Invasion at Sugarloaf, revisited

I have spoken with a friend and Sugarloaf resident who witnessed the incident regarding Cagle’s folks, and the picture he painted was very different than the scene described in the letter mailed to Reed by a resident, which Erick posted earlier.

While he did not see any of the supposed antics on the private lawns there, he said that the Cagle trucks drove through the neighborhood “at or below the speed limit” (not “speeding through [the] neighborhood”), and that, when security was summoned, the young men “nodded their heads, spoke politely, and left,” again “not speeding” (and certainly not “continu[ing] to shout obscenities out their truck windows as [Reed’s] children approached the guard gate”).

As several commenters have observed (each of those words is a link to a different comment), the email appears to be scripted in such a way as to be prepared for campaign release, not a personal note — especially the last complete paragraph:

Kristine and I congratulate you on running a clean, issues based campaign. It’s always been clear to us that you are the best suited man to represent our family’s values and conservative beliefs. Unfortunately for our fellow Georgians, Casey Cagle has chosen to pursue a personal, one issue strategy. Taking it to the streets of your neighborhood, on a Sunday, in front of your and my children is inexcusable.

I’m just presenting the first-person account I received from a resident. I don’t live in Sugarloaf, and certainly didn’t witness the events in dispute — the rest is up to you, good readers. 🙂


  1. duluthmom says:

    Since the Sugarloaf Assoc. Manager, Paige Perkins, did not send out an email to all in regards to this supposed event like she does on any other real situations (ie: stop sign vandalism), I believe the latter account was more accurate. I have yet to hear of any neighbor up at arms over this.

  2. BahamaBoy says:

    I’m touched by the sincerity of all this. Judging from all of the hub bub, you’d think the little hooligans set fire to Ralph’s front lawn!

  3. bowersville says:

    The email sent out is garbage from the Reed campaign. For them to go to this length is not smart (dumb). As far as these young people, doing this as a prank, I’d rather see them doing this more than most youthful pranks. What disturbs me most about this incident is the adults being so upset. Get over it, Reed is running for the 2nd highest executive office in Georgia. This one is in the eye of the beholder, be it pro-Reed or pro-Cagle. This prank sounds like something I would have done at 19-20 YOA.

  4. Mike Hassinger says:

    Well, I’ll be… I thought the photos were fishy, but instead it turns out the Reed response was phony. as in trumped up, overblown and out of proportion.

    This will be forgotten by Wednesday…

  5. Bam says:

    Ha ha ha ha. It is hysterical that nobody has mentioned that the guards to Ralph’s insane, guarded, gated community welcomed the youth. Who knows what the truth is, but perhaps they either read GQ or otherwise subscribe to their local paper (none of which have endorsed Ralph). They know (firsthand) the truth?

  6. mattmania says:

    There were witnesses to all the items the original poster described. I too was an innocent bystander trying to get through the traffic mess that late afternoon. The traffic was stopped on the roadway for 20 minutes at least. My family saw and heard the teenagers, my kids now have new vocabulary thanks to them. They were clearly speeding, clearly running on private lawns, and clearly using offensive language to the brave ‘middle-aged’ man who stood his ground against four kids who can only get onto a neighborhood guest list by lying. This was not about people’s money, gated or ungated homes, not even about politics, but the children… Excuse me now while now go to explain to mine what a [email protected]#$in ASS$%&* is. Where are the parents of children on this thread. Are y’all so impressed with the advanced vocabulary skills for your 6,7,8 year olds, or do we need summer school provided by babbling idiots looking from the outside in, and it kills them.. Guys it not about money, we like our community because it keeps you idiots OUT and unable to make any impressions on our kin! The patrol was originally obligated to allow them entrance as they were on a guest list. As soon as the patrol was aware that they came in under false pretences and had been sighted trespassing on yards, speeding, and using foul lanquage, that same patrol escorted them out. The Gwinnet County Sherriff was alerted and prepared to take action. And for the property director not sending an email out.. give us a break. Forgive her, but her last email to the community was regarding a dead deer that had been floating in a pond for three days.. No offense to Paige Perkins, she actually gets the story right, eventually, better than the AJC… Let’s just let Casey and his crowd stay our of our community and we’ll not even care to figure out where he lives. And by all means keep the young children OUT OF IT!! And to the poster of ” Judging from all of the hub bub, you’d think the little hooligans set fire to Ralph’s front lawn! ” boy you really must not have kids if you put Bermuda Grass above Children’s vaues. That was the POINT folks. Was this right to do to children or any parties candidate in their own neighborhood, not to mention all the other kids witnessing and using all new words this week. Put the kids first in any respnse. Then y’all will have something that matters to say! Oh and finally, it was not a Reed camp scripted note. It was a neighbor of mind who stood up for what he believes in (and has a good way with words) Paranoid Cagle supporters perhaps could use someone lke this guy for their next direct mail, speech or commercial. Cause he’ll really need some material describing what he stands for now. Up ’til now all we’ve seen is what he doesn’t stand for. Casey, please stand for Sugarloaf Kids, Duluth Kids, Gwinnett Kids, Georgia Kids of all types. And for God’s sake write a personal note of apology to Jo Anne and Ralph’s kids and tell them that you never meant for or endorsed the trucks.. show us you’ve got an ounce of class.

    Now that’s the rest of the story.

  7. Matt says:

    My name is Matt and I was one of these four “hooligans” in Sugarloaf on Sunday. To set the facts straight, these pictures are legitamate but the entire situation was blown out of proportion. We were let in by a friend of mine and were simply driving through the neighborhood waving and talking to joggers/walkers. This may not have been the smartest choice but I can personally promise that no traffic laws were violated and not a single Ralph Reed Sign was touched. The incident started when we waved at a black Tahoe and recieved a middle finger in return. Then while heading towards the exit this Tahoe swerved in front of my truck, a tall man steps out and yells ” you guys are a bunch of f***ing a** hole’s.” Honestly, at that point our response to the Tahoe’s driver wasn’t in any way appropriate but the man accused us of breaking the law when it was clearly nothing more than a political issue. What do you expect? To the driver of the Tahoe: way to show some class in front of your small son. Great example dad.

  8. mattmania says:

    Oh yeah, the ‘tall man’ was a fifty something out of shape dad from where I sat. (in my car, which is also one of about 50 Black Tahoes in our neihborhood of 900 plus homes)

    I think I’ll trust the eye witness accounts of responsible neighbors over you four dudes looking for a ride, in a neighborhood where you obviously don’t belong and only came to stir up trouble.. why don’t you go back to wherever you come from, check with Casey, see if he has any real issues you can work on and drag your butts through some neighborhoods better suited for your style of behavior. Y’all are not welcome in our neighborhood. Be smart enough to know that regardless of the guest list, you guys are known here and the patrol and residents have your photos.. Move on and try to find something more constructive to do with your young lives. One day you’ll be parents too, maybe then you’ll get it.

  9. duluthmom says:

    Perhaps you missed the part in the thread which stated that the witness to the second version of events was not one of the four youths involved.

    I didn’t witness it myself, but I do support the right of someone to drive through the neighborhood with a Cagle sign on their truck, as long as they were indeed not speeding. And yes, by my screen name it is obvious I do have children.

    From your account, it sounds as if you only saw the tail end of the disturbance, not the actions that led up to it. Is it possible given the fervor for Ralph in Sugarloaf (which was so great that it prevented me from putting a Cagle sign in my own yard) that one of our neighbors might have acted rashly which exacerbated the entire situation?

    I’m not defending the four young men if indeed they swore, but it sounds like the truth of the situation was somewhere in the middle of the first and second version of the events.

    As for Paige, she has sent emails many times in response to potential concerns, like illegal fireworks; so I would have expected a email that reiterated the guest policy if this were indeed as bad of a situation as the letter writer claimed.

    The young man has already admitted it might not have been the wisest choice, but I do commend him for taking an active interest in politics, which is indeed a constructive use of his time. If Cagle is expected to apologize for this event, then I’d expect Ralph to apologize for using the Sugarloaf Directory (which clearly states that it should not be used for solicitation) as a fundraising tool and to apologize for lifting the private email addresses of the Women’s Club members for another fundraiser.

  10. BahamaBoy says:

    mattmania, move along. Your paradise bubble will not be disturbed now . . . until the moving trucks come in to move the Reeds to Virginia, Miami, or next door to a federal prison somewhere in the U.S.

  11. mattmania says:

    no maam, I saw the entire incidwnt, you did not. I allso saw their first pass through speeding shouting. you are surely the typical ‘responsible’ mom who crusies at 45mph with your kids hanging out the sunroof, down the middle of the road. that’s the issue maam, the safety and virtues of our kids. please try to get the point. it’s not about Casey. Got it. and pls slow yourself down too.. one day we’ll see a terrible tradgedy due to wrecklessness. please try let that sink in….

  12. jsm says:

    Why do some people in fancy, gated communities get so upset about the stupidest things? It must be a very frustrating life.

  13. Demonbeck says:

    Hey, the election is over. What’s done is done. Be mad if you want to be mad, but unless this is going to court, the issue is no longer valid.

  14. duluthmom says:

    Demon- I agree; but I must respond to his little tirade about me.

    Where do you get off criticizing my driving habits when you don’t even know who I am? I am certainly not the type of mother you described. FTR, I always obey the 20 mph speed limit and make sure my kids are in seat belts. Perhaps it’s you that needs to slow down and stop jumping to baseless conclusions.

    (You might also slow down and check your posts for both spelling and grammar.)

  15. mattmania says:

    Al- This is not about gated communities and money, you continue to miss the point. it’s about our children. This is not a class issue, it’s a value issue. Gates or no gates. Children don’t need speeders and cursing. Again, try to get it, it’s not about Cagle, not about money, orgates, got it! Sorry for my poor typing, I actually work for a living.. and don’t have much more time for frustrated moms.. have a better day! Keep it slow, keep the kids safe!! Keep our kids away as protected as possible from idiots. Can you at least agree to that? That was the point!

  16. Matt says:

    I go to Duke University on a full scholarship, I am not dumb enough to drive wrecklessly through a neighborhood while representing someone that I am trying to gain votes for. If anyone would like a neutral perspective on the speeding issue, talk to Coach Jim Mora. He probably didn’t even vote. Coach Mora lives in Sugarloaf and knows our dad’s. We actually met with, and talked to him while we were there, and he can atest to the fact that there was no speeding or wreckless driving, as he saw us while jogging on the sidewalk. I know Mattmania would like to believe that we were exiled from Sugarloaf for life but unfortunately for her that is not the case. If you notice the second picture that was posted, I am the guy shaking the security officer’s hand. He simply told me that if we weren’t traveling to or from the persons house who invited us, then we weren’t allowed to drive around anymore. We passed him twice during the hour we spent driving through Sugarloaf and he didn’t have any complaints about our being there.

  17. mattmania says:

    Promise us you’ll steer clear of the Duke LaCrosse team OK? Not convinced they utilize their reasoning skills as well as they could. Try for the debating team, you’ll do great. See you when you graduate, you and I can hook up on the ‘same team’ this time. I pitty our first political challenger! Deal? Oh, and on your way back to school watch the speed limit through South Carolina! They exercise a little more power that a sudvision patrol dude. Go BLUE DEVILS!

  18. bowersville says:

    Mutt, shut up! You arrogant creep! You’re nothing but an arrogant country club, gated communinty, self centered….must I continue you arrogant bas….

  19. mattmania says:

    One focus, no flailing… CHILDREN. sorry if y’all don’t get it, pls reread the thread. It’s about our most important mission in life… CHILDREN. From comment one to last comment… CHILDREN. Good luck to all the candidates in the fall.. especially those who focus on our CHILDREN and alll elements that relate to them… Sorry if that seems ‘girly man’ to some of you, I’m ok with that. My children will always come first and foremost. Let’ hope that Sonny and Casey can raise our state to one who honors children, elevates our national standing n education, and most importnatly ensures that children’s values start at home, in their friends and neighbors, and in their schools. Gates or no gates, millionaires or otherwise.. Guest lsit or permanaent passes.. Let’s give our kids a chance to thrive in a diverse culture.. aand gorw to be repsonsible young men and women. Agree?

  20. bowersville says:

    Matt, I agree. My children have always come first in my life, now my grand children. That is not “girly man!” Let’s unite behind Sonny, I agree!

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