1. duluthmom says:

    By identifying her role (for the first time) as “Ms. Fields is chair of the Christian Coalition of Georgia”, isn’t her written support + her affiliation the same kind of violation she fired Johnston for?

  2. Jack S says:

    I thought christian coalitionleadrs couldn’t endorse – they can just follow ralph around everywhere, write letters for ralph,and use the christian coaltion email list to send out ralphs lies.

    Sadie sold herslef and her reputation out for ralph. Its sad and embarrassing for her and her organization. The christian coaltion is officially dead in georgia. Which is a very sad and awful thing. Thanks ralph, all us values voters really appreciate it.

  3. nfire says:

    “I have been fighting for pro-family values for over 15 years in Georgia”

    What a sad sad woman. This lady has ripped apart her own family because of her hatred of gay people. I guess that’s pretty “pro-family”.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    She never mentioned she was head of the CC. Human Events did in the footnote.. She never said to vote for Ralph Reed. She was simply defending a former CC chairman.

    Love to hear you Cagle people whining…

  5. Decaturguy says:

    “I do not appreciate outsiders telling us who we should choose to lead our state.”

    Then I guess she doesn’t think that Rudy Guliaini or Sean Hannity should get involved in Reed’s campaign.

    And, yes, Sadie, you’ve definately been caught in a double standard. You fired Johnson for supporting Cagle and for no other reason.

  6. duluthmom says:

    If you’ve ever been published as a writer in one of these things, you know that the author supplies the footnote about his/her credentials to ensure it is published.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Absolutely true — the author either supplies the brief bio footnote, or it is pulled by the editor from a larger biography, which is also author-supplied. It’s a writer’s credential, and lets the readers know why they should listen to the person, and with whom the person is affiliated, so that they can put the column/article in the proper context.

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