What Happened to Shyam?

Miss Angela is beating him right now!!!! Did people really decide if they didn’t vote for her they’d die? Can people be that dumb? Oh, wait, that’s a Dem primary. Forget that last question. 😉


  1. midtowndem says:

    There will be a Republican SOS in November. Maybe Angela’s rap was a crossover hit in the Dem primary. My God how embarrassing that Moore is ahead of Holcomb and Reddy.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Actually this is classic. All media, no field and no friends outside of a very small area in metro. Look at the team, a lot of x-Barnes DPG party folks. When will they get it, we Dems no likey you all. Look at who got rich off this guy? Someone went home with half a mil.

    I like Reddy, he had energy and worked his butt off. Too bad he had to carry all his own water around the state.

    I predict Hicks.

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