More on Macon Astroturf

Last night we covered an astroturf campaign in Macon. People close to the campaign defended the campaign saying that the expenditure for the sticker promoting the local candidate was paid for by a third party group controlled by the consultant, but not coordinated with the campaign.

That becomes a little more difficult to justify today when the Telegraph’s front page now features a sticker asking for votes for the candidate and paid for by the candidate. While I think you cannot make a “chinese firewall


  1. Andrew says:

    Just wondering how big this would get if they included an endorsement for Stebin’s old seat on city council. Has any of the state wide campaigns commented on the sticker from Sunday.

  2. politicalwidow says:

    I doubt they will do that since the point of this is to simply make it look like Stebin is endorsed by a third party group. The state wides probably do not know about it since it appears this is the only place this has been done, hence the latter point.

  3. mercergirl says:

    Could you put up a pic of this one please? My fiance got to the paper before me today, so I wasn’t able to see it. :p of course that might have been on purpose since he got upset when i told about all of this last night.

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