From the RNC

“A successful businessman and dedicated public servant, Casey Cagle has the character and experience to successfully lead Georgia as the next Lieutenant Governor. While in the Georgia state Senate, Cagle fought for the issues and values important to Georgians – and will continue this effort as Lieutenant Governor by fighting for better schools and continued tax relief. The Republican Party stands united behind Casey Cagle and looks forward to working toward his successful election this November.


  1. GAWire says:

    How ironic is it going to be when GWB campaigns for Sonny and Casey will be up there with them?

  2. Dan says:

    From what I’ve heard, after his President’s Day visit GWB will not be coming back to Georgia. That was pretty much his one visit for this campaign season.

  3. BahamaBoy says:

    W will come to Georgia whenever he wants to, needs to, is asked to, etc.He and Rove are not going to sit in Washington and hang Sonny or Cagle out to dry.

    Perhaps the Big Guns won’t be needed down here if Taylor keeps whooping like Howard Dean. But if they are called in by Sonny or Cagle, you can get ready for some traffic jams as POTUS moves along 85/75.

  4. GAWire says:

    Bahama, you noticed Taylor’s Howard Dean scream, too? I thought I was the only one. Can we get audio of that?

  5. Jimbo says:

    The party will not unite behind Cagle. The RNC, the same bunch that pushes amnesty for illegals.

    The fact the RNC felt compelled to make that statement shows they know the party is divided and the danger to a divided party. The damage is already done…

  6. GAWire says:

    Jimbo, I have a great piece of ocean front property right in the heart of the Nevada desert that I just know you will want to buy!!!!!

    On another note, who was it last week who said something about living in a glass house and not throwing rocks at it? It had to be that GOPeach guy or Debbie.

    I should have written a post last night titled, “Ralph Reed’s Glass House Shattered by his own Rock” or something along those lines (bear with me … I’m trying to catch up on all those billable hrs I’ve missed over the last week, so my wit is failing on me).

  7. debbie0040 says:

    You Cagle guys are not doing Cagle any favors by continuing to bash Reed. If it continues, I will begin bashing Cagle again…And the war will continue. I have tried to be concillatory but if the Reed bashing continues that will come to an end.

  8. Demonbeck says:


    You have to expect a little ribbing after that knock-down drag out of a primary. Certainly you can see it dying down considerably. Certainly, you can also expect a little bit of “See, I told you so” as well. Don’t let it bother you – we Cagle supporters welcome the support of Reed supporters with open arms. I’d love to see you follow the lead of Senator Staton – rather than joining the likes of Jimbo and Philly.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    I had joined Sen. Stanton but I will not sit by and watch Reed being bashed and do nothing. The open arms thing is hard to believe when you are still attacking Reed…See I told you so is different from attacking Reed.

  10. nfire says:

    Debbie. I personally feel the same way about Ralph Reed today that I did yesterday. So if I say that he’s a hypocritical corrupt lying snake in the grass, you can take it any way you want to. But I don’t have to worry about it because he’s not a concern anymore. We’re rid of him. If that makes you feel that you have to bash your own party’s ticket, kudos!! Enjoy hurting your party instead of helping it.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Nfire, I feel the exact same way about Cagle. Cagle won because of anti Reed vote and negative ads. The Gay community is gloating over it.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Jimbo, Philly, Nfire, and Debbie:

    Please stop. You are not doing anything constructive with your continued agitation and attacks at one another and at the outcomes of the primaries.

    The voters have spoken, and they spoke overwhelmingly too!

    We can sit here and pass our own opinions as to why voters chose one candidate over the other, but guess what, there were no exit polls, so all we can do is judge by ballot box results.

    Casey is our Republican nominee and we need to unite behind him. As I said earlier, for those that cannot unite behind the nominee, I think you should just quietly exit fromt the stage and not be a distsraction.

    We have too much going for us as a party right now to let crying over spilt milk be the wind behind our sails.

    Now, please, let’s stop the petty disagreements.


    Bull Moose

  13. BahamaBoy says:

    100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent! 100 percent!

    Agreement with Bull Moose, that is.

    The wonderful thing about politics is that there are elections. Finality! Then we get to pick up and move on to the next election. And the next. And so on.

    This Reed-Cagle match-up is not the end of the world, nor the end of Ralph Reed. It is merely a pause.

    Let’s get back to winning in November, shall we?

  14. GAWire says:

    You know what … screw it! Debbie, you are just so rediculously clueless. No one likes Ralph Reed! Don’t you see that?!? I thought Cagle folks have been pretty honorable winners here, and I agree with the person who said you have to expect some ribbing after being blown out of the water. You know you would have done it if the situation were reversed. The bottom line is that Ralph is a snake … we weren’t saying that before the Primary just b/c we wanted Cagle to win. We were saying that b/c it is true! You people really liked Cagle and you (some of you at least) said you would vote for him … are you going back on that now? I said I would never vote for Reed because I know what kind of person he is, and integrity wouldn’t allow me to vote for someone like that, regardless of the Party affiliation.

    You can say what you want about Cagle … who cares. You’re either going to vote for him in Nov or not going to vote at all … either way, you’re pretty much meaningless.

    I’m not with a campaign and I’m not a candidate myself, so to be honest with you, I don’t care what you do. I think the GOP is better off without people who think like you.

    Sorry, folks, but I just don’t have the patience for this BS. You Reed martrs are so blind to reality. You said the religious conservatives were going to turn out for your guy … obviously didn’t happen. You said Reed’s ground game was going to kill Casey … all I can say to that is 10 POINTS!!!!! You weren’t even close. Admit Ralph is a loser, and not just in relation to how many less votes he received.

    You can join Matt Towery on his cheezy webcasts and help him pull insane numbers out of his “hat” and pretend you actually know what you are talking about. You guys would be perfect for each other, living happily ever after in the world of cluelessness!

    What’s also funny is that you actually believe there were more than 10 crossover gay voters against Ralph. You probably think that’s why you lost. You probably think that 15,000 gay voters decided to vote in the GOP Primary against Ralph, as if there were that many gay voters in the whole state. That, in and of itself, shows just how clueless you are. Ralph won what, one county? He didn’t even pull Gwinnett.

    I’m done with you and Ralph Reed. You guys can go cry, whine, and claim martydom somewhere else. We have real GOP business to do. And, stop making threats that you are going to bash Casey, like they mean anything – I’m sure you will have lots of credibility bashing someone who beat your guy by more than TEN POINTS!

    In summary: WE DON’T WANT YOU!!!!!

  15. debbie0040 says:

    GAWIRE, Bull moose, I said I would vote for Casey and agreed with what Sen. Staton said but I will not just allow bashing of Ralph without responding. You need to talk to people like Nfire and others that have constantly bashed Ralph all day. nfire’s was not the first.

    Cagle needs every vote he can get in November and to alienate Reed supporters like you have does not do the party or Cagle any good.

  16. techtrack says:

    lets all play nice. we have a few races still to be determined, then need to kick some serious butt in november. i’m sure debbie will be working hard for the entire ticket in november. she stated that before yesterday.

  17. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle had the support he did because Reed was in the picture. How much of that will erode? I don’t recall ever saying I liked Casey. I still stand by everything I said about him. I will support him only because he is the GOP nominee and the people have spoken and the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat.

  18. GAWire says:

    Blah blah blah … stop with the crap. Sure, I want all of the GOP voters we can get, but this is rediculous. No one is alienating Reed supporters. You don’t need to play Ralph Reed defender either, Debbie. Cagle supporters have had positive, uniting attitudes ever since Ralph’s pathetic speech last night.

    Cagle had the support he did b/c he was the proven leader. The FAR MAJORITY of GA voters showed that. It didn’t have anything to do with Ralph … he was just the loser that resulted. His support isn’t going to erode. We never needed Ralph … in fact, all he did was make us spend some money. If he had any true concern for the GOP, he would have backed out months ago when I first called for him to do so.

    Just drop it … quit sticking up for Ralph. It’s just a pride thing for you now. You know Ralph wasn’t best for the office. Swallow your pride and just drop it!

  19. Bull Moose says:


    Please see this post. It’s the last thing that I or really anyone else really wants to hear or read about the primary between Cagle and Reed.

    I refuse to reargue the merits of supporting Cagle over Reed or who is a Christian and who isn’t and who voted and who didn’t. It doesn’t make any sense – the voters of Georgia have spoken.

    I will say that I do NOT agree with Senator Staton on one point and that is, his assertion that the Cagle campaign was successful at planting doubt in people of faith and that they in turn stayed away from the polls. I’m sorry, but I feel that is an insult to the dedicated Republican voters of Georgia who turned out yesterday to vote.

    This is going to be the only and LAST time that I discuss this matter, because, as I said in an earlier post, the nominee is selected and that’s it. But, what Ralph did was to set an extreme double standard in his use of Christian values. I believe that the electorate knew this and rejected that hypocrisy. But more than that, I think the voters chose the BEST candidate, Casey Cagle. Remember, experience means a lot. Casey and his team of supporters ran an excellent ground game. They turned out there voters.

    Also, remember that everything happens for a reason. The Lord may go on to do amazing things in the lives of the Reed family and this defeat may be the door to a deeper, more intense spirtual level in his faith. You and I do not know.

    What we do know, is what the polls said, anything else is conjecture, or anonymous speculation and it needs to end. It’s divisive and has no merit in the political arena.

  20. Dorabill says:

    I’m with Jimbo. There’s a division among Republicans. But it’s not CCers against abort-o-holics. The national neocon establishment is all about wide open borders and offshore corporate elitist b.s. This stuff is being countered at the state level all over the country. This division isn’t a danger for Republicans though. Staying in lockstep with the RNC may be however.

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