Sign Wars: Part 2

I got my start in politics back in high school working on various campaigns here in Georgia. Name any conservative Republican in the metro Atlanta area in the late ’80s and I probably worked on their campaign. It wasn’t all fun, especially evenings spent stuffing envelopes. But the fun always came when us kids on the campaign went out stealing our opponents signs at night. Quite juvenile of course, but that is what we were. I’m pretty sure that the “adults” on the campaign knew what we were doing but they didn’t want to know any of the details. And we sure as heck weren’t going to give them all the details.

I particularly remember an occasion working on a state campaign up in Roswell with two gentlemen that probably read this blog. One of the guys was actually managing the campaign and the other two of us did a lot of the grunt work. I remember spending all day before the election putting signs up throughout the district. Our friend running the campaign told us to not engage in the normal mischief. And we were fully prepared to follow his orders until we noticed at the end of the day that our opponent’s campaign staff had stolen many of the signs that we had worked all day long to put up. The gloves were off after that.

That night we went out around 3:00AM and proceeded to drive the entire district filling the back of a pickup truck with our opponent’s signs. I’ll never forget the last sign we took down. There was a very large sign up on 2x4s on Holcomb Bridge Rd. on an empty lot. We decided to take it down right before meeting the candidate for breakfast. We parked the truck on a side street and walked through a wooded area behind the sign. We decided that we would push it over together from behind. We actually stepped back a bit and ran towards the sign with our outstretched arms. However…

Unbeknownst to us, there were some fairly large nails sticking out of the back of the sign. And we proceed to throw our hands directly on to them. I’m guessing we woke up some people around there with our shrieks of pain. Of course when we showed up for breakfast with the candidate, we both kept our hands under the table. He was a bit confused about why we didn’t want to eat. When our friend, the campaign manager, found out what had happened, he said we deserved it. And he was right.

So why do I bring up this past youthful indiscretion? Today’s AJC had a rather amusing article about some similar mischief. However, this wasn’t a youthful indiscretion. It appears that a DeKalb County home developer has been caught stealing signs in the Oak Grove area. How dumb does an adult have to be to resort to silly kid antics?


  1. 4ofspades says:

    You should ask on the best bet in the business BFE. At both signs in right of ways, and filling up pick-up trucks with competitors signs.

  2. BB says:

    Speaking of stupid sign thieves, seems the Konop Klan decided it would be clever to replace the Tom Price sign in my dad’s yard with a Konop sign Saturday night. Hey John, I’ll trade you the Konop sign you left for the Price sign you took. Or come back tonight to get the new Price sign and we can get a picture to add to the police report. Is this the only way you can get signs on private property vs. ROW?

    Even better, come to my yard instead of messing around in my dad’s yard demonstrating abject cowardice. Tom Price sign prominently displayed.


    BTW, a GA Gang quote that will not likely make headlines in the Konop camp: Dick Williams, Georgia Gang 7/16 — “If Konop gets 5%, he will have done well”..

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