Chicken and Pigs

Johnny Isakson is fond of a saying about Chicken and Pigs.

The saying goes, a chicken, by laying an egg, makes a contribution.  But a pig, a pig is the bacon and makes a committment. 

Looking at this year’s primary campaigns, who are the chicken and pigs of Georgia politics right now? 

I’ll start.  Sen. David Shafer.  He made a full bodied committment with his support for Casey Cagle, Karen Handel, and Brian Kemp.   

Clayton and Erick have made a significant contribution with the creation of Peach Pundit. 


  1. RBR says:

    I second the nomination of Shafer for the Pig Award. Not because of his somewhat portly appearance, but because calls them like he sees them. I was not a fan of his at first, but I have gotten to know him as one of Gwinnett’s senators and I am a fan now. He is pleasant and responsive, and he lets you know exactly how he feels – and he is almost always right!.

    I got his newsletter last week and am voting with him on 5 of his 6 recommendations, not yet sure about the 6th. But I appreciate his forthrightness. I wish we had more like him, especially in Gwinnett. He is definitely committed, and I hope he rises even further to the top!

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Bull, Congrats on sucessfully lobbying the Pundit-eers to allow you to post on the front page again!

    Guess they had to after allowing a brain-dead idiot like SouthernConservative to do so.

  3. landman says:

    David,is one of the most effective legislatures at present,not only does he stay well versed on the issues ,but he is constantly informing his supporters of what’s going on.He has the unquestioned respect of his peers and isnt afraid to call it like it is,good or bad,and that’s a trait that isnt always readily available in Atlanta these days.

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