Greetings from Hilton Head.

We decided to stay another day here in the Low Country but my Peach Pundit craving just had to be satisfied.  Thankfully, a public library was nearby.

It seems you folks had a grand time over the last few days.  Having watched Savannah TV desirous of political news and being left wanting, I can say Peach Pundit has sure filled a political news void.  Of course I’m biased, but the facts are the facts.

Congratulations are in order to Casey Cagle and his team.  Though I honestly can’t say I’m surprised by a Cagle victory, I am surprised by the margin. I figured it would be 51-49 either way, but certainly not a blowout.  The momentum had been in Cagle’s corner for some time, nevertheless, Team Cagle deserves credit for what a little over a year ago seemed impossible.  While you all know I backed Reed, I’ll gladly support Cagle and barring some unforeseen cataclysmic event, he’ll be our first Republican Lt. Governor – I suppose since Reconstruction.  That fact alone should make every Republican proud.

On to other items:  As I’ve mentioned several times before, the Gwinnett County Commission race between incumbent Kevin Kenerly, Jodie Rosser and Butch Poss was a nasty one.  On Monday, Gwinnett News (AJC) reporter Duane Stanford had more on the anonymous war being waged against Kenerly:

The anonymous mailer, using the name, followed the DVD with two additional attack mailers. One compares the three-term commissioner to convicted tax evader and former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell.

The mailings appear to be illegal under state elections laws because they are clearly political but no campaign committee is identified and no candidate has taken credit for the expenditures.

The Web site was registered June 26 using McKinney’s cellphone number and e-mail address, according to’s Web site database. McKinney’s name does not appear on the registration.

McKinney denies involvement, saying someone else used his contact information.

And two people go on the record to support what I blogged way back on July 11:

The consultants — Marc Rountree and Todd Rhem — say the mail was dropped off at the Boggs Road bulk mail distribution center in Gwinnett under permit 1402. Rountree works for Kenerly. Rhem works for Lawrenceville City Councilman David Rodriguez, who is running against Rep. Heard, McKinney’s boss and close friend.

Postal workers told Rhem and a Rountree associate that a bulk mail log from June 26 shows the mailer was dropped off by Grayson-based ABC Direct Marketing and signed for by the company’s president of sales, Chris Cawthon. Cawthon did not return repeated phone calls seeking comment. The postal service has so far declined to provide the bulk-mail log or the permit holder’s contact information.

With Kenerly and Rosser in a runoff, this story is sure to heat up over the next few weeks.

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