More anecdotal evidence from the campaign trail:

A young student in an extremely conservative church in Marietta talks three of her friends, who are from Gainesville, out of Casey Cagle’s camp into voting for Ralph Reed.

Me to a prominent political analyst in Georgia: “Do you really think Ralph is going to win?” To which he responds, “He so has it in the bag…”

Email from a former Perdue chairman and political activist in Middle Georgia “Casey is really hurting his cause with that negative crap. Ralph is seen as responding to something Casey started. that will work in his favor…Of the people who watched the debate the other night, even those I thought were supporting Casey, decided to vote for Ralph. I’m on my way to go vote for Ralph!”


  1. Erick says:

    Andrew, I felt like I had to let at least one Reed guy on the front page with Bull Moose back and GAWire on the front too.

  2. northside elephant says:

    Some anecdotes from the campaign trail is evidence of a Reed surge? Ridiculous!

    Casey Cagle has the endorsement of all the state media, he beat Ralph 3-to-1 in fundraising, he has extensive independent expenditures and undeniable momentum in the polls.

  3. Jack S says:

    The reed campaign has turned into the most desperately pathetic campaign I’ve ever witnessed in ga politics.

  4. Silence says:

    I was kicked off the front page for being too volitile, Bill, the same reason they won’t let you on to begin with.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    I think Cagle shot himself in the foot with the negative ads. Reed will win. If you think the Reed people have gone underground then you are crazy. They are out working

    Northside, where did you take math? 3-1 in fundraising? …How do you figure that? Is Cagle puffing up his disclosures again?

  6. jsm says:

    There are 10 housewives from Ralph’s neighborhood in Duluth who were campaigning for him. After talking to the Schwan’s delivery guy, who is very conservative, they’re voting for Cagle and even tattooing his campaign logo on their lower backs!

  7. debbie0040 says:

    Email from a longtime activist. This man has been active for 40 years in the GOP.

    “Very well said, my friend. I will forward your message and say Amen. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a fellow Republican blame so many things on another. It’s almost like the Media’s attack on George Bush. They blame him for everything that has happened since he’s been in office, and some things that happened even before he went in office.

    Ralph Reed had something to do with what happened in the various places he has been accused of causing prostitution, child labor slavery,, etc. etc. etc. about as much as George Bush caused Hurricane Katrina.

    If I had previously had any ideas about voting for Cagle, I would have long abandoned them.”

    Email from another activist in GOP leadership position. I have removed the district he represents.

    This will be lengthy but it’s something I feel I must say.

    Since the first of the year I have witnessed, with what I consider a near obsession by the AJC, attacks on Ralph Reed. Since the first of the year there have been anti-Ralph Reed articles 24/7 by them. These attacks have been made on mere accusations and innuendos. To the best of my knowledge Reed has not been charged with any crime, much less convicted of any. If every charge by a political opponent was to be taken seriously and ethical or criminal charges filed based on those accusations, then President Bush would have been impeached long ago. I even saw the distinguished Congressman from our own 13th District, Rep. David Scott, state “the President broke the law

  8. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle campaign manager implies threat to GOP House candidate because she wrote an email in support of Ralph Reed . She could no longer keep silent.


    I was just forwarded this .

    “GOPMarine” is Brad Alexander!!!!

    Why don’t you expose him.



    On Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:48:25 -0400 Cindye Coates writes:
    Hi Debbie,

    I just got this from Brad Alexander- Communications Director of Casey Cagle.

    This guy has serious issues.

    It will all be over Tuesday.


    [email protected]>
    To: Cindye Coates , Russel Carlson
    Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 17:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Re: true to your word …

    No one’s “bullying” you, Cindye. I’m just disgusted that you said one thing in terms of your involvement in our race and then proceeded to do exactly the opposite, and wanted to let you know. If you want to shill for Ralph, fine, it’s a free country.

    I’m not going to waste my time re-reading the letter you sent, but I have taken the liberty of forwarding it to everyone else you attacked so they can reach their own conclusions as to whether you’re worthy of their trust.

    Best of luck with your race.


    Cindye Coates wrote:

    The letter addressed to “”Fellow Christian Conservatives” reminding them of Ralph Reed’s
    accomplishments, did not “attack” anyone but the liberal media!

    You may want to read the letter again very carefully.

    I am not in the Lt. Gov’s race. Sen. Cagle and Ralph Reed are in the Lt. Gov.’s race.
    I have never spoken ill of Sen. Cagle.

    I would be grateful if you would not bully me as I have been quite kind to Sen. Cagle as you know.
    I did not go public with the offense on July 4th like I could have.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Cindye Coates

    On Sun, 16 Jul 2006 14:01:35 -0700 (PDT) Brad Alexander writes:

    Just got a forward of the email you sent out attacking Casey and the state Senators supporting him. Are you the same person who specifically told me that you were staying out of the LG race?


  9. Michael C says:

    Um Debbie is Cindye responding to her ratting out to Reed about the Cagle Crew putting out signs for the Cobb BBQ. If she was not involved why did she do that?

    The Cagle Crew arrived early on the morning of July 4th to put up Cagle signs. Coates arrived later and saw the sea of red and called the Reed campaign so they could respond. They had not planned to. Not exactly staying out of the race.

    Plus I did not read a single thing that constitutes a threat.

    Typical lies and manipulation from the Reed campaign.

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Cindye has photos taken with a cell phone that shows someone that was with Brian Laurens removing one of her signs.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    The threat was to Cindye’s campaign and is hitting below the belt. That is something expected from Cagle though….

  12. Demonbeck says:

    What threat, he forwarded a letter that she wrote to the people she attacked in said letter. Any problems that resulted from this were entirely her own creation. She is an idiot for giving someone a loaded gun and then shooting at them.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Show me her threats. Put up or shut How did she threaten anyone? The House and Senate members and Cagle campaign had tried to keep her silent. It is clear the Cagle campaign has watched Godfather one too many times…

    Here is her letter:

    Dear Fellow Christian Conservative,

    It is Sunday morning and many of us are getting ready for Church.
    To be honest with you, my heart is burdened with a great sense
    of concern for the Primary Elections this coming Tuesday.

    This may cost me my election to the State House, but at this point,
    I am willing to take that chance. I simply can not stand by and
    watch with a gag order from my fellow candidates.

    I have received 2 e-mails from Cobb County senators endorsing
    Casey Cagle who is a fellow senator none the less. To be quite honest
    with you, my voters in District 37 do not even know these senators.
    They are not connected to “politics”. They are connected to baseball,
    football, and Fox News.

    Ralph and Jo Anne Reed are dear friends of mine. Ralph is reaching
    out to people where they live. He is still in touch with the voters on a
    grassroots level. So many elected officials lose that once they make
    friends at the Capital. That is obvious!

    Ralph Reed is still reaching out to the swing voters and even blue dog
    democrats bringing them into the Republican Party; connecting them
    to conservative family values. To oppose Ralph is to oppose this effort
    and it is very very destructive.

    I can not stand by and let people who do not even know the Reeds slander
    them. I would not let anyone slander you either! So be glad I am your
    friend and I would defend you also even if it cost me. I still believe
    in doing the right thing no matter what anyone thinks.

    Ralph Reed has been “declared guilty by association.” It has been
    painful to watch his name be dragged through the mud of poisonous
    political propaganda. I relate on a much smaller scale as I was slandered
    by the liberal media in 2004 as well ( as soon as they found out I was a
    committed Christian). There is a deep hatred for people who will not
    be neutralized by negativity and conditioned to compromise.

    It was tough but by the grace of God, I made it through and I did
    not lose one true friend over it. It actually caused my family and my
    true friends to bond and draw closer. My campaign is very strong this
    year because we did not let this defeat us or cause us to quit.

    I have prayed about this and I have a peace about doing the right
    thing even if it makes other people reject me. I can not let the liberal
    media and compromising moderate agendas trash the lives of my
    friends whom have worked for decades empowering Christians to
    become politically active.

    We would simply not have a House and Senate majority or a
    Christian Republican Governor had it not been for the diligent

    work of Ralph Reed connecting to the grassroots. We owe him and
    Jo Anne some respect and honor at the very least.

    If you would like to contact me about this , feel free to do so.

    Have a blessed day.


  14. Demonbeck says:


    First off, reread my previous post until you understand it. This Cindye lady sent an email endorsing RR after telling the Cagle Campaign that she was going to stay out of the race. Brad then apparently emailed her to voice his displeasure in her lie to them.

    In her letter endorsing Ralphie, she states publicly her displeasure in the 2 emails she recieved from Cobb County Senators (one can only assume she means Chip Rogers and Judson Hill – I don’t know where John Wiles stands and the other two Cobb County Senators are D’s.) In his response, Brad states that he has taken the liberty of forwarding her public endorsement and equally public displeasure in her Cobb County Senators to the very Cobb County Senators she was displeased with.

    Nowhere do I see a threat in any way any where.

    This is just yet another attempt by you and the Reed campaign to lie and mislead the average Georgia voter.

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Speaking of misleading, let’s look at Coates’ claim about Ralph: Ralph Reed is still reaching out to the swing voters and even blue dog
    democrats bringing them into the Republican Party;

    Oh yeah, Ralph wants Democrats to come over to HIS party where it’s an oasis of character-less politicians.

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