Ralph’s Final Autocall

Here is Ralph’s last autocall. Well, perhaps his last autocall.

I have not gotten one from Casey yet. When I do, I’ll get it up. I assume I’ll be getting one.

By the way, I hear that both Ralph and Casey will be on the ground at the same time today at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport in Macon. That should be fun.


  1. politicalwidow says:

    If I have to hear Ralph’s gameshow host voice say the words Christian Coalition one more time I think I am going to puke.

  2. Bull Moose says:

    He has serious gameshow voice… It doesn’t sound sincere at all…

    And if I have to hear him tout values I’m going to puke… He has no values that aren’t for sale.

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    He’s done a great job of staying on-message…the catchphrases “growing up in the North GA mountains,” “Faith, families, and freedom,” “liberal media and others,” etc, etc, etc are word-for-word what I heard from him every time I saw him speak in the last year. Managed to condense the stump speech into a short phone call, but I still think it hurts that, even in his 30-second bit, he has to address Abramoff (albeit indirectly). He’s had to do that every time he’s spoken that I’ve seen in the last year, including “non-campaign” appearances. That’s never good.

  4. politicalwidow says:

    I think North Georgia Mountains(aka Miami) is second on my puke list, maybe third after values

  5. eem2006 says:

    I think “I ask for your prayers and your votes” is on my puke list.

    I don’t think Ralph wants to know about the prayers I am saying with his name in them….

  6. politicalwidow says:

    At this point, he might take any prayer he can get so keep sending those up EEM2006

  7. mercergirl says:

    They’ve already left- it was at noon today. I was stuck in the office and couldn’t get out, I’m NOT happy about it. 🙁

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