I Tip My Hat

I just want to use my front page posting ability to brag for a minute.  No, I’m not here to rub in the Casey Cagle win … I’ve already done that enough.

I want to brag about Peach Pundit, specifically a couple of guys that turned a hobby into an awesome little operation. 

I had the most election night fun last night that I’ve probably ever had and I was sitting at home the entire time (Sure, I probably need to get out more, but why leave the house when everything I need is right there?)! 

Peach Pundit was no doubt the first to call the win for Casey Cagle, and we were first to report all of the other major events throughout the night! 

The coverage was awesome, the results were awesome; it was an overall great night for the GOP, and I know there are a lot of Democrats out there who are still celebrating too, many of whom get their news from Peach Pundit, as many GOP supporters do.

Erick, Clayton, Jeff and the others did a heckuva job with the coverage, and we can guarantee that the General will be just as much, if not more fun!

Now, get out there and support our GOP ticket, and stay tuned to Peach Pundit for the best political news in the Georgia!


  1. Will05 says:

    I don’t understand why everyone says Cagle is a great, up-standing guy. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Reed is a crook but the way Cagle slandered Reed was unbelievable. To say Reed was for child prostitution was absurd. I know it’s a big game of politics but Cagle went way too far with that one showing a little Malaysian boy on his ads.

  2. northside elephant says:


    Google “Northern Mariannas Human Rights” and take a look at what has been going on there for several decades. Forced labor, child labor, sex tourism and child prostitution are widespread and Ralph Reed called it a “free-market paradise”. He was either childishly naive or complicit in the scheme.

  3. GAWire says:

    I think its a little slanderous in and of itself to say that cagle actually said “Reed was for child prostituion.” he didn’t have to say it, he just had to make sure voters knew he is a crook and didn’t vote for him.

    welcome to the big leagues, Ralph

  4. Will05 says:

    GaWire, come on…hahaha. He has a Malaysian boy on his ad & talks about child prostitution. It’s pretty obvious what Cagle is saying. The bottom line is it’s slander & they both slandered each other. Cagle just went further with it. And again, I didn’t vote for either of the candidates because I don’t think either one of them are fit to hold the job. But for Cagle to IMPLY that Reed was for child prostitution is ridiculous. No he didn’t come right out & say it but he might as well have.

  5. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Will, that’s a very poor use of very specific terms. It is not slander; were it, Reed would be able to take Cagle to court over it. You need to research both legal definitions, and Casey Cagle’s background and character before making comments like that.

  6. GAWire says:

    Will, more importantly, who cares?!? Cagle was clearly better for the job. This is politics. Does that make dirty stuff right? Not necessarily, but what if Cagle hadn’t gone negative to keep some Reed fence sitters at home? We could be sitting around today with our thumbs in our butts wondering what the heck do we do now that Reed has divided the GOP. Thankfully that is not the case.

    Casey never said anything about Reed supporting child prostitution, even though Ralph has said some pretty sketchy stuff about the marianas in the past. Par for course for Ralph. Consider yourself lucky that he didn’t win.

    Now, I suggest you really look into Casey’s positive experience and leadership ability. Put aside your “I don’t like dirty politics” whining and get with the rest of the Party, so that we can make sure Mark Taylor doesn’t eat all of our children!!!!

  7. Will05 says:

    Well Jeff, I know what I saw & Cagle implied that Reed was for child prostitution. I don’t understand why you say he didn’t imply that when he obvioulsy did. Doesn’t matter now because the election is over with. Cagle has represented my district for 12 years & he has done nothing. He’s inept & Reed is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Also, just because Reed didn’t bring him to court doesn’t mean he didn’t slander him. Like I said , both of them slandered each other it’s just that Cagle took it a step further. It’s pretty obvious.

  8. Will05 says:

    GaWire: You’re right, nobody does care. That’s why there was only a 22% turnout statewide. Everyone hates dirty politics.

  9. GAWire says:

    Ok, so we agree Reed stinks … he lost, let that one go.

    But, I would advise you look at Cagle more closely. I’m not saying you are one of these people but in working with many constituents over the years, I have realized that many of them think their guy hasn’t done anything because they don’t see them walking old ladies across the street everyday.

    I can assure you that Casey Cagle has done a lot while serving in the Senate, including voting for, sponsoring, introducing, and fighting for very important pieces of legislation. As an example, take SB 3 … Casey fought hard for Tort Reform in 2005, and the GOP passed it. That was huge!

    There are numerous other instances where the same situation can be applied to Casey’s past work, his experience, and his leadership. Further, his private sector leadership is a huge asset, too. No offense to my good friend Erick, but I am tired of the days when all of the legislators are attorneys. Casey presents fresh experience in that regard.

    The bottom line, here, Will is that Casey Cagle will be a great Lt. Governor, and possibly a great Governor one day, but let’s stick with getting him elected in November first. You, me, and all of Georgia’s citizens will be better off for it in the long run.

    One note about turnout … that 22% number is not unusual. It wasn’t low because people don’t like dirty politics. I agree that the far majority of people indeed do not like politics that is dirty; however, that is the current nature of the beast. You can live in a dream world of naivite (sp?) and think “let’s dance around the camp fire and talk about what you can do for me” but I would encourage you to think more along the lines of “what can I do to elect good candidates and improve the system as a whole.” Kind of that whole “ask not what your country can do for you” thing. Either way, not voting only eliminates you from the equation entirely.

  10. Will05 says:

    I will have to respectfully disagree with you. Like I said, he has been my ‘leader’ for 12 years. I know of people that have asked him for help & he never ‘got around to it’. He’s a lazy politician. He gave $1,000 to the opposite party for crying out loud. I could name several other things how he has walked off the senate floor on votes & I’m not talking about bank issues.

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