Why I cannot support Ralph Reed for Lt. Governor

In recent days, some of my political friends and acquaintances have asked me why I feel so strongly about electing Casey Cagle Lt. Governor.  Much of it is Casey’s record on conservative issues, from taxes to social issues.  Casey is as solid as they get.

However, as many have noted, I have been a steadfast supporter of Ralph until rather recently, beginning my consulting career at Century Strategies in 1997-98 when Ralph was a start-up in Georgia and going on to help Ralph with his campaign for State Party Chairman.

Like many who have departed Ralph now (and the roster of those known and unknown who have left Ralph in disappointment with what they found is nearly a dozen by my count), I came to his company because of his reputation for principled conservative leadership.  My reason for abandoning my support of Ralph is simple:  Ralph Reed’s words and actions do not match up. 

There are many instances of this, but the clearest one is Ralph’s decision to campaign for Permanent Most Favored Nation (or MFN) Status for China as a paid operative for Boeing – something that profited companies and the Chinese government but which many Christian groups were opposing because of China’s record of abuses against Christians.

Part of Ralph’s “grasstops


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Way to go Clint! You can tell your feelings are very heartfelt and personal. I’m glad you shared them here.

  2. debbie0040 says:


    Ralph Reed Is a Proven Conservative
    by Sadie Fields
    Posted Jul 17, 2006

    The following is a response to Marvin Olasky’s syndicated column from July 13, titled “Honesty in Politics.”

    Ralph Reed, who is running for lieutenant governor in Georgia, is a proven conservative leader who has spent decades strengthening pro-family values.

  3. eem2006 says:

    Sadie Fields is a very sad and misguided woman.

    Her words mean squat to me and a lot of other people….

  4. Jason says:

    I can’t wait to see Ralph lose tomorrow—been waiting for this day since the convention in 2001. Well, realy since 98. Cheers to all former Ralph supporters who saw the light.

  5. jackson says:

    Its hilarious. That guy from Macon or wherever that endorsed Casey had to quit, but Sadie can have her TITLE on the response, and nothing happens. What a fake.

  6. politicalwidow says:


    This is not a response. It is not about what he has done, it is about how he has done it.

  7. Smillican says:

    Clint – well thought out, well spoken, and well written. I truly believe this is a vote for Casey Cagle that I could, and would, and should, respect. It’s balanced, based on intense thought and personal experience. I doesn’t sway my vote or my support, but it’s one of the few votes out of Cagle’s camp I can respect.

  8. bruce benidict says:

    This is pretty insightful comming from the guy who is going to lose their ionly source of income if Ralph wins. This is a very interesting article from our lobbyist friend. It seems like none of the people that Mr. Austin previously worked for are very close to him now. Did Mr. Austin not work for Mitch Seabaugh before? Please tell us why you are not close with him now….or better yet just give it some time and I bet Sen. Cagle will not be speaking to you either.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…here is a word to the wise Mr. Austin…..Don’t attack christian values unless you want your own exploited. it is great to quote scripture but casting stones is much more difficult than walking the walk. And for your sake make sure they take your letter down by Tuesday….just to make sure that Jared Thomas does not save it and once Ralph wins have you excommunicated from the church!!!!!

  9. Clint Austin says:

    I don’t make much pretense at being a great Christian. A rather shabby one in fact. No defense on that front, but of course I did not appear on TV the last two weeks repeatedly invoking Christian thought to win my campaign.

    As for my relationships with clients and former clients, that is one incorrect thing you say. I have pretty doggone good ones with most everyone I have worked with.

  10. jackson says:

    I dont think Clint should worry about Jared. Jared will probably leave Ralph Reed on his own, just like everyone else has.

    And if you didnt pay attention BRUCE, he wasnt attacking his christian values. Just pointed out that when he was there, Ralph Reed didnt live up to what he was preaching. Ralph Reed’s whole arguement is that it OTHERS and the LIBERALS that are attacking him. He can’t even take responsibility for his own actions. Its ridiculous.

  11. The Busdriver says:

    Mr. Benedict,

    Your prose, or lackthereof, smacks of a really stupid Yoda.

    “Hmmm, live in glass houses you will. Interesting the article from our lobbyist friend.”

    Benedict, if your sack was any bigger than your brain matter you’d quit your stupid games and post your gossip. Man up you pussy.

    Dangling the hammer of Jared Thomas. Please. 5 foot redheads inspire fear!! Fear I tell you!!

  12. GAWire says:

    >>”””Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”””

    I’m hiring the stone workers right now to carve that in Ralph Reed’s driveway.

    That’s priceless.

    Btw, who are you to attack Clint’s business?

  13. The Busdriver says:

    By the way Bruce, if that is your real name (I’m thinking Ace, or maybe Gary) . . .way to attack the messenger.

  14. The Busdriver says:

    “5 ft redheads vs 3 ft green guys … who wins?”

    I don’t know. Are they fighting Mini Ditkas?

  15. Demonbeck says:

    All I know is that Clint Austin is one of the most well-respected non-elected/non-staff names in the Gold Dome.

    And really, how much of an effect can a LG have on pretty much anything these days?

    Kudos to Clint. Well said.

  16. bruce benidict says:

    I am sure that you do have good clients….but by attacking a candidate online you somehow offer the idea that people hold credence in your opinion …and they may…..for one more day.
    1. I really like your point that you can attack RR about his christian affiliation on TV and when you quote scripture on a blog supporting his opponet you are somehow beyond reproach…nice
    2. my coment about your clients was specific….like I said once you assert your self as a valued opinion with a 2 page letter you must be able to defend your own actions (politics 101…page 1)
    3. as for Ms Jackson…..are you asserting that liberals are not attacking Ralph…for heavens sake consider that fact that the AJC endorsed his opponet….so did the Macon telegraph….they are a huge faction of the conservatives media in georgia (laugh)….and then in one the most conservative parts of Georgia – the Waycross paper endorses RR and it is somehow necessary to add it to the title of a blog….I guess John McCain’s report that claimed Ralph did no wrongdoing woud be considerd liberal media too huh…attack with a gun not a butter knife…

    furthermore, you speak about RR taking responsibility for his actions, I am merely asking Mr. Austin to take responsibility for his own actions in writing the 2 pager. If you have not been watching the debates or the papers you will see that RR has answered every questions asked of him, I am only availing Mr. Austin that same opportunity.

  17. StevePerkins says:

    If enough disgusted people just leave the Lt. Gov. box blank, could Cagle and Reed be forced into a runoff due to neither achieiving 50%? That would be awesome beyond words.

  18. The Busdriver says:

    Mr. Benedict,

    The copy of the McCain Senate Final Report that Ralph let you borrow. Didn’t it concern you that it was only 11 pages long, including the table of contents?

  19. Bill Simon says:

    The difference is, Ralph has pretty much LIED in a lot of his answers.

    Boy, forget the races…I cannot wait until he gets deposed by either the feds or the Texas tribe suing him. His new Indian name shall be “Racketeering Ralph”…

  20. politicalwidow says:


    I think you might be off a bit. I think Bruce Benidict might write a column for the Sunday Paper.

  21. jackson says:

    Sure, Bruce, its the liberals and the liberal media. That’s why World Magazine, Weekly Standard, the Wall Street Journal, David Brooks, Matthew Conetteti, Paul Weyrich, Phyllis Schafley have all criticized Ralph Reeds recent activities. It’s all the vast left-wing consipiracy.

  22. The Busdriver says:

    Don’t forget chief Leftist Dr. Dobson, who said this about Ralph:

    “As for the comparison between me and Ralph Reed, let it simply be said that some things are more important to me than winning. The lives of unborn babies and the moral underpinnings of the nation are two of them. On these issues, I will never compromise to achieve a place at the table.”

  23. The Busdriver says:

    Sunday Paper? Oh yeah, the “big cavernous pit of love” thing. Gotcha.

    Mr. Benedict, where should we send your Pulitzer?

  24. Romegaguy says:


    Do you know what you call a former Reed employee? A Cagle supporter.

  25. jacewalden says:


    How is this ANY different from the reasons that the Cagle supporters on this website?

    (1) He sold out Christians to make a buck off of China

    (2) He set up “Christian” organizations to launder his money and manipulate the government

    (3) His character doesn’t match his lies

    This is just another example of what everyone else has been saying for months. Are you saying that our criticisms of Reed are invalid?

  26. The Busdriver says:

    That’s 99% true. All former Reed employees are in fact working for Cagle, but there is one guy that used to work for Ralph who isn’t working for Cagle. His name is Robin and he’s currently in Peterson Federal Correction Facility in Virginia. See, Ralph doesn’t mind if you’re a pederast. All that matters is whether the (laundered) check clears.

  27. GAWire says:

    >>”””by attacking a candidate online you somehow offer the idea that people hold credence in your opinion”””

    By attacking a candidate online, that makes us … voters. You don’t have to be a pundit, a writer, a blogger, a journalist, an elected official, a staffer, or anything quite frankly to opine about a political candidate who is so involved in political scandals that he doesn’t even remember what the truth is anymore. You do have to be alive, and that is pretty much the standard.

  28. northside elephant says:

    Clint, I first met you when Ralph was running for GAGOP chairman. In ’01 and ’02 I got to know him and some of his associates like Linda Hamrick. I was quickly disillusioned when I learned first-hand how Ralph peddled his influence and sold out his Christian values. You summed him up well and I think you answered the often asked question of just what it is about him that so many find detestable.


  29. mercergirl says:

    I have a whole lot of respect for you, Clint Austen. Well said, and I have to agree with Smilican in regards to your reasoning except unlike him I’m voting for Cagle as well. That is unless of course, Reed emails me personally like GOPeach said 🙂
    – just giving you are hard time, GOPeach, its all in good fun. After all, at this point in time we should all accept we’ve all made up our minds and we will see the results tomorrow. And if someone on here has NOT made up their mind, well I doubt any of our bickering will sway them.

  30. Headin\' South says:

    Clint, that was a very well written piece.

    Bill, I think Ralph’s Indian name is “Little Chief Cashing Checks.”

  31. TigerLily says:

    bruce benidict:

    Clint Austin has more than one income. He is a political consultant and lobbyist…successful at both might I add. He is even on good terms with Senator Seabaugh. Not sure where you are getting your information but it is incorrect.

    What also bothers me is your conclusion that Georgia will have a K Street Project if Ralph Reed wins. You mean to tell me that if Casey wins or if Ralph wins the primary they will shut the doors on those who supported their opponent? Crazy thought, sir. First, the winner is going to need money to take on the Democrat in November. Like it or not, there is a race come 11.07.06. Second, come January 2007 there will be many issues under the gold dome and most of the lobbyists have found a way to become GOP centered if they weren’t before. Are you saying all doors will be shut on the second floor if they didn’t support the winner? That is a lot of people to be silent to.

    Doesn’t sound smart to burn bridges…lobbyists like Mr. Austin have multiple clients that represent small interests to big business.

    Snap out of it. Clint doesn’t deserve your questions or suggested implications for speaking his mind.

  32. Clint Austin says:

    Couple of clarifications based on emails and calls I have gotten:

    1. My friend who “married me” is not the person to whom I am married – it was the preacher who performed the ceremony. Poor wording on my part.

    2. Ralph’s work on China pre-dated my work on his chairman’s campaign. However, I did not learn of it until after 2001. This was a fair question from some folks, so wanted to make it clear.

  33. Icarus says:

    I don’t know Clint & Sheppie,

    With Ralph’s close ties to the big man upstairs, I’m sure he can make sure we get plenty of rain, and keep us out of unnecessary wars with border states.

    No blood for river water!

    (after all, rednecks pee in it.)

  34. Bill Simon says:

    I love the way these nuggets keep on getting unearthed. Maybe there will be a return of one of the LOOONNNNNN threads that had its comments shut-off, but somehow, the comments will be turned back on.

    I think the thread started with something like “Another…”.somebody-somebody’s last name…thread….or something like that.

  35. rugby fan says:

    What you all forget is Ralph’s superior grassroots network.

    That will deliver Ralph to the White House, erm, Governor’s Mansion, erm, where does the Lite Gov live?

    Anyways, Ralph is well positioned to win, even home schoolers like him and will work for him.

    Watch out, Reed will prove the non believers wrong or my name isn’t Sonny Perdue, erm, I mean, put a steak dinner on it.

  36. bowersville says:

    You almost had me going until you mentioned Sonny Perdue and a steak dinner.

    I remember Sonny out there campaigning and complaining about eating pork n beans.

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