1. jsm says:

    What is the difference between “won’t sell out Georgia ’s values” and “strong and proven commitment to the sanctity of life…an effective voice for our issue”? Nothing really. The GRTL statement is a waste of paper and ink.

  2. debbie0040 says:

    There is more to Georgia’s values than the sanctity of life. It just further erodes Cagle’s credibilty

  3. GAWire says:

    >”””Cagle has run a campaign of lies and twisted facts so why should this suprise anyone?””

    Your candidate is Ralph Reed … ’nuff said!

  4. Michael C says:

    Debbie said

    Cagle has run a campaign of lies and twisted facts so why should this suprise anyone?

    Don’t forget you pledge to support Cagle in the General after his victory tomorrow. Then he will be the greatest thing since sliced bread to you.

  5. debbie0040 says:

    Wait until Reed wins the primary, Jackson. Show me the lies Jackson. Put up or shut up.

    I know since you support Cagle you may not be intelligent enough to understand the definition of lie is so here it is:

    lie2 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (l)
    A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.
    Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

    v. lied, ly·ing, (lng) lies
    v. intr.
    To present false information with the intention of deceiving.
    To convey a false image or impression: Appearances often lie.

    v. tr.
    To cause to be in a specific condition or affect in a specific way by telling falsehoods: You have lied yourself into trouble.

    I will support Cagle only because he is better than the Democrat. I can assure you I will not think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread nor will I retract anything I have said..

  6. shep1975 says:

    Sadie Fields just copied it to the Christian Coalition list:

    17th Jul 2006 14:33

    Please forward.

    GRTL PAC Disavows Cagle’s Radio Spot

    LAWRENCEVILLE, GA — (MARKET WIRE) — July 17, 2006 — Georgia Right to Life PAC disavows the claim made in the recent Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor campaign radio ad. The ad states that, “…Georgia Right to Life endorsed Casey Cagle because they know he won’t sell out Georgia’s values.”

    “Unfortunately this statement goes beyond the criteria that we have established for our endorsement and implies that we agree. This is not the case,” says Daniel Becker, PAC Director for GRTL. “We endorsed both Casey Cagle and Ralph Reed because of their strong and proven commitment to the sanctity of life and feel that either candidate would be an effective voice for our issue.”

    Thank you for Keeping The Faith.
    Sadie Fields

  7. debbie0040 says:

    November? Come on now that is wishful thinking. There is still whining going on about the 1998 race….

  8. shep1975 says:

    no, it’s the 1996 Sec. of State race that there’s still whining about (now I’m sure to get an email from Shafer!)

    1998 Lt. Gov. race was the Mitch disaster.

  9. jackson says:

    I showed you the lies Debbie. I did put up…but you wont shut up.

    You said it, on multiple occasions (5/18 being my most recent observation), that W AND others would be in ads for Ralph IN THE PRIMARY. You lied. Deal with it.

    In addition, here are more of your lies:

    LIE on 5/15: You keep neglecting the fact a complaint is being filed against Cagle this week and he will have to ammend his disclosure.

    LIE on 5/11: The Reed numbers will go up significantly once the ads start running with Reed and Bush and Cheney.

    LIE on 5/1: Reed is winning the fund raising race and will not be a drag on the party.

    In summary, to quote you from 6/19: “You have taken your strategy from the Clinton Administration. “Tell a lie long enough and enough times and people will begin to believe it is true

  10. GOPeach says:

    Bill Simon-

    Sadie Fields is allowed to endorse candidates in a race whom
    share the philospophy of her organization under 501 (c) 3
    laws. My husband is a judge and I know these things.

    Let me enlighten you-

    Georgia Equality endorses:
    Carla Drener and Cathy Woolard and Alicia Morgan

    The NAACP endorses: David Scott, Cynthia McKinney, etc…

    Nobody ever says one thing when the liberal left 501 (c) 3’s
    endorse ” their people”. As soon as a Christian speaks
    up everyone freaks out.

    Bill you seem as nervous a a cat in a room filled with
    rocking chairs every time “Christian” is mentioned.

    Perhaps your idea of “Christian” is a bit distorted.
    Why don’t you get upset when we say Jewish or Hindus???

    I have this Christophobic in my neighborhood who
    actually compares Christianity to Islam. He shows is
    pranoia and ignorance every time he opens his mouth.
    He is completley pitiful.

    I told him…. Every philosophy ( belief) has a political

    Jews have a politiical view. Torah Based
    Muslims have a politocal view: Koran Based
    Christians have a politocal view. Bible Based

    As long as we live in a free country we can say
    we are a Christian Republican or a Christian Libertarian.
    We can say we are Jewish Deomcrat… etc…

    What in the world is wrong with that?????
    We should be able to celebrate our differences and
    learn from each other.

    Your bashing is a bit tired.

  11. Mike Hassinger says:

    For the record, “My husband is a judge and I know these things” is the lamest, limpest, stupidest appeal to authority posted on this site for as long as I have been reading it. It’s an insult to women, to judges and readers/posters on this site. Using it probably means you are a mentally ill with a messiah/victim complex.

    My wife is a mental health professional and I know these things.

  12. Bill Simon says:


    You don’t know WHAT you’re talking about. Christian Coaltion has a non-partisan tax filing. That means it CANNOT make any endorsements in a partisan race of any type.

    Your husband may be a judge, but he is not a judge on IRS tax law. This is what cost the CC their tax status the first time.

    If you want a theocracy, I advise you to move to Iran.

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