of this “900 percent ! 900 percent ! 900 percent !” crap either. Please provide verifiable evidence that can be substantiated — something like a lawsuit or a Senate report.

    You threaten to vote for a Democrat — ANY Democrat — this November just to teach Cagle a lesson and continue your support for a dying cause. Well, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  62. GOPeach says:

    Picking up the peices- and then what?

    GODawg, Philly, and Debbie –

    Consider this a blog hug from Peach.
    I know there is a lot of hate language
    on here. But, love will never fail.

    Although I am a Christian Counselor
    by profession, I am not a member of
    the Christian Coalition either Debbie.

    I have been a free-thinking Christian
    who marches to the beat of a different
    drummer all of my life. I treat people
    who suffer from life’s storms and it
    keeps me in constant reality check.

    I just hate the way the negative
    campaigning worked. It is a really bad
    signal to send to our youth. I see
    lots of young people who are immitating
    this just to feel the thrill of being mean.

    The brain chemistry allows adrenalin to be
    relesaed and can substain the metabolism
    for about 48-72 hours. It is a science.
    It will take strong people to stand against
    the power of nagative campaigning.

    Weak influential people who allow the
    power of negative energy to sustain them
    are the target of this ploy.

    The flip side is when they come off this
    high, they end up in a deep depresion, just
    like a stimulant. I am senssing that is
    coming next. Usually things that are said
    in the middle of a fight divide and it
    takes a lot of work to mend offenses.

    Negative energy is fast but does not last-
    That’s why they “go negative” the weekend
    before Tuesday. If we moved election day to
    Thurday, it would have worn off.

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