Let’s hear your reports from the field

This isn’t a post to debate candidates. 

I want to know what you are hearing and seeing out there.  Give us your reports about your polling places … low/heavy turnout?  More men/women?  Elderly voters?  What are was it?  Signs?  Supporters?  What are your friends/family/coworkers, etc saying?

From around the state, report in!


  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    I have it from an Oconee precinct that turnout is steady; not too light, but not overwhelming. In Sandy Springs, the polls opened late due to the key-holder not bothering to show up. More to come, including a Fayette County report…

  2. GAWire says:

    Not just turnout – we know that’s going to be light. What type of people were there? Any indication of the type of supporters?

  3. GAWire says:

    I’m hearing that the heaviest turnout in the state is N Fulton b/c of the Johns Creek vote

  4. Demonbeck says:

    I have a report. The new comment alert thing above the “I’m a Georgia Voter!” Peach is not working correctly.

  5. StevePerkins says:

    I’m not quite sure what this thread is for. What does a Cagle supporter “look like”? How do you spot a “Reed person”, when they’re just standing there and not in process of burning a book? I didn’t see anyone trying to hand out Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor pamphlets within the illegal distance from the polling place. I didn’t even see bumper stickers.

    Basically, my polling place was just me, a soccer mom who was finishing up as I arrived, and an elderly lady who was arriving as I finished up. You could have told me that they were voting in either of the two parties’ primaries and it wouldn’t seem surprising. It did strike me as interesting that the poll workers were all middle-aged black women, when the neighborhood is about 40% anglo, 40% latino, and 20% asian… but regardless things were being well-run. I was asked to show photo ID, and they phrased it to sound mandatory rather than voluntary (of course I didn’t protest, so I can’t say how things would have gone had I been “disenfranchised”).

    In other words, I have three paragraphs’ worth of “boring” to report. Nothing to see here, folks… just sit around waiting for results this evening.

  6. Atlanta Lawyer says:

    I posted this in another thread, but it seems on point so I’ll post it here.

    I was voting this morning in Dunwoody (a Fulton County precinct) and woman came in to vote and, when asked whether she was voting Democratic or Republican, she refused to answer, saying she was “undeclared.

  7. duluthmom says:

    I posted this on another thread–light at my polling place in Gwinnett. Worker said about 200 had voted when I was there around 11. Those that I saw were split evenly between women and men, all about 35-50. A lot of Reed, Kemp, and Handel signs.

  8. Donkey Kong says:

    Voting was very light this morning at the locations off Burnt Hickory Road in Marietta.

  9. Michael C says:

    Over in South Cobb/West cobb my precinct had a moderate turnout. 10 people were there when we arrived shortly after 7. 20 or so showed up while we were in line. Most were 30-40s. Even mix of Black and white, male and female.

  10. ATLMAN says:

    I voted in the Woodstock area and there were not many people around at all but the Cherokee News was there interviewing people and I asked who most people who turned out were voting for and they said (from the people who were willing to talk about it, so this could mean anywhere from 2 people to 100, I dont know and they didnt say):
    Purdue, Cagle, Handel, Greer and Cox

  11. GAWire says:

    Steve, I wasn’t asking whether or not you visually analyzed people as supporters, but where I voted, I saw a number of people who made it very clear for whom they were voting w/stickers, signs, bumper stickers, etc. I also saw sign trucks driving around all the voting places in the area. I also noticed that there were no Reed or Dem signs outside the place or anywhere in the area.

    As for another report, I am hearing that Ralph’s people have not focused on getting signs out. Their ground game is focusing on driving people to vote – literally driving them in busses. Also, many Reed signs are missing b/c of late night sign raids last night (at least, that’s what I hear).

    Also, I asked the poll workers how things had looked and it mostly had been women voting, and it was getting more even men/women as day went on. Not many elderly voters. Also, remember, men tend to vote early am or after work.

  12. jacewalden says:

    Turnout has been higher than expected in Fannin County. But, we do have all 3 County Commission Seats Available and 3 School Board Seats Open.

    I will say this, I have spoken to at least 25-30 people today. Only 1 of them voted for Reed. The others were completely pro-Cagle. A place like Fannin County, low population, 1000 churches per square mile, dry county, etc. should be a bastion of Reedism, but I’m discovering it’s just the opposite. I don’t know, maybe I’m just talking to the right people. I guess we’ll see later tonight.

  13. Fiddes says:

    All was quiet in south Buckhead / north Midtown, Atlanta. From what I could tell, I must have just missed the hundreds of poor and elderly voters who had come crawling in (since they don’t have a car) so they could use their non-photo identification to proudly cast a vote since the tremendous burden of getting a free piece of plastic was too much for their already haggard souls to handle.

    Oh, yeah: there were big plates of “fun-sized” candy bars, too. They were good.

  14. NWGAgunguy says:

    The Milton and John’s Creek folks are out in force at many intersections. Handle is loving it…

  15. GAWire says:

    Uh, not that this is the post for this debate, but GOTV is anything that get’s your person to vote. If placing 100 signs on an exit ramp on GA 400 reminds people they need to vote, then signs are indeed a valuable GOTV tool. Further, there were numerous candidates I didn’t know about, and I certainly didn’t know about them if I hadn’t seen/heard something beforehand … signs are the only GOTV that many lower-ballot candidates can afford.

    Typically, signs are campaign advertising, UNTIL Election Day, and then they certainly do become tools for GOTV. Everything at that point should be geared towards GOTV.

    Anyways, end sidebar … back to reports from around the state.

  16. mercergirl says:

    Durn it, my post messed up. Anyways, voted at 9 am, mostly elderly people, very sparse. However I received both an email from Stebin Horne and James Freeman urging people to get out and vote, that turn out had been low.

  17. Ronin says:

    I voted at 8:30 AM in south Cobb and was only there with 2 other people. There was no line and I was in and out in less than five minutes. Of the folks in my office (about 70 of us in an office building near Perimeter Mall) I’m the only one wearing the sticker. So that makes me the only voter … or just a geek.

  18. Demonbeck says:

    I noticed that Matt Towery has been solidly pro-Ralph throughout the campaign inserting digs against Casey and compliments towards Ralph any time he had a chance.

  19. GANATIVE says:

    One of my buddies is a store manager for Abercrombie and Fitch and he took all the models from the store and stuck them on the side of the road with Bob Greer signs all morning and then took the aesthetic troop to polls as well…probably one of the more entertaining pieces of human marketing this morning I’m sure…

  20. GAWire says:

    GANATIVE, hopefully your buddy at least compensated the models with a piece of cellery or something.

  21. DaveMcRoddy says:

    From all accounts i have heard so far from the TowneLake area of Woodstock, voter turn out is low. I voted this morning at 8am and there was NOBODY there. This bodes well for the smaller candidates that didnt’ do as much mass marketing. Could be a very, very interesting night for all candidates.

    P.S. GANATIVE, where can i catch the next appearance of the Abercrombe and Fitch girls?

  22. GANATIVE says:

    it’s “celery”…and I’m sure they were taken care of in some fashion- or perhaps each one of them celebrates and respects the democratic process so much so that they volunteered??

  23. conservativecore says:

    OK here is what I have heard
    Stephens county heavy for Cagle (county where Ralph grew up) might be wrong but had 3 folks on the ground tell me

    Union and towns county turnout low nothing else

    Cherokee South end turn out about 8% should pick up later but in talking to a die hard ralphite she is pretty much ready to concede the race from what she is hearing.

    Oh and for a mulit milllionaire to send kis out without sundblock is just wrong Ralph. Spotted 2 homeschoolers burnt to a crisp

  24. bowersville says:

    Voted around 11:30 am, when asked, the poll worker said i was #153, wife was #154. Last two voting cycles at the same precinct, we were in the low 200’s. Poll workers would not share an estimate of D’s v R’s. Poll workers said it had been steady all day, but no lines. We witnessed the steadyness. Soccer Mom type exiting her vehicle with four children in tow, Perdue bumper sticker on her vehicle. There was one businessman( know him) and his wife entering to vote as we were leaving, he’s more interested in the Ag vote. The wife spoke to a friend at the poll after we all had voted. Over lunch the friend and her husband shared they had voted Cagle/Handel. While at lunch I ran across one of the officers of the local D party. Stated she hadn’t voted yet but would do so later.

    What’s confusing to me is the comparison of around 200 at 11:00am at a Gwinnett precinct as reported by Duluthmom, and a precinct around Lake Hartwell at around the same time being so close in number of voters.

  25. kspencer says:

    Voted about 10:30 in Catoosa County. I was #93. I was the youngest person in the room by a long ways – I’m approaching 50.

    For amusement, the gentleman who preceded me had a bit of difficulty as he’d moved about 9 months ago, had updated his voter registery, but hadn’t updated his driver’s license. FWIW, his car had a pro-Bush bumper sticker from 2004, which may or may not indicate his party these days.


  26. MountainThinker says:

    conservative core, Union Co. is heating up. We have alcohol on the ballot (dry county voting whether or not to go wet!) and it’s pushing the numbers hard, plus the primary decides a school board seat and the district attorney here. I’m seeing Cagle & Black signs popping and Reed seems to be the reason people are going to vote, and 4-to-1 against from the few dozen I’ve spoken to…I expect McBerry is going to get a few “get-right Sonny” votes from here also, as he has as many signs here as Sonny…

  27. GAWire says:

    ok, so i know i’ve been bashing the ajc’s coverage but i will admit that they have more people in the field than i do, so some of the info is good. it’s the analysis stuff that they suck at.

    anyways, now the ajc is reporting that some fulton sites will stay open to allow late voters due to problems earlier in the day. these are cagle areas, but late voters tend to be more men than women, which could mean good for ralph.


  28. BahamaBoy says:

    Reed’s people needed all the time they could squeeze to scrounge up a few more votes.

  29. jacewalden says:


    Are you telling me that now UNION is getting Liquor by the Drink? Jesus tap-dancing Christ, Fannin is going to be left in the dust by EVERYONE now!


    The same things about you said about Reed seem to be holding true in Fannin. I’ve only talked to 1 person who voted for Reed. And like I said, a 1000 Church per square mile, Dry county like Fannin should be a Bastion of Reedism.

  30. Headin\' South says:

    More Cagle & Handel signs in Alpharetta near the polling location. Light turnout when I was there. Same when my wife was there. I hope the signs work.

    Nice post, Atlanta Lawyer.

  31. Caitlin says:

    I was the only person voting at my polling place, a Church in south-east Athens. An older white gentleman was leaving as I went in and a middle-aged white woman was coming as I was going.

    When they sorted my voter information card, the volunteers were keeping an informal count of Republicans versus Democrats. 49 people had voted Democrat and 42 people had voted Republican. That means fewer than 100 people had voted as of 12:30 in the afternoon. That’s pathetic.

  32. mercergirl says:

    Bill Simon-

    haha, over 70 yrs old.No offense to anyone on here, although I assume no one over 70 is posting

  33. scs00 says:

    First time poster, long time lurker here. I voted this morning around 1130 in Midtown Atlanta, at the North Ave/W. Peachtree location. The funny thing was, after I filled out the slip in order to show which ballot I wanted, the woman behind the desk took it and handed it back saying that I didn’t mark which ballot I wanted. I politely handed it back, saying that I did. She then looked at it again for a few seconds and all of a sudden, with eyes wide, said, “Oh…you want one of THOSE ballots” (I, of course, had checked the Republican ballot).

    Anyway, at the time I was in there, there was only one other person voting (middle-aged, white man), though they said that earlier this morning that it was “very busy” in there.

  34. conservativecore says:

    Good to hear that union is kicking in

    I hear there is a strong move fro Stephens in the Mountains and they are trying to reach out to folks south. His support up North sounds solid

    Ag seems to be a split between Black and Kemp with Black near 40% from what I am hearing around the state

  35. GAWire says:

    caitlin, good points … interesting, although i’m not surprised athens has more dems. still, i would like to know the voter numbers b/t parties.

  36. Caitlin says:

    If they trend anything like they have for the past decade, Democratic turnout will be down and Republican turnout will be up.

    And you shouldn’t be surpised that Athens has more Democrats, as it’s got a very high African-American population (except in the university, somewhat ironically), but I’m a bit surprised at how close the numbers were because there had to be nearly twenty volunteers, and the church I vote at has a predominantly black congregation; I’d bet that many of those Democratic cards were their own.

  37. Redbird says:

    I voted in Alpharetta at about 1:00pm. I was the only voter in the auditoium. We have a local Alpharetta City Council race so I was expecting a bigger turnout. Very sad.

  38. GAWire says:

    What has Handel’s turnout been like around the state? If I were to judge only by metro Atl area, I’d say she has this won in a heartbeat, but I’m curious what support was like around the state in SoS.

  39. Decaturguy says:

    “One of my buddies is a store manager for Abercrombie and Fitch and he took all the models from the store and stuck them on the side of the road with Bob Greer signs all morning and then took the aesthetic troop to polls as well.”

    Now why couldn’t that have happened at my precinct?

  40. Jeff Emanuel says:

    scs00, nice post. I often feel like the only Republican in Athens-Clarke.

    Caitlin, good point, but the east side of Athens (especially SE near Watkinsville) is more Republican/conservative than most of the rest of the city. Overall, with 101,000 people in Clarke county, right at 17,000 are registered to vote — and turnout for GENERAL elections is often in the 30-40% range of THAT.

    Athens-Clarke does have a disproportionately high black population, and is overwhelmingly — OVERWHELMINGLY — liberal Democrat. For example, the state house race this fall will be won by the Democrat by at least 20 points; the closest race in memory was 2004, when Jane Kidd beat Bill Cowsert by 11.

    The University isn’t low on blacks, as you seem to be saying; rather, the attendance is just about equal to (or a little higher than) the African-American percentage of the population. However, it does seem low (and affluent) once one breaks out of the “University bubble” to find a county which is 27% AA, led by 100% Democrats, and is 5th in the nation in persistent poverty. Are the last 2 related? Hmmmmm……

  41. GrandOleDawg says:

    From the field in Athens…..

    As of 3:30 today, turnout was thru the floor. Turnout at the largest precinct in town was at 11% overall. I know its early, but I the poll worker’s said that that precinct doesn’t normally get that usual late afternoon push. The most Republican precinct in Clarke County (51.3% Bush in ’04) was still in double digits for the GOP side of the primary, same for another precinct of similar size but slightly more blue. Trying hard to get numbers for the one other precinct that went “red” in ’04, but with no luck. I’ll probably swing by there on my way to Buckhead.

    Low numbers all round, even for a primary.

    Pretty low numbers there. Even for a primary.

  42. duluthmom says:


    I think my polling place was an anomaly with the 200 by 11 am. It includes Reed’s neighborhood and his wife sent out a personal email via the Women’s Club urging us to vote early followed up by a second email through the same channel from a big Reed supporter today.

    Ironically, it worked and got my husband to the polls; although it galvanized him to vote against Reed. (I was already a Cagle supporter.)

  43. GrandOleDawg says:

    Apologies for the redundency in the above post.

    And while I’m typing….

    I’m a little surprised turnout isn’t a little bigger ’round here for the Republican side. Brian Kemp has a lot of support in these parts (being his senate district) and I figured he would drive people to the polls. If anything, I expected turnout to be a little up here (relative to normal, low primary turnout)

  44. Caitlin says:

    It’s news to me that Athens is led by 100% Democrats, what with Norwood and Burns (until Barrow in 2004) and Kemp. And I hardly think it’s fair to lay the poverty problems in Athens at the feet of GA’s Democratic party since the poverty is in direct correlation to the unemployment rate in Athens, which is the highest in GA last I heard. And the jobs that are available are generally low-paying, service industry jobs. That’s changing though, as Athens experiences more and more growth.


    Good point GrandOleDawg, about Kemp. I’m thinking Gary Black will take it in the end, but I’m sure Kemp will win Athens. His name has been positively everywhere.

  45. Redbird says:

    I just heard on tv that Cindy Sheehan is in town to speak at Cynthia McKinney’s campaign victory celebration. lol

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