House District 137 — Winning the Battle to Lose the War

In House District 137, there will be a runoff between Stebin Horne and Allen Peake. Peake has a margin of about 15 points going into the runoff.

Rumor has it also that Burgess just might stay out of the race, but is being talked to about coming out for Peake. Horne was gambling that Burgess’s voters — and Burgess — all had him as their second choice. The problem for Horne is that even were he to get all of Burgess’s voters, he’d still not have enough to beat Peake.

There was a strategic miscalculation in the Horne camp. The Burgess camp was trying to position for a runoff with Horne. Horne should have done the same with both taking out Peake. But Horne, rumor has it, wanted to get in a race with Peake on the assumption that Burgess and Horne were fighting for the same group of people. Well, Horne gets his wish. He also has given Peake a news story given the phoney stickers on the front of the Telegraph, which has also probably given Washburn’s endorsement to Peake and probably pushed Burgess into Peake’s camp as well. Even were Washburn to go with Horne, there aren’t enough votes there.


  1. str8tfromtheheart says:

    Erick….I am very familiar with the Washburn camp…He has NOT endorsed Peake. Peake upset Washburn when he sent out two mailers saying he was the only candidate that was endorsed by the Georgia Right to LIfe. On another note….Washburn shares many of the same circles of freinds in the Real Estate business with Stebin…..I dont know who told you that he endorsed Peake, but you may want to wait to her that from Dale’s mouth.

  2. Erick says:

    str8t, I take it to be true, but modified the post based on your information. Thanks. But I did not say that Washburn had endorsed, only that I was pretty sure he was going to.

  3. str8tfromtheheart says:

    10-4. I think it doesnt matter in the end as I see Peake winning one way or another…But I do hope people give Dale credit for running as well as he did with as little as he did. I think Horne will close the gap on Peake taking alot of votes from both Washburn and Burgess BUT in the end I see Peake coming away with the W.

  4. mercergirl says:

    You know what, same here. And I hate it because I think Stebin would do a great job. But I’m going to take this moment to vent about his campaign:

    Frankly, they didn’t start soon enough. And I think that when you don’t start off a campaign taking ALL of your opponents seriously, as Horne obviously did in regards to Peake, then you really don’t deserve to win. Cockiness just doesn’t cut it with smart voters, in fact if I didn’t know him so well then I would just straight be offended- no wait- I still am offended. And I could say more but, ah to hell with it.

    I even offered personal support to his campaign, to which he and his wife were very nice and seemed grateful for. However, when I got passed along to his campaign manager (or whoever it was working underneath him) I was ignored. I wasn’t able to go to every event due to school and work but I did everything that I could and while I know that Mr. Horne and his family appreciate it- I frankly feel snobbed by his campaign staff. So- I am irritated.

  5. str8tfromtheheart says:

    They started at the right time as did Burgess. Peake started SOOOO early b/c he had zero political name recognition.

  6. maconimport says:

    If Becky Burgess comes out in support of Peake, I have to question her motives. Her whole campaign was about experience and the only candidate left standing with experience is Stebin Horne. If she truly believes that political experience makes the difference in Atlanta then Stebin is the obvious choice.

    As far as Stebin being cocky, he knew from the beginning that this would be a tough race. He never discounted any of his opponents and actually spoke highly of all of them. He worked VERY hard on this campaign. I don’t think he would have done that if he thought he would win easily.

  7. mercergirl says:

    Yeah he worked hard, but I promise you as someone who got snubbed by his campaign team and STILL stuck by him- and still do actually because I’m voting for him not his team- I’m telling you he was cocky as hell going into this.

  8. Allen Peake says:

    Mercergirl – I would love to have you as part of the Peake campaign team. I am always looking for input, advice, and good counsel. I know a good place for lunch if you will let me buy – free advice for free lunch at Cheddar’s. Just let me know.

  9. str8tfromtheheart says:

    The secret has been unleashed……Horne used stickers and Peake used chicken fingers to get into the runoff……..The secret of politics in Macon, GA.

  10. Allen Peake says:

    Str8 – same offer is open to you. Free advice for free lunch. And we have lots of great food besides chicken tenders. As for the need for political experience, if you give me a chance, I think I can prove that my life and business experience will serve our community well in the State House.

  11. mercergirl says:


    I would love to take you up on that, I know we spoke earlier today but I was unable to commit at the time. I’ll look at my schedule and call you.

    Meanwhile, to everyone else- I invited both Allen Peake and Stebin Horne to an event this Wed. for Mac Collins as a chance for them to get out and speak to more people before the runoff. Guess who I have not heard from yet? The candidate who I know the best and am closest to! I mean it’s simply amazing. I gotta be honest, Stebin has just about lost my vote.

  12. maconimport says:

    mercergirl – I’m sorry that you feel you have been snubbed by the Horne campaign. I would hate to think that you actually changed your vote because of that. Let’s not lose sight of the big picture here – Stebin is a proven leader who spoke his mind and stood up to the mayor and city council. I’m not saying Peake wouldn’t do a good job, but that fact is we just don’t know – he has zero political experience.

  13. mercergirl says:

    Well, I stand MASSIVELY corrected. And I need to apologize to Stebin. He called and apologized to me. I don’t feel the need to go into details cause I’m pretty embarassed, actually. But- I stand corrected. And I never meant to imply that Stebin wasn’t a proven leader or even the right person for the job, simply… you know- I just am going to shut my mouth because this whole thing has gotten me in a lot of trouble with my fiance.

  14. mercergirl says:

    Oh and if anyone on here knows who I am- and that seems to be getting out- I’d just assume no references to me being in trouble with my fiance be made. I shouldn’t have said that, so please don’t repeat it.

  15. mercergirl says:

    haha, very funny. and how the hell is everyone figuring out who i am? i can’t be the only girl at mercer who takes an interest in politics in georgia. 2 candidates know, now 2 others posters on here. not that i care but damn i better make up a new name if i truly want to be anonymous. jeez. 😉

  16. Brian from Ellijay says:

    MW, People on here are pretty attention to detail. I did not think that most would know that I was from Ellijay either. Now I mise as well have my name as my SN.

  17. bowersville says:

    MG, Why would your fiance care? Dang, my wife and I voted against each other for years. It was like Carville and Matlin around here, only in reverse order. But did this stop me from loving my wife? Hell no, she is my best friend. My wife, I love her dearly.

  18. Demonbeck says:

    They should already realize that there’s enough Bill Simon to go around. It’s not like they could handle you all by themselves anyway.

  19. mercergirl says:

    lol my fiance cares because he and stebin are close, they have a business connection. sorry, i’m just now checking this thread

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