A Ralph Trick

Wanna drive good ol’ boys into the Republican primary and keep the gay voters in the Dem primary? This might do it. Now, I’m not saying this is a Ralph trick. I have one friend (and Cagle supporter) who is so damned impressed with Ralph’s nefarious brilliance, he’s wondering if this could be a Ralph trick. He says with all the talk of having gay voters cross over to vote against Ralph, this bit of controversy would be the perfect ploy to keep them from doing so.

A last-minute political tactic has raised eyebrows in Georgia’s gay political circles and the ire of Jim Martin’s campaign for the Democratic Party nod for lieutenant governor. A “robo-call


  1. atlantaman says:

    I think its hilarious that people are trying to blame Ralph for this. I’ve heard just as many rumors that the gays are going to cross-over and vote for Ralph in the Primary because they think he’s more vulnerable in the General.

    Now as shocking as this may seem: it sounds like an acutal Democrat may have utilized the gays as a divisive issue in that Robo-Call. The Republicans have got bigger things to worry about on the Sunday before Primary night then stirring up the gays in the Dem LG race.

  2. ugadog says:

    I voted for Greg Hecht so I don’t mean this to bash him but to say how smart it is. I heard the Greg Hecht did this but targetted it to blacks and rural white voters so that they would not vote for Martin.

  3. GrandOleDawg says:

    Little bit of a stretch to tag this on Reed, and I’m not sure how effective it would be. Interesting, tho.

    Is it just me, or is PP really quiet for this to be the night before the primary?

  4. debbie0040 says:

    Reed will win this.

    It is utterly asinine to think the Reed campaign would do this. I guess next pople will be questioning whether or not he caused Katrina or something as equally asinine like supporting child prostitution or forced labor.

    Voters will reject Cagle’s negative campaigning. My hubby and I were eating dinner last night at a local restaurant. The television was on and a Cagle attack ad came on. The man at the table next to us mde the statement,” It is pretty bad when a candidate has nothing to offer other than attacks.”

  5. JP says:

    I have no way to know one way or the other, but my gut tells me the Reed campaign was involved.

    Debbie, it’s not about Cagle’s negative campaigning, it’s about Reed’s questionable associates and behavior. Why take the chance? I’m not convinced.

  6. JP says:

    Typo there–my intent was to say I do NOT think Reed was involved in this “support Martin” thing released. Can’t edit my comment. (hint!)

    Still don’t trust Reed.

  7. atlantaman says:

    “I heard the Greg Hecht did this but targetted it to blacks and rural white voters so that they would not vote for Martin.”

    Well if it went to blacks and rural white Dems then the Robo call was definitely done by a Democrat, not Ralph Reed.

  8. Michael C says:

    I guess it is unheard for Ralph do this type of thing. It is not like he put out that John McCaine had an illegitimate Black child in the 2000 South Carolina primary. Oh wait he did do that. Nevermind.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Reed knows that voters are sick of negative campaigning. He would not do that.

    The bottom line is that is all Casey has done is attack, attack and attack. Reed went negative but people don’t blame him because he was just responding to Cagle.

    Reed will win.

  10. Michael C says:

    debbie you remind me of Kevin Bacon in Animal House. “All is well!” “All is well!”.

    Debbie you may be right about the negative campaigning, but you are wrong on who started it. Reed’s first mail piece was an attack. Cagle had 3 before he responded to Ralph’s attacks.

    In regards to timing I think Taylor nailed it last week when most of his negative adds were pulled. If any fault can be placed on the brilliant race the Cagle campaign is running, is they should have gone positive in the last week. Especially since Reed had nothing to throw at Casey of any substance. Its that last taste you leave in the mouths of undecideds that is important.

  11. BahamaBoy says:

    Right On, Michael C. Reed is the one who threw the first negative punch. Fortunately, Cagle’s staff included several former Reed supporters and employees who knew where Reed’s skeletons were and how best to exploit them.

    As the year unfolded, the Abramoff scandals just kept giving, and giving, and giving.

    All Reed could do was go negative and try to muddy the waters to confuse voters “who are tired of negative campaigns.”

    Well, Tired Voters, Ralph Reed is one who helped develop, craft and use those “negative campaigns

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