Dear Brian Kemp

You were my guy. I liked your stuff — even your Osama mail. You ran a great, clean race. But you’ve lost. I know you don’t think you have, but you have.

Mr. Black is going to need all the help he can get to pick off Mr. Irvin. He’s going to need time, talent, and treasure that he will not have if you stay in a runoff. I frankly don’t think you can win. Everyone of your supporters really thought you had it in the bag. The last polls — though they were Insider Advantage — had you ahead of everyone. But you weren’t.

In the runoff, the base that did not show up for you, but showed up for Mr. Black, is going to return. This time, I’ll be in Mr. Black’s camp.

I think it is true that Farm Bureau helped Mr. Black. And that might not have been fair, and Mr. Black may have been a Democrat (some of your supporters have alleged that), but he’s a Republican now. And he has a base of people willing to turn out for him — and who will turn out for him. You can rest assured that the Farm Bureau grassroots are more reliable than Mr. Reed’s.

So Mr. Kemp, it’s time. Please take one for the team. Things did not go as you or I would have liked. But that’s life. We’re both Republicans. We need to put the party ahead of what we wanted. We need to give Mr. Black the fighting edge he’ll need to be competitive against Tommy Irvin.

Mr. Kemp, please concede.


  1. bowersville says:

    It’s time individuals for the best of the GOP, Georgia that Kemp and Stephens concede.

  2. waterboy says:

    Gary Black and Brian Kemp ran a very clean race…..much can be said for that.

    Gary will be the one that will defeat Irvin and he will need as much money as he can muster to do it. Nearly 43% of the vote in a 4 person scramble is impressive – many of the pundits on this site didn’t think it would ever happen. Those of us that have watched Gary Black and been around him on some of his campaign stops knew better. Erick is right that Gary will need full support of the Republican Party to topple Tommy. Erick is wrong to say that Gary was ever a Democrat. All that aside, this is Gary’s race to win and he’ll finish the job – count on it.

  3. Bull Moose says:

    I disagree here… I think that Brian Kemp (if he can get his campaign in order) is the better candidate for this position. I think that some of Kemp’s failings were largely due to disorganization… Sorry, but Bull Moose calls him like he sees them.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Oh, and I should say that if Kemp will take immediate strides to straighten it up, not only will he raise money, he’ll raise lot’s of it and he’ll win the run-off! I’m still pulling for Kemp here — I like him personally!

  5. bowersville says:

    Sorry, struggled at first, but I voted for Kemp, but it’s time for the 2nd’s to concede for the sake of the party.

  6. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Unfortunately, it just doesn’t look like it’s in the cards right now. The amount of votes he would have to gain is enormous. This is too bad, because Georgia needs a Brian Kemp. He’s strong and articulate, but I doubt we’ve heard the last from him. He’ll be back.

  7. waterboy says:

    Perhaps if Kemp ran for a position he was qualified for he could have mustered more than 27% of the vote.

    At least Mr. Atkinson is expressing reality in defeat…Mr. Moose is living in a fantasy world. Kemp is done, but both candidates will have to spend more of their campaign resources to get to that reality. Tht will only hurt Black in his campaign against Irvin.

  8. Mike says:

    Time to turn out the lights Brian. You fought hard and will live to fight another day. By pulling out, you’ll gain a lot of supporters for whatever future endeavors you undertake.

  9. HJ Bailey says:

    Kemp will win the run-off. And to answer your question, yes, I want him to charge ahead. It will be a cold day in hell before I would urge someone to bow out for a goober like Gary Black.

  10. waterboy says:

    Okay…let’s see. I’m doing a little math here. Gary Black won 138 counties, has more money on hand, has raised more money in the campaign and has a grassroots network that helped garner nearly 43 percent of the total vote. Hj – you are a dreamer!

  11. Mike says:

    Bailey–You realize that you’re sounding an awful lot like those nutty Greer guys that we were making fun. You need to rub some on that insanity out of your eyes a come to the realization that your guy fought hard but has no chance to win. Life’s a bitch and all that. Kemp will earn a lot a respect and a lot of new friends by stepping down.

  12. ConservativeFire says:

    Kemp will defeat the liberal democrat special interest lobbyist and go on to defeat Tommy Irvin

  13. waterboy says:

    Kemp barely beat a couple of has-been, wanna-be’s in Greer & Stricland….not to mention he got waxed by Gary Black. Keep up the good fight there sparky! On August 8 Kemp is toast – AGAIN!

  14. Bull Moose says:

    Maybe they pull out of Democratic primaries or lobbyists play along to get along… But in the Republican Party, we only unite behind candidates that win a MAJORITY of the vote.

    Kemp will win the runoff and will beat Tommy Irvin.

  15. shep1975 says:

    Second place finishers rarely, rarely win runoffs if there was a 10 point or more difference. I don’t think people hate Black or Handel enough to help Stephens or Kemp overcome the margin.

    For Stephens, he has to face the FuCoGOP which turns out big time, even in runoffs. Ask Robert Lamutt if you don’t believe me. Us Cobb folks didn’t know what hit us! Karen got 80% in Fulton. Even if her point totals go down in other counties, she won 100 of them. Karen has to maintain, Bill has some major mountain climbing to do.

  16. bowersville says:

    Shep, Do you think for one moment that Stephens/Kemp egos will allow them to deal with reality? NO! BTW, I voted Handel/Kemp.I can hear Tommy laughing at me now.

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