Vote for Bob Greer

Who is Bob Greer? He’s running for Ag Commissioner. And he was kind enough to send a video to Peach Pundit on why you should vote for him.

And if you are a candidate for statewide office, you can send your own to us. We’re happy to air it.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, go here.


  1. mr_underhill says:

    Someone needs to find an old copy of the King Rat video and YouTube it. That movie tops any other political vid I’ve ever seen.

  2. GANATIVE says:

    Interesting approach…he’s got a presence and seems passionate. It’s good to see a candidate that’s genuine and honest for a change- that would be something new to this department. He’s got my vote.

  3. DaveMcRoddy says:

    Ok, so we have seen Mr. Greer’s pitch now…where are the other candidates? Why is Mr. Greer the only one on this web site? I saw a recent poll on another web site that had Mr. Greer doing well. What has changed in the last few weeks? I’m not sure I understand what’s going on with this race. One minute it’s Gary Black all the way, then it’s Brian Kemp, now it’s Bob Greer. Is this race still completely up in the air or is it just me?

  4. aggie says:

    With all the nasty politics it is refreshing to see a passionate, real person with knowledge and skill to get a job done—-who is not a pretty face, a lobbyist and can get elected and beat Tommy Irvin in the fall. A family man with ethical values to do the right thing—-not the popular thing.

    As agribusiness is the most important industry in this state —who would you trust your family to? Someone lining his pockets like Gary Black, a developer who destroys farms for a career like Kemp or to a man with the passion to help individuals in all areas of business ??. Shrimp farming, biofuels, food, pest control, gasoline alternatives.

    Our group in our county was not sure who to vote for until Gary Black told us our county did not count and he would not be at the BBQ for the governor. Bob Greer spoke to many of us and people felt the real person —not a politician ———but a man who has integrity. INTEGRITY something all the others could use more of in these races.

    I am sick of nasty ads of one pot calling another black.

    Give us someone real and useful to move our state ahead.


    I really wish we had other choices like Bob in other offices.

  5. Ben says:

    First, let me say that Mr. Greer is a great man, I have met him twice.

    But I just don’t think he stands a chance, you have not seen anything out of him and a home made video on Pundit is not going to help him. He has had his chance at taking down old Tommy and he failed. Him and Mrs. Strickland should have stayed out of the race and give some new faces a chance.

    Sorry Bob, its nothing personal, hope you won’t be too disappointed on Tuesaday night.

  6. GADAWG says:

    If Georgians are smart they will vote for Bob Greer. He is the only candidate with the experience and the only candidate that is truly looking out for the best interest of Georgia consumers and farmers. He is not a politician; he is not using this office as a stepping stone to another political office. He does not have people in his back pocket owing him favors. He just wants to help GA. Republicans were not strong enough in 1998, and the incumbent was still powerful. Things are different this time! Why would you not give Bob Greer a chance to help Georgia?

    He has been working towards this office since before 1998. He is the only candidate that seems interested at all in the pet industry. He sits on a board with the pest control companies, he has practical farming experience (not just showing cows, or living on a horse farm). He is an advocate for the small and black farmers and not just the large corporations with all of the money. He is dedicated to keeping our families and our companion animals safe. He is open to new and improved ideas for everyone.

    Not to mention BOB GREER IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT CAN BEAT TOMMY IRVIN IN NOVEMBER! Tommy will smear Gary through the mud with all of the skeletons he has in his closet, he does not stand a chance. Brian Kemp just has no business in that office, he is too inexperienced and Tommy will make it know.

    When you speak to Mr. Greer you can see the passion he has for this department. He fits the role, He is honest, trustworthy, he is a leader, and he is knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of the department. Bob, you have my vote, and I think you will surprise the hell out of Georgia on Tuesday Night! GO BOB!

  7. UGAMatthew says:

    “The only candidate with the experience…”

    GADAWG, are you serious? Black’s entire career is agrilcultural experience. You can’t say that Greer is the only candidate with experience; that’s naive.

    Greer’s got experience; that’s no question. But don’t discredit Black’s to make your point.

    And to your point about no one but Greer being able to beat Tommy, I offer this: Any candidate(s) that can a make the primary Ag. Comm. race one of the most hotly contested and recognizable races in the state, in some sense matching that of the Lt. Gov. race and outpacing the SOS race, I’d say they have a great shot out at beating a lame duck incumbent who is just trying to add one more term to his record-setting tenure.

  8. GANATIVE says:

    Good Point UGAMatthew on the candidates making this race the hottest this primary season…who saw that coming??

    Black has experience- no question. But I worry that the experience he has will take the dept. in the wrong direction. Meaning that he will only work for big businesses and be influenced by those with the deepest pockets. That is what his career has been based on previously and also seems like the reason for all of his endorsements. The Georgia Agribusiness website still has Gary’s picture on the website under “advocate”…translating easily into “lobbyist”.

  9. GADAWG says:

    Yes, Black has experience….Lobbying for the Agribusiness. If elected, he will continue to do what he has always done, support and lobby the big guys. But, Black’s campaign is really a conflict of interest in this race.

    The point about beating Irvin is that Tommy will crush Black because of what he is and what he does.

    OH, and let’s not forget the fact that Blacks campaign has been lying, cheating and stealing just to get this far.

    Bob Greer has come full circle in the areas that the Dept of Ag is concerned and now it is time for Bob Greer to be its leader!

    I still say GO BOB GREER!

  10. Mike says:

    Bob may be a nice guy and the greatest thing since peanut butter, but he has absolutely, positively no chance in this race. No……not even an itty bitty one. The only thing he will do in this race is force the two real candidates into a runoff and make the winner much less likely to defeat Tommy. If he were truly interested in getting Tommy out of office, he would have pulled out a long time ago.

  11. GADAWG says:

    What does a runoff have to do with beating Tommy Irvin?

    We all know that Tommy needs to go, but voting Black into that office would be Georgia’s worst mistake. Bob Greer is the man for the job, the only candidate that is truly concerned about ALL OF GEORGIA! GO BOB GREER!

  12. Mike says:

    I really hope you were trying to be funny with that question. If not, runoffs cost money and Tommy has lot more of it than our guys. It would behoove us to spend available funds against Tommy, rather than against each other. Poli Sci 101 dismissed.

  13. GADAWG says:

    YES, but we do not want just anyone of these candidates to run against Tommy. Black is no better than he is and probably worse. Bob Greer is the only one that will win in November!

  14. Ben says:

    I have to say I am amazed that some of ya’ll think Greer has a chance. Bob should have sat this one out and let let the big boys play.

    Once again, I hope you Greer supporters won’t be to diappoionted on Tuesday!

  15. foray says:

    Why do ya’ll continue to call Gary a democrat- for god sakes- when the GA GOP needed to assemble farmers for Bush in 2000 they called Gary Black- when it was Sonny in 2002 they called Gary Black- when they needed Agriculture in Georgia behind the President in 2004 they called Gary Black.

    Farmers and the industry are wholehearted in their support for Gary- the same people who put Tommy in office because there was no viable alternative is swinging for Gary now.

    For GADAWG to say that he has been working for this office since 1998- I’d like to ask- why didnt he run in 2002?

  16. docs4GA says:

    Ben it is very nice that you like BOB and he may be the best thing —Indeed he is the one to win and beat Tommy.

    Gary Black is a little weazel, Kemp is a pretty boy, and Strickland unfortunately does not have much chance simply from being unknown.

    Your personal opinion and that of most Georgians is very much the same. Everyone likes him and will vote for him. Lobbyists have money not votes in races like this . Nobody has worked harder than Mr. and Mrs. Greer for this state.

    Anyone who chooses anyone else will be sadly disappointed and the state will be robbed of a man with a plan. NOT a man with his hand out and the other one with fingers crossed behind his back.

    Intellectuals and Farmers know that Mr. Greer is the real deal. I am sure this will be a close race—-even without the money—- Mr. Greer has won the hearts and minds of real voters. When he wins the primary he will win the race in the fall. HE IS A KIND, THOUGHTFUL MAN WITH THE ABILITY TO WIN.

    We are tired of what is there, of a Tommy Irvin and his MINIME–gary black. Kemp is a nice guy but is looking for any state office available—-if it were state dog catcher he would be running. NOPE for the true Georgians votes are only for BOB GREER.


  17. docs4GA says:

    ben your assessment of mr greer is correct

    he is the man to win he is a great guy

    he has more than a chance

    he is going to win

  18. Ben says:


    Yeah, so you need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is nice that Bob has the passion and tenacity to be Ag Commish, and that he has won the hearts of many people. But that does not make him qualifies nor does it mean that people are going to vote for him.

    Yes, I agree money does not win elections but you atleast have to be able to fight and Bob has not had the resources to do that.

    I find it very amusing that you say Bob is the one to beat Tommy, he will eat BobKs lunch.

    I find it pathetic that the only thing you see out of Bob is a home made video on Peach Pundit.

    Come on doc,seriously?

    But that is what makes this country so great you can support whomever you choose in elections, even despite the fact that they are going to loose!

  19. landman says:

    Lets be serious this is a two horse race and it will come to a runoff and Kemp will win.Nothing against Bob but if he pulls more than 10%,I would be shocked.Im thinking it will look like this:

    Black- 42%
    Greer- 9%

    Then comes the runoff and thats where a seasoned Campaigner like Kemp will finish the drill and go and beat Mr. Tommy.

  20. HJ Bailey says:

    Wow. I am glad to see something out of bob other than traveling to events.

    First, Tommy Irvin demolished bob Greer in 1998 due to many things and one was the fact bob had 0 money. Bob got what 30 precent of the vote?

    How does he think he can A get out of a tough primary and B best Irvin when he failed last time.

    I hate to break to the Greer family but you aren’tgoing to win. Bob is a great guy and I like him a lot but the blunt and honest truth is, he is going to lose.

    Answer me this, how does bob plan to get his message to 500,000 GOP primary voters?? Traveling around to meetings will not win an election.

    However, at least bob speaks the truth about Gary Black.

  21. foray says:

    I don’t think Charlie Norwood, Lynn Westmoreland, John Linder, Nathan Deal, Newt Gingrich and Mike Bowers would endorse a liberal democrat special interest lobbyist.

  22. HJ Bailey says:

    Haha. You black staffers amuse to no end. Oh yes, 4 congressman who talk big in their districts and do nothing in Washington. 4 congressmen who are bought and paid for by special interest lobbyist. You know what me and many others think about these congressmen?? That they are blowhards, full of hot air that we are sick of.

    As for Gingrich, who cares, he is a political has been, same for Mike Bowers which is heading the ‘adulteror’s for black’ effort.

    They are meaningless. Gary black is a special interest lobbyist and a liberal democrat.

  23. GANATIVE says:

    Gingrich never formally endorsed Black…

    In fact he denied ever endorsing Black in a release about 3 months back.

  24. foray says:

    My guess is if there was any truth to that we would have seen a lot more of a tirade- Newt would have had his name removed from all mailers and websites.

  25. Ben says:

    First, the endorsements from Congreeman don’t mean anything to me, they need to keep their noses in Washington. They have no clue what is going on down here in Georgia nor do they care. Personally I would like to see all of them go. From the last mailer I got from Kemp it looks like Saxby is endorsing him, I did not see any endorsements on Greer’s mailer— oh wait he has not had a mailer.

    Second, I just looked Greer’s financial disclosure, Bob how is it going to feel having to pay off that 95,000 loan after you lose?? I imagine pretty bad, when I get 60 and getting ready to retire I don’t want that debt. Guess you will have to back to milking cows Bob.

  26. foray says:

    Gary’s mailer had a quote from Saxby . . . about Agriculture I have gotten both and if you look closely the quote Saxby gave for Brian is from June 30, 2006- pretty recent?

  27. Ben says:

    I don’t think a United States Senator is going to give a quote just because a candidate asks for it.

  28. GADAWG says:

    We are trying to elect a true Republican, right?!?!?

    Gary Black publicly admitted voting for John Kerry in the last Presidential Election. That spells D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T-!


  29. GADAWG says:

    The most current internet poll for Ag Commissioner looks like this….

    Greer – 56%
    Black – 25%
    Kemp – 14%
    Strickland – 4%

    I believe Tuesday night will have Bob Greer on top! GO BOB!

    Oh let’s not forget, Bob Greer is also a seasoned campaigner but he has run STATEWIDE before, not just in Athens.

    What does Kemp know about Farming? Has he ever been on a Tractor?

  30. GADAWG says:

    Both Kemp and Black received loans for their campaigns at more than double the amounts. You should be sad for THEM when they have to pay that back after losing to Bob Greer!

    Those mailers are a waste of money anyway….most of them end up in the trash before anyone looks at them . And who watches TV commercials anymore with TIVO around?

    It’s about reaching out and listening to the problems that Georgians are having with the Dept of Ag; it is about meeting, shaking hands with and educating the voters. Farmers and consumers want someone that will listen, someone they can trust to be fair and someone that will do what is best for Georgia, in that office. They are not concerned with how much money the Commisioner will have when he steps in the room.

    Bob Greer has run his campaign the right way; fair, honest and with integrity! His family should be proud of the job he has done so far and of the job he will do for Georgia once elected!


  31. DaveMcRoddy says:

    Hey guys, a couple of things. First of all I will admit that I am new to this website, but certainly not to the political arena. I will also admit that i am very, very surprised at the amount of interest in this race. If we are all being honest, that interest is primarily based in the fact that the political landscape of Georgia has changed and Tommy Irvin is going to be much easier to take down this year. So the “who can beat Tommy” talk is really pointless.

    Secondly, I really don’t know who I will vote for in this race. I will definitely be voting in the primary on Tuesday and I think this is one of those races that is going to make me stop and think when i get to their names.

    Thirdly, “Ben”, you either work for one of the other candidates or you are my daughter’s age (12).

    you said, “when I get 60 and getting ready to retire I don’t want that debt. Guess you will have to back to milking cows Bob.”

    Wow, man, you are not a very good represntative for your client. grow up.

    As for the polls, I have seen the one given by GADAWG and that was what originally sparked me to write in this blog…How can these polls all be so different? I am honestly at the point where I think they are ALL wrong and that this race is seriously up for grabs…especially after reading these blogs.

    Also, one last comment, for those of you that suggest that Mr. Greer should drop out because he can’t win, shame on you. We all win when great candidates compete in the primary. By increasing the debate and adding interesting candidates to an otherwise boring race, you get the kind of attention this race has gotten.

    Very interested to see Tuesday’s results

  32. HJ Bailey says:

    You know I really feel bad for the Greer family. I mean they honestly feel that have a chance in this thing. That an internet poll that 300 people voted in is a accurate reading of 450,000 voters.

    You cannot win by going to little meetings. You did the same last time bob and got demolished.

    There will be a run off with black and Kemp. They can thank you for that bob.

  33. docs4GA says:

    ben ben ben what a sad perspective you have I am sorry Gary chose to hire you —your age, immaturity and ignorance is so blatant

    In these days of terrible war and conflict——-GA needs a real man and a real leader. Bob Greer is the only man to have served his country. He deserves your honor and respect. He is a United States of America Veteran——-if any of the others can show that level of integrity let me know.. YOU would not be free to write your CRAP without the young men and women in the middle east right now and without men like Bob Greer many years ago. I am still proud my father was a veteran . Clearly you have no clue what being an american is about. Perhaps you could take American History 101.

    A man who fights for his country—– will fight for georgians. HONOR

  34. HJ Bailey says:

    I for one appreciate bobs service to our country but being in the military may give you leadership but doesn’t make you the best candidate for ag commissioner. Sorry.

  35. aggie says:

    Doc can’t agree more. Greer has the integrity and knowledge to lead us. THANK GOD SOMEONE LIKE HIM WAS THERE SO WE CAN TODAY BE IN A FREE COUNTRY.


    Indeed who wants endorsements from —adulterous politicians

    This is a job for someone with INTEGRITY

    IRVIN IS NOT THE POWER HE WAS IN 98—BOB WAS RUNNING AGAINST A DEMOCRATIC MACHINE. He is now running in a republican state. Times have changed BEN–while you were in diapers. Let the adults handle voting.

    YOU or anyone get the balls to run against a 38 year incumbent with all his dirty tricks and get any votes much less 1/3 at that time.

    Bob did it when no one else would step up———NOW these other guys want to jump in because they know Tommy is weak and has no support. However, he is still powerful and can pull old tricks.

    A man who steps up against all odds——-is someone you might want to KNOW not just meet. When you KNOW what we KNOW about MR. Greer———-you can speak.

    Otherwise, go to DAVE and Buster’s OMG with GARY

    tacky tacky tacky———-

    NOTICE Tom PRICE is now placing signs where MR>GREER has signs rather than the other way around. There is much support for MR> GREER



  36. Mike says:

    So many delusional people posting on this thread. You guys are excited about Greer winning an internet poll in which Sonny lost? The actual polls show your boy at under 10%. By all means go ahead and feel free to continue in this nutty idea about Greer actually having a chance, but for the good of the party, at least stop disparaging the Black and Kemp.

  37. HJ Bailey says:

    Mike, we are at times at odds but you got it right when you say that the Greer family posters are delusional. This is just absolutely amazing that people can be this crazy. Crazy enough to ever believe bob Greer has a chance to win this primary or Tommy Irvin. He can’t! You can’t best Tommy by just being a republican that supports shrimp farming.

    All bob Greer is accomplishing in this race is driving Kemp and black into a run off. I am sure Irvin appreciates that bob.

    Yall need to look at the facts.

  38. Mike says:

    Thanks Bailey. I’ve said it before, but If your boy wins I’ll certainley support him. Too bad Greer is forcing a runoff. At least Strickland has had the decency to lay low after reading the tea leaves.

  39. GADAWG says:

    You are underestimating Bob Greer, his family, and his campaign! Get ready to support the Greer campaign through November!!


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