It’s 2:36, and, with all the precincts that matter reporting, I’m calling the night for Peach Pundit — the first in the state to call Reed-Cagle, and the last to turn off the beer light. Victory is ours, and may we have even more of it come November.Thanks to all of you for sticking it out over the long night. Take care, and drive safely from your locations.



  1. Philly says:

    This is one christian conservative that will be voting for Handel and Black then sit out the November election. Let the Georgia GOP see how many races they win without the christian conservative vote. We can send a message about the shabby treatment of Reed and about the way Bush has sold out to illegal aliens.

    I know many fellow reed supporters will be voting for Greg Hecht should he win. Cagle is unfit for office and hell will freeze over before I vote for that scum. His negative campaigning should not go unpunished. I will not change my mind no matter what. I am sure Sadie will send out emails asking us to turn out because she more or less will obligated to. It won’t matter.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Philly, Ralph’s issues were real and the tentacles have broad implications. Unless you are living under a rock or are in complete denial……

    There will be time for analysis, however, please provide one item of information that Cagle used that was untrue. I’ve asked individuals for months to provide evidence that was contrary to the facts I researched. Every allegation was marinated in fact.

    Many Christian Conservatives, which I am one, were strongly supporting Casey. The values and traditions you and I espouse are espoused by Casey Cagle.

    Our criticism of Sadie was rooted in the fact that: 1. Christian Coalition is supposedly non-partisan (hello, what is she doing in the middle of a Republican Primary). 2. Sadie would be better served creating a Christian caucus if she wants to be honest with herself and the public, in this matter.

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