You Might Not Answer to Media, but you do Answer to Voters

Everybody from GQ to the Washington Times have noted in articles the typical response from Ralph Reed’s campaign manager and Ralph himself, which is something like, “We don’t respond to out of state media.”

This repeated response from the Reed campaign brings up an interesting question.  Who does Ralph Reed answer to?
I am not a journalist, nor am I associated with any media organization, unless you consider Peach Pundit in that category, and if you do, then clearly we are not out of state.  Perhaps you have read material of mine in publications not specifically associated with Georgia politics, but these do not represent any official associations. 

I am simply writing this post as a Georgia voter and I am here to tell the Reed campaign that Georgia voters are sick to the point where they are blue in the face at the audacity and arrogance that is portrayed by Ralph Reed.

Mr. Reed claims that he does not answer to out of state media, but I have not heard him answer logical questions from any media.  But, this is not the point.  The Reed campaign, just like any campaign, can refuse to answer questions from the media, regardless of whether they are legitimate questions or not.
However, there is one group that Ralph Reed, as a candidate for Lt. Governor in Georgia cannot refuse to answer:  Voters. 

As a candidate, Mr. Reed, you must answer to voters.  Ultimately, you will answer to them on Primary Day, and they will determine whether or not you deserve to hold office.  But, that isn’t good enough for me and most Georgians I know.

If you wish to hold office in this state and represent me, I demand that you answer some questions.  I demand you answer for what exactly happened with indian casino clients for whom you worked in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.  I demand you answer for your past associations with convicted felon Jack Abramoff.  I demand you answer for the $4 million that you charged tribal clients through non-profit and other shell organizations.  I demand you answer for the emails that you sent to Jack Abramoff, which insinuates the fact that you were using your associations with religious conservative and church groups to further gambling.  I demand that you answer for documents in the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, which allege with proof that you used religious conservative groups to further gambling clients.

These are all logical questions for Georgia’s voters.  If you want to represent us, we deserve answers and you have not adequately answered questions about your past!

We have heard your plans as to what you want to do as Lt. Governor, and I would argue that your platform is not that bad.  However, your plans for what you would do as Lt. Governor are only half of the equation.  What you say you will do at this point are only words.  The only basis that will make us accept or understand those claims is your past, including your decisions, associations, and previous experience. 

All of these above questions reflect some of the things we currently know, as well as the information that is still missing in relation to those factors in the past.  Answers to these questions will allow us, as voters, to apply what you say you want to do in the future, and base those claims with what you have done in the past.

So, Mr. Reed, if you want to legitimize your claims for the future, then you must first explain your actions of the past.


  1. mercergirl says:

    Heck yeah! BTW, if yall will look at the “Question” post, GOPeach recommended that I email Reed since he would “respond personally”. I’m still waiting….

  2. GOPeach says:

    It will most likely be hard from him to respond personally to you
    ( or anyone else ) this close to election day Merecergirl. Don’t worry he will. It will take a few days maybe. Be patient. 🙂

  3. BahamaBoy says:

    “I did not have sex with those Indians.”

    Bill Clinton used a similar line, and it seemed to work for him.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Reed has explained his actions an answered questions. Cagle has run a sleazy, lying campaign that distorts facts.

    Cagle has even used mafia style tactics. Brad Alexander basically threatened a GOP State House candidate in cobb County because she wrote a letter in support of Ralph Reed.

    If Cagle condemns Reed for opposing big labor and Bill Clinton in the Mariannas then he condemns Ronald Reagan. Reagan had the same position as Reed. Tell me Sen. Cagle, would you have been in favor of going against the GOP position on the issue and allow big labor a foothold on the Island?

    Cagle has a record of supporting Democrats against the GOP position so it would not suprise me in the least if he would have supported the bill he blasts Reed for. IE: Driver’s License bill when Cagle voted with Roy Barnes and 27 Democrats and the $ 1,000 contribution to Mark Taylor.

    You said in the debate yesterday that you don’t support a minimum wage hike but that bill Ralph opposed would have RAISED the minimum wage. You can’t have it both ways. If you blast Reed for opposing that bill, then one can only assume you would have been in favor of that bill.

    Reed kept casinos from opening so he did not betray or use Christians. One can assume from Cagle’s criticism that he would have just not done anything and let new casinos open.

  5. BahamaBoy says:

    Great post GAWire. I’ve been trying for days to draw out the same answers from the Reed campaign to no avail. Truth is, they answer only to God, not us mere mortals in Georgia.

    Theirs is a Holy Crusade to carry Ralph all the way to the White House. You know it. I know it. And so does every other intelligence person on this blog. (Well, maybe Debbie doesn’t yet get it.)

    I’ve scratched my head in wonder as I consider just how audacious his plan is. If he can con about half of the Republican primary voters tomorrow, he thinks he can make it all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

    Now is the time to stop this lunacy and keep Georgia’s legislative future in the hands of men and women who ACTUALLY CARE about Georgia! People who want to live here, work here, raise their families here, and perhaps be buried here some day.

    Ralph Reed is a carpetbagger of the worse kind. He will say and do anything to achieve his desired outcome. Just ask Jack Abramoff, who used Ralph’s talents for two decades.

    Tomorrow is an opportunity too good to pass up. I will be voting for Casey Cagle!


  6. BahamaBoy says:

    I think Debbie is trying out for the job of press secretary in the new Reed Administration.

  7. GAWire says:

    Debbie, we all realize your claims are rediculous. You are grasping at straws. Don’t bring that kind of stuff here, b/c it doesn’t help you.

    Ralph Reed has indeed NOT answered questions about his past, certainly not adequately. He says that Georgia needs new blood or fresh leadership, but that person still has to answer for his past and prove that his/her plan is worthwhile. Reed has not done that.

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Voters will decide tomorrow if Reed has answered those questions and I could care less if you like it or not.

    How are my claims ridiculous GAWire? I think your claims are ridiculous.

    GaWire, Bahama Boy what are you going to do if Reed wins? Will you Cagle people support the nominee?

  9. GAWire says:

    Firstly, Debbie, your claims are rediculous b/c they have no basis. Where are the investigations? Where is the lawsuit? Where is the formal ethics complaint.

    The only formal complaint that has been filed by Reed was about a false claim over an mailer allegedly in violation of ethics rules, which turned out to be completely compliant. Further that filing was from an admitted mistake by Erick, which he corrected in minutes; however, your people ran with it. How rediculous is that?

    Next, we can post a lot of websites that tell the truth about Ralph, so stop with the URL links.

    Finally, we have already answered your question – I will not ever support Ralph Reed for public office. It would go against my integrity to support someone with such questionable ethics and past associations.

  10. mercergirl says:


    I am pretty patient, I’m going by what you said… that he stay up pretty late or what have you. So I will be waiting. 🙂 Until then, my vote still goes to Cagle unless I hear something really really fantastic to convince me otherwise. And No- that is NOT and open invitation for anyone on here to try to go off on me. I have to have it directly from the Man himself. 🙂

    BTW, for anyone interested in the Macon area, Cagle is doing a “flyover” around the state and will be at the Macon Airport at 12:15, I don’t know if Ican go as I am starting a new job but I’m going to try.

  11. GOPeach says:


    Maybe after the primary, he will have time to write. It will not matter if you vote for him or not at this point. Right? I do not
    think his election to be the the first Republican Lt. Gov in Ga is
    hinging on your vote. ( no offense) . Just being truthful.

    Ralph is a great person. He is very upbeat and smart. He has done
    a lot for young people to learn and grow in the political process of things so if you are interested in learning from “the best”-

    You will want to draw closer to Ralph and learn how to have
    grace under fire. All great leaders will have to go through the
    fire to be purified for public service. Ralph will grow and learn
    from this campaign things that will make him and those who
    are around him better citiizens and better leaders.

  12. debbie0040 says:

    GAwire, your hypocrisy astounds me. You have no problem with Cagle supporters posting urls just Reed people.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    GAWire, where is the basis of your accusations? The Senate Committee conducted a full investigation and they found Abramoff may be guilt of crime but no they found no
    misconduct on Reed’s part.

    My understanding is there have been ethics complaints filed against Cagle not just one.

  14. jackson says:

    “How are my claims ridiculous GAWire? ” — From Debbie0400

    Here’s why:

    4/4/06 Debbie0400 Said “I REPEAT my offer. I will buy you a steak dinner if W does not come to Georgia and campaigns for Ralph. ” (emphasis added)

    5/2/06 Debbie0400 wrote: “Show me how I am lying to support Reed, Bull Moose. Put up or shut. That is all you Cagle people have is twisted innunendo and rumors.”

    GOPeach — if Ralph Reed is such a great person, why are almost all of his former employees working against him? Does that tell you something? If one or two, that might not be reason. But with so many it should say something abotu the mans character. This is politics and it is a very personal business. If I worked for someone and did not like them, I doubt I would go so far as to work for someone else unless it was for a very, very good reason.

    Even when we show Debbie0400 she lies, she doesnt claim it or avoids it. She lies. She has lied numerous times on this site and I posted several of them the other day. That is why I encourage everyone to not respond to her. I dont mind people with different opinions but it is obvious that Debbie is a complete liar and cannot be trusted.

    What I think is funny, in relation to her Cagle wants higher minimum wages comment, as that in referreing to the presidents amnesty bill, she said, on 4/08/06 ““As far as Guest Worker Program, I strongly oppose that for illegal aliens and others and I am not racist. It drives down American wages.

  15. Philly says:

    Jackson, Debbie has not lied and just like Cagle you disort and lie.

    Debbie was referring to if Reed wins the nomination W would campaign for him. You took it entirely out of context. Typical

    4/4/06 Debbie0400 Said “I REPEAT my offer. I will buy you a steak dinner if W does not come to Georgia and campaigns for Ralph.

  16. Philly says:

    Jackson, it is obvious you are either Brad or Joel and getting quite desparate because you know Cagle is toast tomorrow. His political career and yours is over. I can tell you that I would never support Cagle or anyone Brad of Joel worked for and there are a lot of people that feel the same way as I do.

  17. Dorabill says:

    There are alot of Christians both inside and outside the “coalition” but many of them don’t like being told what to do or telling others what to do either, or who to vote for.

    And many of them wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a Casino either in GA or in another state. And they sure wouldn’t have supported a Democrat over J.C. Watts. He was one of my favorite conservatives.

    If the “Rallphites” want negativity just go to and type in “Ralph Reed” or do the same with Google and quit blaming Casey Cagle for this stuff. Ralph Reed is a national figure and is simply using the state as a stepping stone for bigger things. Casey Cagle is from the state and like Cathy Cox cares about the state first and foremost. I’m a Republican but The State of Georgia is also an institution I care about and these 2 folks (Cagle and Cox) both represent state level cross party cooperation on certain issues important to the state. But right now I’m for Cagle. Wednesday who knows. I’m a loyal republican who doesn’t want to see the state of Georgia get a black eye or propel a neocon anywhere except out of state.

  18. jackson says:

    Sure, she was referring to the general election. That is why Debbie0400 said on 5/11 “The Reed numbers will go up significantly once the ads start running with Reed and Bush and Cheney.” What was she referreing to THEN, philly?

    And again, on 5/11 “What do you think they will think once Reed starts running ads of W and Cheney praising him?” Im sure becuase bush’s numbers are so high with democrats and indepenedents she was talking about the general election.

    You can run, but you cant hide. They are Debbie0400 own words.

  19. jackson says:

    I am not Joel Mclenney or Brad Alexander. Oh, and I know, to make it sound more believable, I will bet you a steak dinner on it.

    Even though I am not, it really doesnt matter who I am. Who are you? Your brazen lack of even following your own logic is astounding.

  20. jackson says:

    Oh, and how about this from 5/18 Philly:

    “GAWIRE, you forget about the fact Reed will be flooding the airwaves with ads. Voters will see those w ith Rudy, Zell, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Newt, Sean and others praising Reed.”

  21. jackson says:

    The Lies continue philly, with this….

    “Reed will run ads with Bush and Cheney and other well known GOP officials praising Ralph. Does Cagle has such footage?”

  22. jackson says:

    If you need any of the other lies, false statements, or ridiculous comments Debbie0400 has made, dont hesitate to ask. There are plenty.

  23. GAWire says:

    >>”””The Senate Committee conducted a full investigation and they found Abramoff may be guilt of crime but no they found no
    misconduct on Reed’s part.”””

    Actually, Deb, the Senate did not conclude no misconduct on Ralph – that was just Ralph’s interpretation of the hearings. In fact, the committee has not concluded anything. If anyone read through the testimony and material introduced in the hearings, you would find hundreds of questions related to the things Ralph Reed did. Many of those questions are still being investigated, and if Ralph is elected, then we will have a Lt. Gov who is at the epicenter of the biggest political scandal since Watergate.

    If your understanding that there are ethics complaints against Cagle, then point us to them. Which committees are investigating them? What is the basis of these complaints … a mailer, which turned out to be perfectly legit? Or, is it the tax issue, which turned out to be an outright lie on Ralph Reed’s part?

    Finally, as far as the URLs go … the problem isn’t pasting the URL’s there. The problem is that you use that for your entire argument. Further, if you want to argue with pasting web links, then I’m confident we have you beat on that one.

    Should we start pasting all of the websites about Ralph Reed to counter you?

  24. mercergirl says:


    Oh I know, but again I was just going on what you said. I guess I’m being a little bit of a smart ass. But who knows? The way this is going every vote will count eventually. But no offense taken, it takes a lot to really make me mad.

  25. duluthmom says:

    Keep posting those URL’s like you did on fact
    I always find them good for a laugh including this morning’s one on Reedfacts.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the link the reason for my laughter is apparent…

    Quote: Copyright © 2006 Paid for by Reed for Lt. Governor, inc.

  26. dagny says:

    Ok, let’s use our noggin here. If Ralph spends all his time answering the attacks and hit piece interviews from out of state media, when would he have time to do what needs to be done IN the state. He’s focused and way too smart to get caught up in that game. He IS answering to the voters. Last time I checked, they live IN the state.

  27. debbie0040 says:

    Jackson you know good and well I was referring to the general election when I said W and Cheney would come down here campaining for Reed. Typical Cagle bs and distortions.

    People should do a search on the things YOU have said. I do believe you are paid Cagle staff. No doubts.

  28. duluthmom says:

    Are you that dense to believe we should take an obviously biased source as “proof” of your assertions? Everytime you post a blog or OpEd piece instead of an objective source, you lose all credibility. On this site, virtually all the threads with links go to newspaper, magazine, or television reports that have no personal motivation to distort facts.

  29. debbie0040 says:

    Jackson , typical lies and distortions about the steak dinner bit. You are pathetic.

    Here is the actual dialog regarding that. Notice unlike you , I did not just post tidbits.
    debbie0040 said,
    April 4, 2006 @ 10:01 am

    I want a leader that would not have gutted the child support law like I understand the legislature might have done. I want someone that will stand their ground and not compromise.
    I think most GOP voters are sick and tired of Republicans being elected and then they lose their intestinal fortitude. They want a strong leader. Ralph Reed can do more to help Georgia with his connections and experience. I have seen nothing coming from the Cagle Camp other than negative attacks. I have seen Reed produce policy papers.

    Who do you think W will more willing to come to Georgia and campaign for, Reed or Cagle?

    debbie0040 said,
    April 4, 2006 @ 11:31 am

    Never mind Maurice. I put my reading glasses on and saw it was a different person . Blonde moment… I did agree with the sentiments about the child support bill. How can you not allow current non custodial parents paying inequitable amounts of child support not to be allowed to go back to court ?

    If true the GOP caved in and that is why electing Reed is so important. He will stand his ground and fight, fight, fight. That is what attracts me to the Reed camp.

    The General Election will be very nasty and we need a fighter on our ticket for Lt. Governor.

    After the primary is over and Reed or Cagle wins, I hope what I said about all of us being part of the same team is true. Our job then will be to fight Democrats not each other. There are more issues that we agree on than issues we don’t agree on.

    I hope each of you will pledge to support the GOP nominee. I will pledge that if Cagle is the nominee, I will work my tail off for him.

    debbie0040 said,
    April 4, 2006 @ 11:36 am

    Larry, Jason is doing the right thing. He is YR Chairman and needs to show support for both. Jason will support the nominee and knows that the hard feelings out there now between both camps will vanish after a nominee is chosen.

    Larry, I will buy you a steak dinner if W does not campaign for Reed when Reed wins the primary.

  30. jackson says:

    “Jackson you know good and well I was referring to the general election when I said W and Cheney would come down here campaining for Reed. Typical Cagle bs and distortions.”

    Actually, on the first you were referring to the General election (which I still doubt Bush wil do ads because his popularity is low among democrats and independents…if Reed were to win). On the others you werent. Go back and read your own post Debbie.

    Folks, if this doesnt sum it up, i dont know what does. Debbie made the comments herself. They are in plain daylight for everyone to see. Yet, she still lies. Its absolutely frickin Amazing.

  31. dagny says:

    Is this a serious question or a joke? Who would W be more willing to come campaign for? Come ON….Ralph is the ONLY one he would come in for. If it looks close for Perdue and he’s here anyway helping the top of the ticket – he might do something for Cagle (if Cagle were the candidate), but I can assure you he isn’t hopping on Air Force One for Cagle.

  32. jackson says:

    Debbie, since you like to cut and paste, go cut and paste the other comment threads.

    I would be happy for you to research my comments. I doubt you will post them because you still refuse to answer the questions posed in them.

    As you said on 4/17 “You guys need to lay off the “wacky weed

  33. jackson says:

    Dagny, the point is not who would W come for, it is that Debbie proclaimed, on multiple occasions, like Reed supporters have done, that the president is coming for Ralph, that all these dignitaries, and GOP officials are going to do TV ads for Ralph. it is a complete fabrication, and the fact that Debbie and anyone else on the Reed team is denying it now is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

  34. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Dagny? Is that your real name, or do we have more Atlas Shrugged characters jumping off the page and into the blog? 😉

    By the way, you did hear that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are slated to play John Galt and Dagny Taggart in the movie version, right? I know…Ayn Rand is probably spinning in her grave right now — all we need is a couple more bleeding-heart liberal actors to play Ellis Wyatt and Hank Rearden, and the master plan to convert Atlas Shrugged into Das Kapital, part Deux will be complete….jeez…

  35. BahamaBoy says:

    Glad to see you folks are keeping up the battle online. Been out in the trenches today and it is looking mighty good — for Cagle! Haven’t seen much Reed activity. (Didn’t eat at Waffle House this morning)

    Judging from the rhetoric here today, the Kool-Aid drinkers are still believing the Chosen One and are in complete denial about their candidates checker past. Reed hasn’t been cleared of anything, Debbie. The lawsuits have been filed; more will surely come, At least two Senate committees are investigating him and Abramoff. The IRS is also looking his misuse on nonprofits to conceal Indian money that was funneled to pay for his clandestine campaigns.

    As long as ol Stealthy kept to his corporate and political clients, most of us couldn’t care less. But he threw himself into the race for lieutenant governor so he could run for governor and then president. Mighty big ambitions for a man with such legal woes.

    So I’m going back to campaign for Cagle now, and leave you all in the good hands of intelligent folks I have never even met. Reading theirs posts comforts me to know that we are many and the Reedite are few. Little Cagle will slay Goliath Reed tomorrow, and we will rejoice.

    Now, where do I go collect my steak dinner from Little Debbie?

  36. GAWire says:

    >>”””He IS answering to the voters.”””

    I and thousands of voters have asked him to account for numerous questions that we have, all of which Ralph Reed has failed to answer.

  37. dagny says:

    seriously, ayn rand is spinning….yeah, maybe sean penn and tim robbins can play those characters. it’s pretty ridiculous. not to mention, angelina does NOT have what it takes to play dagny. it’s absurd.

  38. debbie0040 says:

    Jackson, you go back and read the posts. When I bet the steak dinner I was referring to the general. Stop your pathetic lying. I have mentioned Reed running ads with footage of W or Cheney saying nice things about Reed. I was wrong about that but I thought it would happen.

  39. debbie0040 says:

    Reed made his fortune in private enterprise not serving himself instead of serving the public as Cagle did.

    The lawsuits are civil to take advantage of the publicity. They are hoping for a quick out of court settlement.

  40. debbie0040 says:

    If Reed were target of the Senate Committee Investigation as Cagle has stated then certainly they would have focused attention on whether Reed did anything improper as they did with Abramoff.

  41. BahamaBoy says:

    Debbie, you truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

    You said: “The lawsuits [against Reed] are civil to take advantage of the publicity. They are hoping for a quick out of court settlement.” Now, how would you know what the plaintiffs are hoping for? Did Reed tell you. Or his campaign manager, Jared?

    I spoke to people in the office of the attorney who filed to suit and, believe me Debbie, they are not interested in settlement with Reed. They want his hide, to borrow an Indian pun. I had them email me the lawsuit and I read it before passing it along to several other influential people. Have you read it, Debbie? Would you even know how to interpret the charges leveled against Reed and Abramoff?

    So give us all a break and quit playing campaign lawyer here. The lawsuit was filed to recover damages from Reed and Abramoff, and the suit will likely destory what’s left of Reed’s crumbling lobbying empire.

    Deal with it, and mix up some more Kool-Aid for the kiddies too uninformed to actually read the lawsuit before telling the world it is meritless.

  42. Dorabill says:

    Hey y’all I’m back. Whoever thinks a Reed endorsement by Bush or Cheney would be good for Reed or good for Republicans or good for Georgia must be totally tuned in and tuned out to the azure blue of Fox News. I’m more into National stuff but we’re not talking about Democrats or independents. with Katrina, Casinos, the North American Union, immigration, the NAFTA superhighway, no-bid contracts, Republicans are running, not walking away from anything that resembles neocons, globalists, or corporate smartasses. Texans for Texas, Coloradans for Colorado, Georgians for Georgia, and mabe Tancredo for president. Get it?

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