1. Bill Simon says:

    Liberal media is attacking Ralph Reed in reverse now. Instead of printing accurate facts about his past, they have now come to endorsing him in a back-handed slap.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    Most Reed supporters I now are supporting Handel and Black. They are ticked off at the so called senate mafia thing so Kemp and Stephens will pay for it.

    I have family in the Chicamauga area that will not vote for their GOP State Senator because of it. Aunt Jo said she would vote for the devil first.

  3. northside elephant says:


    There are many opinion leaders that are driven by different motivations to endorse candidates. The senators from Cobb: Hill, Wiles and Rogers are close, personal friends with Casey Cagle. Their wives are friends, their families travel together and they spend a great deal of their personal time building the party and supporting our Governor. They have all publicly stated that they will support the nominee 100%.

  4. northside elephant says:

    Leadership is not easy. Our governor, general assembly, congressional delegation and other leaders endorse candidates on a regular basis. It might anger some of Reed’s supporters that Casey has the open support of the establishment but that does not mean that you should call them a “mafia” or try to inspire a “backlash”.

  5. landman says:

    Debbie,you would be hard pressed to find a more popular Senator than Jeff Mullis,so your family is misguided.and ill informed.

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