Gary Black’s Victory

Another reason Kemp should concede: Gary Black won 142 out of 159 counties, including the metro Atlanta area, Bibb, Muscogee, Richmond, and Lowndes.


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I don’t really have strong opinions in the Kemp-Black race either way. However, instead of us focusing on WHY underdog candidates should conceed, why not be more constructive and focus on WHAT the top-dog candidates can offer to persuade the opponent to conceed?

    If I were to run for office someday, it would likely be due to a handful of key issues that got me motivated. Let’s say for example, eminent domain abuse or tightening regulations on homeowners and building permits. If me losing that race meant that eminent domain would be a greater threat, or that homeowner hassles would increase, then by God I would stay in that thing until the bitter end. However, if my opponent agreed to a pledge of support on one or more of those issues, I could be persuaded to offer a concession and endorsement in exchange.

    Now, in the particular runoffs we have on the table, I don’t know which ones are people pushing strongly for particular issues and which ones are just career politicians jockeying for power. Either way, I think the best approach for handling these types of situations is with a carrot rather than a stick.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Steve, please stop invoking “God” in political patter. Last night proved it across the board that doing so won’t help a person in any way in a political race.

    Ralph Reed said last year that “God told me to run…”

    In 2004, Alan Keyes said “God commanded me to run…”

    In nearly every political debate/jam session this year, state senate hopeful Todd Tibbett loudly pronounced his faith and how much he believed in his savior…and, he lost to someone who kept his faith between himself and his Lord.

  3. StevePerkins says:

    On one hand, I agree with your sentiment. On the other hand, “by God…” is a figure of speech used for emphasis. It’s a little nutty to harp on that, especially when it’s absolutely irrelevant to the point I was discussing. Do you blow your top too when people say “bless you” after a sneeze?

  4. funkymonkey says:

    can anyone explain to me the 31% between strickland and greer? i thought each would recieve a lot less. Have seen very few signs between the two candidates. and did anyone notice that strickland won chatham county?????

  5. funkymonkey says:

    did anyone see that strickland won chatham county???? and can anyone explain the 31% between the two, didn’t expect to see that coming.

  6. Mike says:

    Funky-She lives in Chatham county. I imagine all 4 on the ballet got quite a large % of random votes. Most people couldn’t care less of who runs the DOA.

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