Some thoughts, Part 1

Most of you know that Erick and I are very good friends. We happen to run a company together, chat by email, IM, or telephone several times a day, and our families get along famously. I’m pretty sure that since 80% of the time I spend with Erick involves politics, I have a good bead on his thoughts.

Erick and I spent the day together yesterday, and as fate would have it his ride to Macon needed some overnight repairs. He crashed at our house last night. This morning he rode with me downtown for some errands. We ate breakfast at the Silver Skillet. We rode around Buckhead, West Paces Ferry, and Dunwoody – chatting about computers, politics and – YES – “THE RACE”.

Friends, to complain that Erick is a shill for Reed is ludicrous. As recently as three days ago he was boycotting the race. As of this morning I still didn’t get a strong sense he’s made a choice. Sure – Erick and I are conservatives, at times partisan. But this race has made people on the ‘right’ especially nervous. (See part two for details).

I know we’re down to brass tacks. Loyalists are geared to foam at the mouth for the 72/48/24 hour GOTV plans. But looking at the shear number of comments – on both sides of this race – that are simply negative… Unreal.

One final thought here – It should go without saying that damn near 100% of the people who read and comment here have already made up their mind about any given race. It stands to reason that, given the short amount of time left before the race, you loyalists should be out there trying to convert the masses, and not attempting to sway the vote of a blogger on a Georgia politics site.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    You make it sound like those of us involved in the primaries are caged animals… Yes, I have been sleeping in my car guarding campaign signs and watching for those damn Reed supporters, but I’m normal.

    Doesn’t everyone wear campaign bumper stickers on there shirts? I thought that was normal!

    In fact today, when at Starbucks, I gave my name as Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor and ordered coffee every half hour so that they’d announce that over the intercom! When going to dinner tonight, I’ve made reservations at every restraunt in town for Karen Handel for Secretary of State. When they announce that, it’s like a free commercial!

    Of course, you know I’m kidding… We political types can be a bit different!!!

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Bull Moose, Kidding???? Are you serious, I thought I was the only one who did that… You should have seen the heads turning at the Texas Longhorn restaurant. The waitress even asked me if I really thought Ralph was as bad as those commercials, absolutely!!!

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