Tip Line – Cox Cancels?

No confirmation yet. Erick’s on the road and I’m slammed otherwise….

Cathy Cox just cancelled her appearence at the WXIA Debate to be taped today at 3pm for airing on Sunday morning.

Update! This absolutely fascinating tip follows:

I’m hearing through the grapevine that Cathy Cox is telling her key supporters she is about to concede, hoping for their support in future races.

Now, I find this incredibly hard to believe – here we are a few days from an election and she pulls out without knowing the outcome? Seems like the best way to keep support in the future would be to actually cross the finish line, albeit not the winner.
Caveat Emptor.


  1. Booray says:

    After the AJC’s endorsement of Taylor, she’s dead and she knows it. The AJC carries stroke with Atlanta liberals who were Cox’s base.

    It would be unusual for her to concede now, but would be a daring stroke that saves her a big chit for down the road. Probably just BS starting by Taylor but not an entirely bad thought if you know you’re going to get killed (and she’s seeing numbers better than we are).

  2. buzzbrockway says:

    It would be absolutely foolish to “concede” just a few days before the election. I would think that would finish off her political career. If she really thinks it’s over, then keep fighting, then when Mark get’s creamed, say “See you should have nominated me.”

    No way this rumor is true.

  3. JRM2016 says:

    Not that I particularly care but this “tip” is definitely from a Taylor supporter. Tell people she is quitting and try to get her voters to stay home. Sound familiar?

  4. emily says:

    The desperation in the Taylor camp grows more extreme. Laughable. Seriously–it made me laugh out loud.

  5. Melb says:

    If Cox pulled out/conceded now, I would be so pis$ed off. I would definitely believe she was working with the Republican party to make Taylor waste all his money so that Perdue would have an easier time in November. Not that I actually think that is going to happen, but she needs to take it like a woman and get beat fair and square this tuesday.

  6. Melb says:

    Also why is she skipping out on the debate, especially a televised one. That is going to make her look bad.

  7. rugby_fan says:

    Didn’t she whine about MT not showing up at a couple of un televised forums?

    1 televised debate does not equal 5 untelevised debates.

  8. Bull Moose says:

    Well, you know, she could pull out, endorse Taylor and start busting her butt to make sure he’s elected and then get his support to run against Saxby in 2 years.

  9. Melb says:

    I like that thought, but she is going to have to work to regain the trust of Democrats in Georgia.

  10. Romegaguy says:

    Desperation, Emily?

    Geez, if anyone is desperate I would think it is the candidate down 13 points and dropping… but that is just me

  11. atlantaman says:

    I don’t know if I buy this theory that Cox is trying to cut a deal with Taylor. She’s got about as much bargaining power as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid did when the Mexican Army had them cornered at the end of the movie.

  12. truerblue says:

    What a crock! I laughed myself silly over the word “concede”. The Taylor camp continues to spin and spin. Also-she did not cancel an appearance today-she never agreed to it to begin with. Speaking of running from appearances-where the heck was the big guy when GaPressAssoc met, what about the GMA. Saw today that Savananah newspaper endorsed Cathy-I guess next you’ll say that newspaper endorsements mean nothing, when they are for Cathy anyway. You people are pathetic, continue to drink the koolaid-maybe you’ll be too hung over to make it to the polls on Wednesday.

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