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This morning, I was informed that I had been given front page posting privileges some time ago, and had not used them.  Why?  Well, I honestly didn’t realize it.  Perhaps I missed the email, or never expected the stockholders of PP would allow it.  In any event, I’m going to use the first post of my blogging career to pose this question:

 What’s the most effective method of GOTV?  We know there’s putting out signs, making phone calls, sending postcards, knocking on doors, burmashave…what’s your preference?


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Personally, I hate GOTV, however, it is an important part of campaign / political life.

    I think that sphere of influence letters, emails, and text messages are effective. As well, I think that a strong sign presence is important.

  2. SouthernConservative says:

    I have to agree with Debbie. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have put sign placement on the list – GOTV should consist almost solely of direct voter contact.

  3. SouthernConservative says:

    I hate GOTV too. I think everyone does, but it really is what can make or break a campaign.

    Bull Moose, good call on text messages and email. Becoming the elements of a new type of GOTV.

  4. larry smith says:

    I don’t know, but I can tell you the most effective form of voter suppression is sending Debbie to knock doors. That is a scientific fact.

  5. Jack S says:

    I hear the cagle campaign actually pays debbie to go door to door for reed. Now that’s genius.

  6. LINDA says:

    The most effective GOTV effort is, in my opinion, when credible and well respected politicians write personal letters to voters asking for their support of a particular candidate. A dear friend of Ralph Reed is never going to criticize Ralph, and will go the extra mile to support him in the Lt. Governor’s election.

    It is up to the critical thinker to think for himself/herself and realize that it is only human for a friend to put their own reputation on the line for a friend, and will always look through rose colored glasses to assess the evidence that is out there.

  7. LINDA says:

    This morning a local minister preached a sermon on why do people give money when the offering plate is passed around. Is it from “being scared not to give,” ask the minister or are you giving from the heart. The minister also ask, “are you giving to get something in return?’ Unfortunately, this is what has resulted from Christians that get invloved in politics. A Chrisitan absolutely must “have a seat at government,” quote from Franklin Graham. But we have Ralph Reed and others that are brokers for values and religion, and this is the slippery slope. When a Christian crosses that line of doing God’s work, and slips into the area of selling himself for consulting work then he is only in it for himself. Christiianity cannot be brokered because then it becomes like the money changers that occupied the Temples in Israel that Jesus destroyed. Christ is not a member of a lobby and Christians should vote against someone that lobbies Christianity. But let me again emphasize, Christians absolutely deserve a place in government.

  8. LINDA says:

    For your best guidance, if you are a Christian the best GOTV effort would be to open your Bible to the New Testament and look for scriptures to lead you to the message of Christ about politicians. If you do this, then you will find the message of whom to vote for in this Lt. Governor’s race, by praying to Jesus to determine who would Christ vote for.

  9. BahamaBoy says:

    Jesus loves BahamaBoy too, GOPeach!

    And Jesus loves Casey Cagle, Little Debbie, Erick, Maurice, Bowerville and all of God’s children here on Peach Pundit.

    I can’t wait for Tuesday to arrive. It almost feels like Christmas!

  10. The Busdriver says:


    God does not make mistakes, but he allows us to make them, as there will many people voting for Ralphie on Tuesday.

  11. duluthmom says:

    I feel so left out.

    I’ve gotten no calls, robo or otherwise, from any candidate (either Dem or Republican) and no other personal contact asking for my vote.

    The only 2 contacts I got this entire primary period were from Reed (email and call) and both were asking for money.

  12. rtwingmom says:

    Jesus must love me b/c I have not received one political flyer, phone call or knock on the door.
    I am truely blessed.
    The move may have helped too.

  13. rtwingmom says:

    I am in Gainesville. The funny thing is, I am helping with Mark Musselwhite’s campaign and I haven’t received any of his stuff either.
    If it weren’t for that, I would have no clue that there is an election going on. Well, all the trashy looking signs give it away.

  14. GOvote says:

    my favorite method of GOTV is going door-to-door and handing everyone a five dollar bill….then i take them to the polls and hand them my cell phone that has a camera on it after they snap off a picture of their ballot filled in with my candidate checked i will give them another crisp bill….works like a champ everytime…

  15. debbie0040 says:

    Reed will win by 10 – 15% and when he does I sure hope you guys don’t disappear from PP.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    I t hink this email from Cindye Coates is a great GOTV tool.

    Dear Fellow Christian Conservative,

    It is Sunday morning and many of us are getting ready for Church.
    To be honest with you, my heart is burdened with a great sense
    of concern for the Primary Elections this coming Tuesday.

    This may cost me my election to the State House, but at this point,
    I am willing to take that chance. I simply can not stand by and
    watch with a gag order from my fellow candidates.

    I have received 2 e-mails from Cobb County senators endorsing
    Casey Cagle who is a fellow senator none the less. To be quite honest
    with you, my voters in District 37 do not even know these senators.
    They are not connected to “politics”. They are connected to baseball,
    football, and Fox News.

    Ralph and Jo Anne Reed are dear friends of mine. Ralph is reaching
    out to people where they live. He is still in touch with the voters on a
    grassroots level. So many elected officials lose that once they make
    friends at the Capital. That is obvious!

    Ralph Reed is still reaching out to the swing voters and even blue dog
    democrats bringing them into the Republican Party; connecting them
    to conservative family values. To oppose Ralph is to oppose this effort
    and it is very very destructive.

    I can not stand by and let people who do not even know the Reeds slander
    them. I would not let anyone slander you either! So be glad I am your
    friend and I would defend you also even if it cost me. I still believe
    in doing the right thing no matter what anyone thinks.

    Ralph Reed has been “declared guilty by association.” It has been
    painful to watch his name be dragged through the mud of poisonous
    political propaganda. I relate on a much smaller scale as I was slandered
    by the liberal media in 2004 as well ( as soon as they found out I was a
    committed Christian). There is a deep hatred for people who will not
    be neutralized by negativity and conditioned to compromise.

    It was tough but by the grace of God, I made it through and I did
    not lose one true friend over it. It actually caused my family and my
    true friends to bond and draw closer. My campaign is very strong this
    year because we did not let this defeat us or cause us to quit.

    I have prayed about this and I have a peace about doing the right
    thing even if it makes other people reject me. I can not let the liberal
    media and compromising moderate agendas trash the lives of my
    friends whom have worked for decades empowering Christians to
    become politically active.

    We would simply not have a House and Senate majority or a
    Christian Republican Governor had it not been for the diligent
    work of Ralph Reed connecting to the grassroots. We owe him and
    Jo Anne some respect and honor at the very least.

    If you would like to contact me about this , feel free to do so.

    Have a blessed day.


    Dr. Cindye Coates
    1557 Hascall Drive
    Marietta, GA. 30064
    Hm. 770.794.4995

  17. GOPMarine says:

    Debbie- aka. Whaffle House Waitress
    Cagle wins by a land slid. Honer and integrity will win the day!!!

  18. GOPMarine says:

    So Cindye – aka. lying Phd.
    Where is this picture of the Cagle camp taking your sign. Nasty little whisper campaigns will not win this one for you. I used to be a supporter of yours in Cobb. Not any more unless I see the proof.
    Also I spoke with the big GOP money guys and they said you had better watch out getting involved in a race when you have yet to win one yourself.

  19. larry smith says:

    OK, that Coates message was seriously creepy in a David Koresh, Jim Jones, I’m the messiah kind of way.

    What cereal box did this nut get her “phd” from?

    And more importantly, what can we do to keep her from ever getting elected to anything?

  20. pathfinder says:

    My two cents. Two GOTV methods I’ve seen in recent years are particularly effective. The first is “smart” and the second is “dumb.”

    “Smart” means you already know through your previous efforts who your core voters are that will likely vote for you. You have learned this over the course of your campaign through telephone canvasing and door to door campaigning. In smaller races for state house or senate or city council, etc., you should have already identified up to 75% of your core voters before the last weekend. Now you need to drive — figuratively and, if necessary, literally — these people to the polls. You do this by calling these core supporters to remind them to vote and then to call on election day and make sure they have. You work these calls up to the last hour that the polls are open.

    “Dumb” is your attempt to still reach the undecideds in your district. This is your last minute mail and robo call activities. The most effective piece I’ve seen does not involve celebrity endorsements. It is having a parsonalized letter from the candidates spouse telling why they support their husband or wife. Sure, it may sound corny but having your spouse say something nice about you in the final hours of the campaign difuses all the negative and tells the voter that the candidate is just one of them deep down.

  21. bowersville says:

    Quick question, one of my friends has to be out of town on Tuesday, can they vote by absentee or early vote at the Probate office on Monday?

  22. Bill Simon says:

    Ralph is not “guilty by association” but “guilty by being guilty” of swindling his fellow Christians into following his “cause of the day” that he was getting paid for when they were not.

    Islamic fundamentalists have nothing on Ralph Reed.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    GopMArine aka Brad Alexander, Reed will win 10 -15 %. Cagle has run a lying, sleazy campaign and voters will see through it. The ad that sealed Cagle’s defeat is one of his own. By the way Brad, the correct spelling is Waffle. I would rather be a Waffle House Waitress than someone working for sleaze like Casey Cagle.

    I see you trying to bully Cindye Coates did not work did it?

  24. debbie0040 says:

    I see Cagle’s Campaign Manager threatening a GOP House Candidate trying to unseat Roy Barnes cousin because she got involved.

    Tell me Brad, why shouldn’t she get involved? The State Senators have .

    The mafia style tactics of the Cagle campaign are no longer working.

  25. Michael C says:

    Debbie, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Reed invented the term “sleeze”. Remember you pledged to support Cagle in the General after he wins on Tuesday. I have some nice crow waiting for you. Debbie go take a look at who verified all of Cagle’s ads. Cheney called the sight in 94′ the most credible independant check.

    And did Coates just call her potential constituents stupid by saying they are not connected? I am in her district and I just may have to skip her tomorrow and in November.

    As for signs Coates is the one who informed the Reed Campaign that the Cagle Crew had showed up in force for the July 4th BBQ in Cobb.

  26. Brian from Ellijay says:

    The night before the Cobb BBQ I was at the fairgrounds helping put out signs. I even offered to, and helped Miss Coates. Including moving Cagle signs so she had better positioning. I had planned to really help her after the 18th.

    But then she called the Reed folks. She let them in on the fact that we were at the park at 2 in the morning and that they needed to get there.

    Miss Coates, I will never help you . In fact, you just made sure that I will now work to see the current Rep. re-elected. Even though he is a D. Thanks for the push.

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