Just back in the state…

…from Charleston, SC, where, for three blissful days, I didn’t have to hear the names “Reed” or “Cagle” even once. Can you believe there’s a place in the US where they aren’t discussing that race?? šŸ˜‰

All the way out, via 129/441 and I-20, I saw a grand total of eight signs — five Kemp (including two big ones), two Black, and one Taylor. Looks like Northeast GA is getting pretty worked up about Tuesday’s election (not really)….or Dignan and Brian haveĀ been stealing signs this year at a rate that should get them into the Guinness book for sure! šŸ˜‰

In your opinion, was this just an uncharacteristically dead area sign-wise, or is the impending primary election just (gasp!) not as big a deal toĀ “ordinary Georgians” as it is to theĀ diehards hereĀ at PP?Ā 

Ā Also, is anybody else looking forward to no longer having to hear “Reed-Cagle” after Tuesday night? Yeah…thought so.

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