Reed Counties

It’s worth pointing out that of all the metropolitan counties in the state, Reed only carried one of significance — Chatham County. I wonder if Senator Johnson will get some blame for that.


  1. JP says:

    Amen! I was going to be really disappointed in Georgia had Reed won.. there is hope for this place after all! 😉


  2. GabrielSterling says:

    Wait, Reed did win Richmond and Columbia (Augusta) as well…which makes them the outliers of the primary cycle on this race…

  3. kolt473 says:

    really?????? The only hope is taylor not elected in Nov……….I no longer trust the democrats on anything that matters… for Cathy Cox, she’s sounding like those northeastern liberals universal healthcare……..AS FOR HIGH ENERGY AND OTHER COSTS…….POLICTICIANS ON BOTH SIDES ARE INCAPABLE OF FIXING ANYTHING….JUST SITTING ON RUMPS AND GETTING FAT AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE….JUST WISH WE’D HAD HONESTY…….BUT IT’S TO LATE FOR THAT……”SAID” MUST BE A CINDY MCKINNEY LOVING LIBERAL…….ANOTHER 2 SESSIONS WITH THAT FLAMMING LOUDMOUTH IF ONLY CONGRESS HAD THE GUTS TO CENSURE………with her in congress there’s no hope for this place more guarteened embarrassement……..

  4. atlantaman says:

    I remember it was going to be a 1,000 vote race and specifically come down to who could win the Cobb votes in Tom Price’s district. The polling and predictions on the LG race makes “Dewey Defeats Truman” seem like a great call.

  5. Jen says:

    Yep, Reed won in Richmond and Columbia County. And Augusta is actually the second largest metro area in the State. Columbia going for Reed doesn’t really surprise me since they were one of the 8 counties that didn’t vote for Zell Miller in 2000 because he wasn’t conservative enough. But.. Richmond was a surprise, although it probably shouldn’t have been since this area is so religiously conservative.

    I think I was only person in my Columbia Co. precinct to pull a Democratic ballot.

  6. debbie0040 says:

    Go ahead and gloat and say I told you so. Cagle won because people were voting against Reed not for Cagle. I will hold my nose and vote for Cagle. My hubby said he would vote Democrat or Libertarian for Lt. Governor and so did many other Reed people. I think that thinking is wrong. The worst Republican is better than the best Democrat. Cagle won but the Reed vote will be divided on the Lt. Governors race.

    I still stand behind everything I said about Cagle but will support him because he is the nominee.

    I will urge Reed supporters to rally behind Handel and Black.

  7. Hortence says:

    I think you have a very valid point here Erick… Neutral is one thing, playing both sides is another… It’s a shame that Senator Jonson couldn’t get on board with his caucus and instead used a pawn to work against these results… He may want to consider stepping aside and allowing fresh leadership. He is not in step with his caucus.

  8. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Demonbeck,,, If Towery were supporting Reed, he certainly didn’t do him any favors by speaking to GQ. From what I hear from reliable sources, Friday, Ralph was consumed with Towery’s comments and burned a lot of time on the phone instead of campaigning. Not that it would have helped.

    Eric Johnson stayed out of the race. When I was in Savannah in April for a meeting, we were in the same hotel with Cagle and his grassroots meeting. Mr. Johnson was speaking to our group, but he and Jerry Keen addressed Cagles meeting as well. Courtesy? Endorsements?

    The issue clouding this race is not going away. It was not campaign smear or propaganda. I say stay tuned.

  9. Demonbeck says:


    I’m not sure if you remember, but we met at that meeting and Senator Johnson’s and Jerry Keen’s presnce at Cagle’s meeting did not go unnoticed by me. I do not blame them, as members of leadership, for staying out of the race. Regardless of who won, Eric Johnson, as President Pro Tem, is going to have to work directly with the LG much more than any other member of the Gen Assembly.

    It is not abnormal in any primary for Leadership to stay out of it for these reasons alone.

    To suggest that there were hidden motives outside of that for their non-involvement is ridiculous.

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