Dear Senator Staton, and the rest of the GOP

Demonbeck posted this as a comment, but I thought that it was so well-said and relevant that it deserved a bigger platform:

Senator Staton –

If your candidate had been as open and honest as you were in this
, then I’m not so sure he would have lost. I respect your humility
and your courage to step in the lions’ den here with a bunch of sharks
still high on last night’s kill.

I do hope that our State’s GOP Elected officials take a long hard
look at last night’s numbers and what they mean for the direction of
our party. Duluthmom said it best, “I have no problem with someone
using their religious values to guide their decision making, I just
don’t want a narrow religious agenda to dominate government.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Thank you. I will be looking for my front page posting rights in the mail any day now.

    Our party has gotten too worried over moral issues that we have let them begin to define us. As a result, our base became the Christian Coalition type voters. There is no problem in being that type of voter or showing ardent support for a cause. But the problem with defining the entire party as the party of these causes is that one cannot lead on moral issues alone. Moral issues are all about principle and nothing else – so if you go against your principle, you go against the party.

    Leadership on the other hand is about compromising and doing what’s best for your constituency – whether that is a state or a group of people. By defining ourselves by moral issues alone, we are forced to choose principles over leadership.

    We should be striving instead for leadership with principle. I think we have the right people in place right now to deliver that to us.

  2. shep1975 says:

    Hey…I am a Christian Coalition type voter, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Religion can be a guide to character (see Ronald Reagan) or it can be an ends to a means of power (see Bin Laden). There is a reason Marx called religion the opiat of the masses, because the ambitious and corrupt will play on the core beliefs of a faithful people to gain that power. Christians need to remember that false prophets do not just show in churches, but can be anyone who would utilize a faith for the means of ultimate power.

    This is just a general observation on the state of religion and politics…not a comment on any candidates.

  3. Demonbeck says:

    Hey Shep, I don’t have a problem with a CC type of voter, I just have a problem when our party defines itself primarily on moral issues. While they are important, they should not be our driving force.

  4. shep1975 says:

    I think lower taxes and more freedom are as moral of an issue as abortion and gay marriage. I just wish more people thought of freedom as a moral issue…maybe people would care more about perserving it.

  5. Michael C says:

    Demonbeck, I believe our party is characterised by others to be this way, because we have let it. I agree that we must return to our core values of fiscal responsibility, strong on defense, etc. Abortion etc. are not frontburner issues for me but being that they are on the stove they still need to be tended too.

    If you abandon moral causes in the party platform on what moral authority do you base your core issues?

  6. StevePerkins says:

    I think lower taxes and more freedom are as moral of an issue as abortion and gay marriage. I just wish more people thought of freedom as a moral issue…maybe people would care more about perserving it.

    Extremely well put.

  7. duluthmom says:

    Nice posts. I agree completely but especially with this..

    Quote: “By defining ourselves by moral issues alone, we are forced to choose principles over leadership.”

    And again, because religious/moral principles are such an individual thing, the party ends up being divided from within. As a result, you risk alienating many who have always held to the core fiscal values of the GOP.

  8. LINDA says:

    It took me a while to understand that CC is not good for politics, as well. The biggest mistakes that I have ever made in my business is by trusting someone that tells me “you can trust me because I am a man of God.” I threw away all of my life long lessons learned to buy into a theory that a group of people can assess whether or not someone makes a good leader because of their religious beliefs. Now do not get me wrong here because I do not want to have atheists leading our Country either. For the most part, our Citizenry is made up with good honest people, but these are not always the ones that run or political office. Most run or office to enhance their own prestige and personal wealth, which has always been the case and will continue to be. It is rare that you have a candidate that runs for office to make a real difference, and Senator Staton is one of those people. But Cecil is the exception and not the rule!

  9. Rick Day says:

    I will chime in an ‘amen’ to this one. (cough)

    One of my favorite quotes is to remind those in elected office that when they put their hand on the Bible, they swore to God (and People) to protect the Constitution (and through that, the People), not to protect the Bible (and its God).

    What is frustrating is that at my core, I am a little-r republican – a fiscal conservative. Socialists are like clowns – they scare me.

    My beef is twofold: The partys stubborn ignoring of its own values by rubber stamping the war on (some) drugs as financed by the Pharma Industrial Complex (cute name, eh?)
    Second, this ‘moral’ agenda to use law to coerce what a few powerful yet dark souls deem as ‘bad behavior’. This scares me more than clowns or socialists.

    There are many out there like me who have resources. (money, a large venue and some time to give). But not to Jesus and Co. Inc. a Division of Pfizer.

    Flushing RR was a good start. A really good one. That means the hypocrites do not yet control the high ground and the NASCAR dads really do google “Abrhamoff” (google is good about spelling suggestions, ya know.). And they talk. And they pay the same $3.00 a gallon gas. For them motor homes. Guzzle guzzle = grumble grumble!

    Work on it, OK? Thank you.

  10. Dorabill says:

    Cagle may have pissed off some hard core CCers but this is the political world folks. Lotta issues out there. I’m a Tancredo red pill Republican (paleo-conservative sort of) I like the Perdue/Cagle stance on Illegal immigration. And the Georgia for Georgians thing. Cagle sort of united the state with the crossover vote against Reed too. (please don’t thank the cross DRESSERS–at least not publicly). Republicans are moving toward populism (mabe) which takes an equally dim view of the corporate world vs. freedom. One example: big pharma vs. health freedom, (Mr. Day) The book “The Makers Diet” with foreward by Dr. Charles Stanley lists 130 herbs in the bible. So why isn’t health freedom a freedom of religion issue??

  11. GOPeach says:

    Just to inform you-

    The CC’s are more complex than just Pro-Life and Biblical Marriage.

    They are into the ENVIRONMENT ( unlike moderates) .
    They know the Bible teaches that God gave us dominion
    over the earth to be fruitful etc…

    They are also for EDUCATION FREEDOM! Parents Rights to Choose.

    Who to you think Robert Kiyosak ( RICH DAD )i is??? He is a huge CC!
    He and Kim have always homeschooled their kids.

    They are PRO- TAX CUTS! – most own theie own businesses
    and trade stocks. They own land and I can assure you they will
    not stand for tax increases.

    You need to know that CC’s are not shallow. They are very smart.
    They do not rely on the government . You may not like their
    stand on moral issues but I can assure you that is not THE ONLY
    thing on their minds.

    They just know how to stay on message! They know how to
    reduce their platforms to the lowest common denominator
    and simplify. It’d better to have 2 issues you champion than
    30 issues you barley effect. That is the nature of government
    work…. to get destracted with too much information and lots
    of paper work.

    Also –

    Casey Cagle’s supporters would have supported anyone who
    was opposing Ralph Reed. His nomination was not because they
    love Casey. It is because they hate Ralph. That is clear.

    Hatred inside a party will not strengthen it and ignorance
    concerning the CC’s will be a downfall.

  12. BahamaBoy says:

    Blah. Blah. Blah.

    I believe in most of those issues too, Peach, but I’ve never been a card-carrying CC. Does that make me somehow less of a person?

    You diehards will never accept that Reed went over to the Dark Side (ala Star Wars) in his work with Abramoff (who is certainly no CC), and sold-out his CC values for millions. Those of us who bothered to read the Senate report and the lawsuit filed in Texas last week were sickened by the email exchanges between Abramoff and Reed. Reed’s misuse of his Christian allies was appalling, but apparently he is A-OK with you.

    I’ve moved on Peach. Handel needs support. So does Johnson in the 4th. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get back to working to improve Georgia’s future.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    GOPeach, I would say, having been around both camps QUITE a bit, Casey Cagle’s supporters love him every bit as much as Reed’s supporters loved him.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, Peach…you stated the Reed celebration party was like being at church. I heard on good authority that there was ALCOHOL (not of just the wine category either) available at his celebration.

    Funny church you have there over at the Ralph Reed Church of Hypocrisy.

  15. GOPeach says:

    B- Boy…

    You are making me laugh.

    Unfortunately, I do not know that I have ever seen
    a lawyer be a card carrying conservative Christian!!!

    I find it humorous that a lawyer could “play the judge”
    in Ralph Reed’s business dealings.

    The typical lawyer is more closely associated with the devil
    than the Lord. ( with all due respects).

  16. GOPeach says:

    B S –

    The REED’s Victory Party was sweet .
    It had a “to be continued” tone.
    Next year in Jerusalem ( if you will) .

    I personally do not drink and neither does
    my husband however, there were people at
    the party who were having wine. I suppose
    Catholics, Lutherans, & Episcolpalians had
    Church!!! 🙂

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