Reed’s ad off target…

Ralph Reed has been fact checked.

Reed falsely accuses Cagle of “failure to pay his taxes,” which isn’t so. Reed also accuses him of “unethical banking conflicts” for being both a banker and a state senator working on banking legislation, but that’s common in many state legislatures. Reed also falsely attributes to Cagle a quote – “everybody does it” – which actually came from a newspaper editorial and not Cagle. And Reed’s ads refer snidely to “millionaire Cagle,” even though Reed himself is a multi-millionaire worth more than twice as much as his opponent.

Cagle’s ad accuses Reed of taking millions from Abramoff to help casinos and working with Abramoff to deny legal protections to women and children in garment factories in the Mariana Islands where forced abortions and forced prostitution have been reported, all charges that are well documented. We found only one misstatement in Cagle’s ad, which uses a phony newspaper quote to imply that Reed confirmed acceptance of money from Indian casinos. In fact, Reed still denies that he knew the money he got from Abramoff came from gambling, despite ample evidence to the contrary contained in a recent Senate report.


  1. BahamaBoy says:

    This can’t be true! Debbie says CAGLE is a liar, NOT RALPH. This sounds like something that came out of northeastern liberal institution of higher learning think tank that doesn’t completely understand the nuances of Southern politics as honed and practiced by Ralph Reed. It may look to everyone else like Reed is lying but, trust him, he is not. And he has Debbie to back him up all the way.

  2. Jack S says:

    A us senate report, an independent watch dog group, nearly every paper in the country, the weekly standard, and the christian magazine world all conclude –

    Ralph reed is a habitual liar.

    He lies about everything. He’s a fraud who manipulates christians for money.

    Our people of this great state, good honest republicans will reject this low life hypocrite.

  3. Maurice Atkinson says:

    In case you missed it

    “””””The problem with the Abramoff matter is that it just won’t go away. It’s been bubbling out for two years now, a slow, stinging torture. For a politician, such an embarrassing episode is more easily dealt with in a single shot. Get it all out, mumble something about regret, and move on. But don’t let it linger. Don’t let it metastasize like—what’s Reed’s word?—a cancer.””””

    “””””With each new revelation, Reed evolved his response. Early on, he insisted he never took any tribal money. When e-mails suggested otherwise—Abramoff to Reed on June 5, 2001, for example: Not sure I understand what this bill is all about… Please let me know so I can discuss it with the tribe—he said he never took any gambling money, which was just ridiculous. Finally, near the end of last year, he retreated to pleading idiocy: “Had I known then what I know now, I would not have undertaken that work.

  4. BahamaBoy says:

    Reed hasn’t faced a news camera in six months! He can’t!

    The revelations about his dealings with convicted criminals Abramoff and Scanlon are just more than even the “right hand of God” can handle.

    His minions still believe in the Devine One, but the rest of Georgia says “Enough!”

    Tuesday will be a defining moment for Georgia. I truly believe voters are prepared to vote for real leadership and integrity — Casey Cagle.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    You know, Israel and the entire Middle East are about to be embroiled in a war that is to become World War III and we’re still talking about Ralph Reed. Oil is going to be above $100 a barrel before you know it and we’re still talking about Ralph Reed. We have deeper issues to be concerned about than this sad excuse of a man, Ralph Reed.

    If anytime there is a time for sincere calmness and level heads in government, now is the time. What Ralph Reed and his cronies did was to “USE” faith for their own personal purposes and wealth and now we, the people, are left to deal with the mess leftover. I’m sorry, but the Bush Administration has neglected the tender box that is the Isreael / Palestinian crisis and now it’s escalating quickly out of control.

    Native Americans were cheated by Reed and Abramoff and there must be consequences for their behavior. The people at Enron lost their lifesavings while Ralph Reed was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing but further destroying our natural resources and enriching the mismanaged company, there must be a coming to justice on such misbehavior. Online gambling was allowed to flourish and further act as a cancer to society, and Ralph Reed pocketed millions and charaded the masses in the name of the Lord.

    I don’t know how honest, sincere, God fearing Georgians could in good faith cast a vote for someone like Mr. Reed. It’s beyond my ability to comprehend.

  6. IntheArena says:

    Agreed. And that’s a much better argument than it’s ‘common in many state legislatures’.

  7. BahamaBoy says:

    Debbie says: “Fact check has been wrong time and time again Want me to post those links again?”

    No, Debbie. I want you to cite the specific errors in the FactCheck report that concluded Ralph Reeds TV ads are false and misleading, and that Cagle’s are essentially true and accurate.

    Pretty please?

  8. BahamaBoy says:

    Sunday New York Times
    July 16, 2006
    Link to Disgraced Lobbyist Taints Race


    MARIETTA, Ga., July 13 — It is curious enough to see Ralph Reed, a man who was on the cover of Time magazine at age 33, the man widely credited with galvanizing evangelical Christians into a national political force, putting everything he has into a race for the relatively low-profile job of lieutenant governor of Georgia.

    But it is stranger still to see him losing ground. Because of Mr. Reed’s entanglement in a national lobbying scandal, a political contest that once seemed well within his grasp has turned into a battle for his personal and professional reputation, and it is not clear whether he will survive the Republican primary on Tuesday.

    At a recent rally here in the Atlanta suburbs, where people ate hot dogs and strawberries compliments of the Cobb County Republican Women’s Club, a longtime ally of Mr. Reed’s in a red “Support Our Troops


    Sorry Erick, Casey is not left and what exactly is a “no big deal christian”.Come on your blog and explain it..if you can run that gator to the reporter expound upon it.I’m sure there are 1 or 2 Christians that would want to know. This race is about 1- ACCOUNTABILITY vs AVOIDABILITY 2-CHARACTER VS CONMAN 3-PUBLIC SERVICE vs SELF SERVICE.I’m just curious when you patsies go to chuch DO you all pray to GOD or RALPHIE ????

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