Push Poll Rumors

I’m hearing rumors that individuals are getting push polled this weekend. They are being asked if they knew that Ralph Reed lobbied on behalf of child prostitution supporters and if the voter realized that Governor Perdue woud lose in November if Ralph Reed were on the ballot.

I’ve gotten several reports of these, but no confirmations. I haven’t gotten a call, but have been promised a copy of the audio from one of those who received the call. We’ll see.

Caveat Emptor.

[UPDATE] He who will go nameless, but who promised the audio has not been forthcoming. So, Caveat Emptor again. I haven’t gotten this call. Have you?


  1. debbie0040 says:

    Cagle’s campaign tactics are backfiring. He is losing support fast. GOP voters are ticked off at Cagle and his dirty campaign.

    The Reed campaign has sent out an email about one mailpiece that did not have the disclosure statement on it. They will be filing an ethics complaint.

  2. landman says:

    Erick,you dont miss a chance to post anything that will make Cagle look bad,be it confirmed or not do you?I guess you have aother headache or a baby in your lap or whatever…You are a joke!!!!!

  3. landman says:

    Debbie,File the damn report and if I were Ralph and Jared the last thing I would be worrying about is trivial issues like this.

  4. The Busdriver says:

    Ralphie’s ethics filing (how funny does that sound??? Ralph . . . ethics) is just silly. The disclaimer is on the piece and they know it.

  5. Jack S says:

    Uhhhh, I’m not seeing where anything said in that call isn’t true.

    Ralph will come with the calls and fliers saying casey has a black baby.

    All cagle has done is tell the truth about reed and the truth hurts bad.

  6. Jack S says:

    Yeah, every mailer I’ve gotten from casey has the paid for stuff on it. Sounds like the reed jerks are getting really desperate.

  7. The Busdriver says:

    When does that Reed commercial with Bush and Cheney start running? I want to be sure to Tivo it. That would be sweet!

  8. Jack S says:

    Debbie is engaged in a little wishful thinking. Backfiring? Baloney. I don’t know a single person voting for reed. Everyone knows now. And everyone is rejecting that fraud – ralph reed.

  9. The Busdriver says:

    I’m the one doing the push calls. I’m calling everyone I know (and lots I don’t) to tell them that Ralph knew about human rights violations on the CNMI and took the money anyway. And yes, the GOP ticket would be far weaker and Sonny would have a much more difficult time running with the ethically-challenged Ralphie as his ticket-mate. So yes, I’m the mastermind behind the truthful phone calls. I’m making the calls. Me.

    My name is the Busdriver, and I approved the truthful details contained in this push call.

  10. GAWire says:

    Good … it wouldn’t be highly contested race otherwise. Also, I don’t want to finish this out thinking there was ANYTHING else that could have been done.

  11. Erick says:

    Yeah Landman, you know, like I do for everyone. Sorry you’re stressed out. I’m just putting the stuff up. Sorry if you don’t like it.

  12. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, the problem is that you’re so biased toward Ralph Reed it is annoying to most people. You have no balance anymore on the front page. You took me off because I was against Reed. Do you mention your bias in the media interviews you’ve been doing?

    Okay, as for Ralph Reed, his defeat will be a victory for all that is morally right and just in this world of politics. It will be a rejection of the politics of personal destruction. It will be a defeat for the politics of religious hypocrisy. Heaven help us should Reed somehow pull it off. The entire GOP team will be toast. People might as well just go ahead and either stop campaigning or start a new party because there is no way to win with the anchor, Ralph Reed, on the team.

  13. Erick says:

    Actually Bull, I took you off the front page because you only showed up to post Cagle press releases, with nothing more — which I had asked you to refrain from doing.

    And as for being “so biased toward Ralph Reed”, go:
    here, and

    Yeah, real bias against Cagle. I tell you what. I guess you got me, Bull.

  14. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I think the push polls are the robo calls. I’ve about had it. They’ve definitely lost their novelty. I’ve had Rudy, Zell, Smoltz, Cecil, Johnston, a Preacher, Ross, Brian, and who knows who else. I tried to call the darn number but it gave some lame message that the call would be repeated. Geez, stop calling me.

    Today’s started at 9:30 with Cecil (I reject negative campaigning), immediately after it hung up there was a call from Kemp, then a call from someone running for something but it started in the middle of the sentence and I never caught who it was from.

    This is the absolute most annoying and I’m willing to bet least productive marketing approach.

  15. Maurice Atkinson says:

    And Cecil, the first ad Ralph put out was slamming Cagle for something bogus. If you recall Casey’s ads talked about his family and political career. Casey’s mail pieces defined his agenda and introduced himself. Ralph’s took shots at Cagle. So, what’s a person to do. In 1998 Clint Day did not respond to Skandalakis (Ralph Reed’s client). In 2006, Ralph will not go unchallenged.

    The facts are documented and the Ralph’s issues won’t go away after July 18th.

  16. bowersville says:

    I know this voting cycle has reached a crescendo of emotions, just has it has in me. But, It’s time to back off Erick. He’s been gracious enough to host this sight and allow us the opportunity to speak out. BTW, Maurice, my wife also got a call from Cox. How did that happen? An old list from 1988?

  17. Maurice Atkinson says:

    bowersville,,,, you mean to tell me you voted Democrat at one point in your life!!!!!!!!!!! Get thee behind me satan!!!!

  18. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, I also asked to be put back on the front page, but you’ve declined. I think as the Board Moderator designee, you have done an excellent job, especially in ensuring that the site stays relevant. It’s good to have diversity.

    I still would like to be back on the front page! No more press releases, all caps…

    Oh, and as for the robo calls, THANK GOD I HAVE A CELL PHONE AND NOT A HOME PHONE.

    Thought, I do think it would be kind of fun if we all bombarded the Reed campaign with calls all day long and annoyed the crap out of them…

  19. bowersville says:

    Maurice, No, but my wife did! Took a long time to convert her. For years we simply canceled votes. Funny how we agree now, used to be like Matlin, Carvel, Yuk!! Don’t want to go back.

  20. larry smith says:

    I heard that Cagle sent a volunteer to leave a big frothy turd on the hood of Ralph’s BMW. It’s just a rumor, though. But you should post it! And send a press release! And make charges of illegal behavior! And file a complaint! Quick! Quick! Now!!!!!

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