Sunday’s Republican LG debate

The AJC’s article has a nice little section on the two being “asked to say something nice about each other. 

They succeeded, but just barely.

“He lives in Gwinnett County and was the former Christian Coalition executive director and ran the [Georgia Republican] party, and we appreciate his good service while he was there,” said Cagle — who capped the remark by declaring himself “disappointed” with other facets of Reed’s career.

Reed honored Cagle’s 12 years of service as a state senator from Hall County. “But I frankly think we need fresh blood, we need an outsider. Not someone who’s been part of the system,” Reed added. 

JaseLP, who blogged this and the other debates over at his site, thinks Cagle won it by a hair — but also says, “Watching these guys reminds me of why I’m a Libertarian.”


  1. GOPeach says:

    I recorded the debate. This time it was a little different, the
    Channel 2 folks were a more “in the zone” as it was so
    close to election day maybe.

    I actually thought the pretty African
    American lady ( her name escapes me right this second) asked a great question about the need to keep Georgia government local as opposed to nationally connected. I thought that was an excellent question. That is a concern that I have also. We need
    to be self sufficient and not need “the federal folks” unless we
    have to in very rare cases. I was glad she asked that.

    Then I thought Ralph Reed had a good answer about only
    connecting nationally in emergency situations like with Katrina.
    ( even that was not really the answer). I have seen Churches do
    alot more t o help the Katrina folks than the federal government and I think tha tis the way it should be.

    I am for small government. The smaller the better! 🙂

  2. jsm says:

    My girlfriend has been learning more about politics in an effort to get more involved in one of my greater interests. She watched this debate yesterday and gave the following politically “un-savvy” synopsis:

    -Reed has no elected experience, and Cagle caught him changing his story on the lottery.

    -Cagle doesn’t have the connections in D.C. that Reed has, but he has a lot of elected experience.

    I wonder how many “regular voters” who actually watched the debate came away with similar impressions?

  3. JaseLP says:

    Reed is trying so hard to make himself look like the “outsider,” but the Abramoff scandal, whether he gets an indictment or not, proves that he is an insider.

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