Army of the Lord

Homeschoolers might just be the group that pulls this election into Ralph Reed’s column. He has used them effectively in the past. All of you who misunderestimate Ralph’s ground game could be eating crow on Wednesday morning. Busdriver is right. Watch out.

For the final days leading up to Tuesday’s primary, Tim Echols has his eye on a particular intersection outside the Mall of Georgia in Buford.
“Our kids will be there every day. We’ll have 20 kids out there every rush hour, every afternoon,


  1. Rusty says:

    I think the Democrats’ strategy is to make all their candidates as unattractive as possible so people like me will cross over to take a chunk out of Reed’s butt.

  2. Jack S says:

    Uhh, having some homeschool kids waving signs for ralph is nice, but where’s the “legions vast”?

    I thought he had a 6000 person grassroots army? You know, the folks who are soooooo committed but wouldn’t show up at the christian coalition event. Or anywhere else for that matter.

    I’ll be impressed when he can do more than bus in teenagers from other states. They’re from missouri and apparently haven’t seen all the truth about ralph in the papers.

  3. larry smith says:

    Two things:

    1) It says Ralph is shelling out 250 bucks per day, per kid. I know political consultants who charge less than that. There’s no way these kids are THAT useful.

    2) Can someone please explain to me how standing on a streetcorner waving a sign is educational?

  4. GabrielSterling says:

    This type of thing is what Ralph is known for. It is one tactic to drive up his turnout. There will be plenty of other plans to drive up his turnout. He’s been doing this for over two decades from his time in CRs.

    The thing is, none of these tactics are a secret and Cagle will be employing his own plans to turnout his vote…as will Handel, Stephens, Black and Kemp.

    They all have committed folks doing everything they can to get people out for their candidate. Reed is not operating in a turnout vacuum by himself.

  5. Smillican says:

    I’ve never posted much, but I can’t let the baseless accusations and obviously bigoted rhetoric on this thread go without responding.

    I work for a state Senator and committee chairman. I’ve been serving the Republican Party in Georgia full time for six years in various capacities, from working under Ralph Reed at the GAGOP to acting as a travel assistant to Senator Zeill Miller. I was, am, and always will proudly be, a home schooled graduate. As such, I’m intimately familiar with Teenpact, Tim Echols, Virginia Galloway, Ken and Mary Jo Patterson, the Georgia Home Educator’s Association, and all of the organizations that contribute to the pulse of homeschooled political activism in this state. And several of you are woefully wrong and misinformed in the statements you make on here.

    First, get your facts right. Ya’ll are spinning this in such a way so as to make it sound like Reed for Lt. Governor is expending $250.00 per study per day in wages/awards/compensation. On the contrary, that money is being expended to provide them with food to eat and a roof over their heads. To imply that these homeschoolers are either blindly offering their help and services without considering, and believing, in their candidate, or to insinuate that their doing it because they’re being compensated is immature, foolish, and patently offensive. Quite to the contrary, I can guarantee you that each of these students, and their families, has carefully considered the candidates in this race, and offer their services and time because they believe in Ralph Reed and what he stands for, not beacuse of third party compulsion or desire for financial gain. To insinuate such is to insult not only our intelligence, but our character. I dare you to do so to our faces, under your real name.

    Virginia Galloway, Busdriver, is dedicated Republican leader in north Metro politics, and has been for years, as have been members of her family. To question her commitment to our conservative principles and our party in this state is also blatantly false.

    I believe that the main thrust of this volunteerism by these young people is a bold statement as they reject the negative campaigning and the deceptive rhetoric of the Cagle campaign, and present their colors for the proven conservative leader in this race.

    Bowers, thanks for at least telling the truth about Debbie and the way she communicates on here.

  6. Chris says:

    Last I checked it is summer vacation and all the non-homeschool kids are probably sitting in front of the TV. The fact that some kids are outside getting some excercise is a good thing.

    I do find it odd that Ralph has to import kids from other states to campaign. Of course Ralph has to import much of his big name support. Zell and Barr and the only two big name endorsements he’s got from GA. Maybe Newt too. I’m too lazy to verify that tho.

  7. Bill Simon says:


    Virginia Galloway, like Sadie Fields, are not working toward the goals of “Republican principles” but towards the goals of making this state/country into a “theocracy.”

    I know Galloway’s tacticts and motives pretty well…I’ve seen them for the past 4 years in action. She believes lying and cheating are things to be ignored in a political campaign.

  8. larry smith says:

    Hey, Seth, when these kids grow up will they get to pick up Cecil’s dry cleaning like you?

  9. The Busdriver says:


    There’s nothing educational about supporting Ralph Reed, unless these kids are auditing a “how not to conduct yourself” civics course.

    I’m not making fun of homeschoolers. I’m merely calling out the still-keepin’-their-eyes-shut-follow-Ralph-off-a-cliff crowd.

    Homeschoolers are some of the sharpest students I’ve ever met. They’re conscientious and they care about the world around them. To the extent that many of them–and their parents–are still buying the Ralph Reed swill, is, in a word, shameful.

  10. larry smith says:

    And where the hell are these kids staying for $250 a day?

    Pair em up and that’s like $500 bucks a night. That’s, what, 4 Seasons level?

  11. The Busdriver says:

    Erick, thiat was a priceless line you wrote. . .

    “He (Ralph) has used them effectively in the past.”

    Truly, “them” could mean anybody. Churches. Christians. Homeschoolers. Republicans. Anti-gambling activists.

  12. BahamaBoy says:

    Smillican, the point is Reedites have to resort to uninitiated, naive, uneducated, and immature children to carry forth the message of Ralph. Of course the same could be said of many of the so-called adults clinging to his sinking candidacy.

    And by “uneducated

  13. Bull Moose says:

    I just could not allow anyone in my family support, vote, waive, walk, talk, or anything for Ralph Reed without showering them with the facts.

    It is honorable that their are youth out there that are so passionate about politics. I tell you, that really resonates with me, and I applaud the leaders of such an effort. However, what I do not find appealing is the likely distortion that these leaders probably offer in regards to defending Ralph in regards to all these allegations.

    I mean, for goodness sake, he’s an alleged money launderer, Native American cheater, non-profit abuser, online gambling advocate, and now, in the latest news piece, we see he has a hint of racism. Those aren’t exactly values I can get my head around and I doubt I’m in the minority.

  14. The Busdriver says:

    And please, spare me the “Virginia Galloway is a great human being, politcal leader, strong Christian, blah blah blah” crap. She’s a vindictive hack who has the unfortunate disposition of being a Reed staffer (at least until Tuesday).

    Ginny sent this around via email the other day–ripping Casey, of course, because Ginny found the Cagle ads so outlandish (read: true) and she just had to throw down.

    “The only reason you have no choice but to trash Ralph is that your client is an empty suit. No education, no accomplishments, no leadership.

  15. memberg says:

    Tim Echols is a nutcase – woe be upon his many children. Does anyone really believe that his daughter’s lawsuit was about her own, self-determined political convictions?

  16. BahamaBoy says:

    “Neverland East?” Now that’s priceless!

    I heard there was a moving compnay over there the other day unloading boxes and wrapping paper. Anyone else able to confirm this?

  17. eem2006 says:

    Teen Pact is creeeeepy.

    And Tim Echols, well, I kind find any nice words to write about that guy….

  18. eem2006 says:

    “I believe that the main thrust of this volunteerism by these young people is a bold statement as they reject the negative campaigning and the deceptive rhetoric of the Cagle campaign, and present their colors for the proven conservative leader in this race.”

    Seth – I bet you $20 this kids didn’t know who they were waving signs for until Timmy picked them up at the airport in his short bus and put t-shirts on them.

  19. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I have no problem with kids providing service. It is an outstanding experience. Casey has been a long sponsor of Teen Pact both financially and physically addressing their audiences.

    While raising my children, I involved them in the political process. It is necessary. In today’s environment most people have no clue how government operates and the necessary entities to make it work. Stumping is only one side of the political coin. Governance and effective leadership involving consensus building and producing an agenda that benefits ALL people is ultimately what needs to happen.

    I’m quite satisfied that our Republican leadership has diligently tried to present an agenda that works for ALL Georgians. Is everything perfect? Not hardly. Is the total agenda everything that conservatives, or liberals for that matter, want? Doubtfully. However, I can say with all certainty that our Republican majority has a whole different paradigm of governance that the former Democrat leadership. It’s good for Georgia.

  20. debbie0040 says:

    Busdriver said, Ginny sent this around via email the other day–ripping Casey, of course, because Ginny found the Cagle ads so outlandish (read: true) and she just had to throw down.

    “The only reason you have no choice but to trash Ralph is that your client is an empty suit. No education, no accomplishments, no leadership.

  21. eem2006 says:

    I heard there is some public high school students that are going to wave signs for Casey….

    Why is this a home school/public school argument?
    It should be about Tim Echols (creep) misleading hundreds of innocent kids for his and RR’s own greedy, power-hungry agenda?

  22. GAWire says:

    Here’s a little early am trivia for everyone:

    Who can tell me the conservative group/wing of voters that is traditionally and statistically known for their strong words during campaigns but rarely turnout to actually vote?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  23. JP says:

    Debbie, I don’t think they’re personally being condemned–for me, it’s their being used by this particular ethics-challenged candidate that riles me up.

  24. The Busdriver says:


    I’m not Joel.

    You’re the IT genius. Doesn’t it seem possible that someone could’ve forwarded around Virginia’s crazy email? And there were a ton of people on that list, so there’s no way for to you know who sent it around.

    Debbie, so far you claim to have unveiled Demonbeck, Bull Moose, and now me. So, Debbie. “Put up or shut up!” Who are we?

  25. buzzbrockway says:


    Calling these kids “Hitler Youth” was a cheaphot. If you had read the entire article you would see that there are plenty of homschool kids helping Cagle as well. As they “Hitler Youth” as well?

  26. Demonbeck says:

    “Debbie, so far you claim to have unveiled Demonbeck, Bull Moose, and now me. So, Debbie. “Put up or shut up!

  27. landman says:

    Look who cares ,Ralph hired the kids,it will have little effect.Erick,once again uses his posting priviliges to prop up a candidate that will never be the Lt.Govrnor of this state.If anyone that knows an inkling about politics thinks that Reed has a shot at beating the Dems if he were to be able to advance past next Tuesday is kiddng theirselves.

    Ralph is to polarizing on to many issues and there is no way Sonny wins with him on the ticket and some of you so called undecideds ie Erick need to put this in your thought process when you go vote.

    The evidence is overwhelming against Ralph in regards to his ethical and moral bearings,this is a fact not conjecture.So,if you enablers have a problem with the facts that the Cagle Team has laid out during this campaign imagine what the Dems have in store for him,unfortunately for the Party however it will be aimed at all Republicans not just toward Ralph.

  28. Bull Moose says:

    Debbie, I don’t care what you do, say, guess, read, hear, or whatever…

    Good will prevail against evil…

  29. Demonbeck says:

    I am surprised my Children of the Corn reference went over all of your heads.

    C’mon, this is a sleazy ploy by a sleazy campaign in an attempt to help out their sleazy candidate. It’s par for the course for them.

  30. larry smith says:

    Where is little Seth hiding? He gets a little heat and crawls back into his shell.

    How much do you wanna bet he’s huddling and shivering in Cecil’s closet with the lights off right about now ….


    Keep hoping Erick… you guys need something to hang onto.You clowns keep talking about RR’s past and you better watchout, the bottom line is though this time he is selling himself and the majority will not buy damaged goods.The kids are doing what thier misguided paents are telling them to do.It’s funny Ralphie has to import them from 10 states.. is Rudy’s, Hannity’s etc… kids in tow.Erick I think you should grab a sign, it may helpyour migrane…how do you like your crow Erick ?? I’ll be having a medium rare filet in Duluth.

  32. BahamaBoy says:

    Today’s story about out-of-state homeschooled kids being bussed in to help the flailing Reed campaign includes this tidbit:

    “Workdays extend from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday is reserved for church and ultimate Frisbee. Rules are strict. In hotel rooms, the TV is disconnected, though the kids are permitted to watch CNN in the lobby.

  33. Smillican says:


    I’m here. We’ve got alot of GOTV stuff going on down here in Middle Ga.

    ‘Sides, is it really going to to me any good to try to discourse on any of this blather on here?

  34. Bill Simon says:

    Bull and Southern Comfort,

    Your blustering on here is used by the Reed folks to send out to their minions to spur them on more.

    You two don’t quite get that diehard-loonies will NEVER believe anythign else that anyone else claims about their god.

    The facts on Ralph are clear for the rest of us, but for the nutcases, they only see it as a challenge to overcome to put their boy up on the throne.

  35. conservativecore says:

    Two things
    1) for bill simon to questions someone’s integrity is a joke. He is the king of only using the convenient truths.

    2)Seth you are not engaging in child labor for the campaign are you? These home schoolers look pretty young

  36. GAWire says:

    No one has answered my question yet. Does anyone know?

    Ok, ok … it is religious conservatives who make up a group/wing of the GOP that are often times some of the most outspoken, loud supporters of pro-religious candidates. HOWEVER, and this is a big “however,” that same group, according to records, is the LEAST likely to show up to actually vote on Election Day.

    Many of these people will yell and scream all day long about how their candidate is the best for the job, because of whatever reasons, and many of them will spend a great deal of time supporting the candidate in church, sign waving, phone calls, etc, etc, etc. But, Election Day comes around, and all of that talk from the pulpit fades, and their turnout numbers are embarrasing. Bottom line: they don’t even turnout to actually vote.

    This is a political phenomenon that has bugged me for years and years. I hate this. I am a Christian and this makes me so mad to hear/see religious conservatives who bring politics to the church to support a candidate and then they don’t even go do their most basic duty, i.e. voting.

    I have worked on campaigns in the past where basically the entire strategy was networking with churches as a means of grassroots mobilization. We spoke in churches. We recruited leaders in the churches. We had preachers talk about our candidate. We did everything we could under the sun. However, I said early on that this might be risky, but our candidate was a Christian Coalition type of guy and assured us that the religious voters would come through. So, I said ok like a good little staffer and did my job.

    Election Day came around and I kid you not, these people were downright flabbergasted that we barely hit double digits and 4th among 4 candidates.

    I said that day that this experience would be one of my most valuable learning experiences (b/c it is always the bad campaigns and bad losses that teach you the most, kids), and one that I would never forget. I was also very depressed that day b/c so many of the people from whom I had heard strong words about our candidate failed to even vote, and made me (and religious conservatives as a whole) look like an idiot in the process.

    We saw this same thing with Reed and the Christian Coalition back in the 90’s. Those guys got so much credit in the GOP revolution, but anyone who was behind the scenes there will tell you that it was good political strategy that tookover control for the GOP and not Ralph Reed’s over-estimated and over-credited mailing lists. We all know the truth about the famed Christian Coalition, and it’s over-credited past.

  37. Demonbeck says:


    I was going to let Batman break this to you , but I guess he is busy right now. That wasn’t really a picture of the homeschoolers, it was a sceneshot from the horror classic “Children of the Corn”

  38. BahamaBoy says:

    Duluthmom, thanks for the link to the FactCheck piece titled “We find Ralph Reed’s TV ads false and misleading, and his opponents mostly on target.”

    Here’s your assignment, Reed children. You must read all six pages of the FactCheck piece and then tell us what you think of Mr. Reed. Extra credit for those who can point out Northern Mariana Islands on a map!

    Gosh, this truly is a campaign that keeps giving, and giving, and giving. Those bags under Ralph’s eyes tell the real story — he’s tired and wants this over. He’s having his last big hoorah and its not going as he’d hoped. His planned trip to the White House is headed over the cliff and there is nothing he can do at this point to stop it. Time to start mixing the Kool-Aid?

  39. duluthmom says:

    Two blogs are NOT impartial sources and therefore cannot be used as “proof”. The only credible resource you provided was the National Review who critiqued fact check on Social Security coverage alone. However the article did say:

    Quote: The non-partisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania was a RELIABLE guide to the issues during the last presidential election, even-handedly finding fault and favor with statements made by both candidates.

    I took the liberty of bolding reliable, just in case you missed it.

  40. Bill Simon says:


    I find this part of the National Review article interesting:

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of public discourse when you have to fact-check But that’s what it’s come to. The non-partisan project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania was a reliable guide to the issues during the last presidential election, even-handedly finding fault and favor with statements made by both candidates.

    So, they got Social Security wrong, BUT they were RELIABLE for the 2004 election.

  41. duluthmom says:

    Of your second set, you provided two more blogs, and the economic policy one. That article took issue with how fact check interpreted economic figures. Find me 10 economists who will ever agree on how to interpret economic data and I’ll buy you that steak dinner.

  42. Bill Simon says:

    Just got an auto-call from John Smoltz…whom I remember as being the leader of the player union trying to get more and more money into their already well-stuffed pockets.

  43. BahamaBoy says:

    OK Debbie. I’ll bite. Here’s what your first link says:

    “The non-partisan project [] of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania was a reliable guide to the issues during the last presidential election, even-handedly finding fault and favor with statements made by both candidates.”

    The writer goes on to find fault with the organization’s analysis of the debate over social security.

    But I still think it got it right about Reed’s ads being false and misleading. Can you point to anything in their analysis that you, DEBBIE, can dispute?

  44. jsm says:

    Cagle’s got a really sharp group of homeschoolers out of Habersham County working for him. They’ve been part of this race from the beginning.

    The only newsworthy part of this story is the fact that these kids were recruited from out-of-state. I would be interested to find out who the in-state homeschool families support.

  45. BahamaBoy says:

    Here’s your second one, Debbie:

    The Economic Policy Institute disputes a analysis on job creation. Well, the Economic Policy Institute is a “Libral” think tank Debbie. What would you expect from the likes of Clinton’s former Labur Secretary, Robery Reich and fiends?

    I’ll get back to you on the third, but I’m sure it won’t refute the actual findings of on Reed. But great Googling, Debbie.

  46. Demonbeck says:

    Last time I checked Habersham county is still part of Georgia.

    Ralph’s homeschoolers still think the real Rome is in Italy.

  47. mr_underhill says:

    With regards to the Homeschoolers, we had them for the last few days and on election day on Herman Cain’s campaign, and while they were great sign wavers and all that, I’m not convinced that a handful of kids waving signs makes that much of a difference in a statewide race.

    The real question is whether the Reed and Cagle campaigns have done voter identification over the course of the campaign and how successful they’ve been. Sign waving helps turn out voters, but not that much – you need to have a lot more than that.

  48. BahamaBoy says:

    Oh, Gosh! Debbie your third one is a blog taking issue with’s analysis on the Swift Boat Veteran attacks on John Kerry’s service medal claims.

    Come-on now. You gotta come up with something better than bloggers to discredit the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Why, I bet they got PhDs up there, jus like Dr. Reed.

    No, the piece they did on the ads used in his race is right on target. Show me specific facts they got wrong and quit trying to kill the messenger —!

  49. northside elephant says:

    GA Wire,

    I read your earlier post, good points. It is a major mistake for the Reed supporters to assume that they have a solid lock on the evangelical community. In my experience with 2 of the biggest churches in the north metro area there is no more support for Reed than Cagle.

    In fact, there is probably less toleration for Reed’s blatant hypocrisy among the more sophisticated and upwardly mobile suburban churches.

  50. jacewalden says:


    I know this is kind of last minute. But can I get in on this steak dinner bet? I’ll bet you a steak dinner that Cagle will beat Reed. You up for it?


  51. BahamaBoy says:

    Where’s Demonbeck? We could sure use a tune about now.

    How about “Blood In The Water” to the tune of “Smoke On The Water?” Are you up for it?

  52. duluthmom says:

    The Economic one is actually amusing because factcheck was supporting the BA claim that the US job situation was improving in 2004, which many on this site would agree with. Ironic huh?

    That economic site never actually proves that factcheck was wrong; it just critiques Fact Check for it’s approach to analyzing data, saying it’s approach is “better”, yeah, better in their opinion.

    Basically they took the BLS data that fact check used and broke it into their own smaller sectors, then applied a methodology they call “job share”. It was a classic difference of opinion based on a different manipulation of data.

  53. Demonbeck says:


    Demonbeck is out of the office today going door-to-door for Senator Casey Cagle, the next Lt. Governor of Georgia, singlehandedly out working Ralph Reed’s “6000” grassroots volunteers.

  54. northside elephant says:

    Demonbeck is Reed’s Army only 6,000? I thought they were cliaming 6.4 million? In addition to Bush and Cheney of course!


    Bill SIMON, sorry buddy but I will not back DOWN and will put bullets in them until they stop wiggling, and then a few more for insurance.You can take the passivist path I believe in smack you in the mouth attack.Let them have a pep rally we’ve outworked AND WILL WIN. DON’T BE AFRAID OF VICTORY!!!

  56. BahamaBoy says:

    You’re in a tailspin, running out of your head
    You’re in a tailspin, running out of your head
    You’re in a tailspin, running out of your head
    You’re in a tailspin, running out of your head

    Wow! Are they on the Cagle Team too?

  57. politicalwidow says:

    I heard Ralph called up Tim Echols and gave him two choices for his kids: Marianas Island or Sign Waving. They picked sign waving…

  58. Jack S says:

    I have nothing against those kids. I think its great they’re engaged.

    I just think tim echols would have them selling crack in midtown if ralph paid him enough.

    And for the record, fetching coffee for a lightweight senator doesn’t qualify this millican kid to opine about anything other than the best coffee sweetener.

  59. eem2006 says:

    It’s not the innocent children that I have a problem with.

    It is tim echols…that guy is CREEEPY.

  60. landman says:

    Jack,I second that motion,but when did Cecil move up from Bantam weight to Lieghtweight? I missed that memo.

  61. northside elephant says:

    Erick E.

    That is the stupidest thing you have ever said. We all know that if an Army of homeschool kids can “pull this election” or any election then Mike Beatty would have been the elected Lt. Governor in 2002!

    I once saw Mike show up with about 40 kids to an event that only had about 7 or 8 attendants! Keep thinking that 100 sign-waving kids matter in a statewide race.

  62. GA. republican says:

    I will have to say that Teenpack will only help the Reed Campaign, I just feel sorry for those little kids. They think they are supporting a man with values. They don’t know any better. The sad part is though Debbie, you have no excuse. You’re old enough to think for yourself and you still let Ralph manipulate you. I’m not asking you to switch to Cagle but do a gut check. Be honest with yourself. Ralph’s not a good person, he just wants to be president at any cost, no matter who he uses or hurts.

  63. larry smith says:

    The downside to that steak bet is that you’d have to have Debbie there when you ate the steak.

    That’s an hour of your life you will never get back … don’t do it!

  64. Bill Simon says:

    Folks, I don’t know if you know it or not, but the minions of Ralph Reed have invaded several county GOP offices and commandeered all resources to use for Ralph Reed.

    Bibb County and Catoosa County GOP HQs are currently engaged in Reed’s GOTV efforts.

    These are the only two I know of, but you can bet there are TONS more. I’ll bet that the Cobb GOP’s folks are engaged in this as well. Hobbs and Debbie and Michael Altman are all supporters of Reed. They’ve spend years messing in financial shenanigans with the county money…I put NOTHING past them.

  65. debbie0040 says:

    GA Republican, No one has manipulated me. I detest weakness and cowardice in elected officials. Cagle has both of those attributes. I don’t want someone that will go along to get along.

    Bill, you are known for your false allegations when it comes to the Cobb GOP. You have made some wild accusations about county money now let’s see you come up with facts and proof.

    Ride by the Cobb GOP HQ and check it out for yourself.

  66. Demonbeck says:

    “I detest weakness and cowardice in elected officials.”

    Even a weakness for the almighty dollar? Clearly Ralph cannot stand up to his own greed.

  67. GA. republican says:


    I can clearly understand you not wanting that in an elected official but I really think you a little off base with how Casey really is. I know Ralph and I know Casey and I can tell you with absolute certain Casey’s the man for the job. You’ll probably bring up the $1,000 contribution to Mark Taylor. Lets break this down. You’re savior Lord Ralph makes lies and allegations that are unbeleavably false about Mark Talor ( I don’t care if he’s a democrat or not, you don’t lie). Mark Taylor sues Ralph and WINS IN THE COURT OF LAW. So now the republicans have lied and broke the law completely because of Lord Ego. I’m not for weak people either but mending fences and doing the right thing isn’t weak. Its about getting legislation passed in the Senate, its not about being a crazy stuborn conservative who have the wool pulled over their eyes. I have not or will not ever support Ralph Reed for anything. I really don’t know how you sleep at night.Even if you win on tuesday what have you won? You will have just hurt the republican party in this great state.

  68. GOPeach says:

    All the Casey Cagle supporters on here with fake
    Republican Screen names are really DEMOCRATS!

    They all rant and rant using DEMOCRAT tones..
    They write with a VENDETTA!

    They are sooooo afraid of RALPH REED!

    Go RALPH!

  69. Demonbeck says:

    You are damn right, I am terrified of what Reed will do to the Republican party if elected.

    He already delayed the Republican takeover in this state by 6 years with a losing campaign – imagine the damage he could do if elected!

  70. BahamaBoy says:

    That was a low blow, GOPeach. Calling me a democrat. In all caps no less, in violation of Erick’s stick no all caps policy.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your rants here because you are one of the few who is actually more clueless than our own Little Debbie. You make her look like a political science professor.

    [I don’t mean to offend any political science professors out there]

  71. GOPeach says:


    You do not have a “republican screem name”, do you???

    Perhaps you should not be so audaciously, contemptuous, imperious, insolent, ans supercilious!

  72. GOPeach says:


    It is glaringly apparent the liberal left agrees with
    your oppionion.

    They are so afraid that desentcy will be status quo
    when Ralph Reed is our nre Lt. Gov. They are so afraid
    that he will bring more influence to Georgia and that
    Georgia will actually prosper and get off the welfare

    Ralph had done much to attrack business to Georgia.
    You should look at his vast client list…

    He could not have survived off of one small account.
    He has lots of people on his payroll.

    He started from nothing and worked his way to
    where he is also.

    That’s why Waffle House, Chick-fil A, and Coke
    all endorse Ralph Reed!!!! These are all
    Georgia based companies Ralph has worked with
    and mamy many more.

  73. Demonbeck says:

    “GOPeach Jul 14th, 2006 at 8:30 pm


    It is glaringly apparent the liberal left agrees with
    your oppionion.

    They are so afraid that desentcy will be status quo
    when Ralph Reed is our nre Lt. Gov. They are so afraid
    that he will bring more influence to Georgia and that
    Georgia will actually prosper and get off the welfare

    Someone’s been nipping at the sherry tonight. Hungry for some Huddle House?

  74. GOPeach says:

    I an very connected to the kids in the Home School Community in Georgia. Please know that there are over
    17,000 familes who home school in Cobb County. They
    are with REED all the way!

    They will carry this election.

    Tim Echols had kids who are seasoned Teen Pact
    leaders fly in and help the young man I know
    who is a very strong Teen Pact veteran and
    very involved with the Cobb GOP.

    Casey has never once gone to bat for the Homeschool
    Community and Ralph has championed their school
    choice causes for over 2 decades!

    Now is a chance for them to give back to Ralph.
    They are very happy to do so.

    Oh FYI –
    The Homeschool kids I am working with on the Reed
    Campaign just graduated this year. They are
    also voting for Ralph!!!

    They have been in Washington and are planning to
    work with Perry McGuire as the new Attorney General
    of Georgia as well as serve in the State House
    and Senate as legislative aids.

    They know what is happening more than you know.

    Hey Demo-

    I tell you what…
    Let’s meet at the Waffle House on Tuesday to Celebrate
    when I get back from Ralph’s Victory Party.

    I will tell you all about it. ( grin )

  75. BahamaBoy says:

    “17,000 familes who home school in Cobb County?”

    Wow! Then explain to me why Reed had to bus in 70 kids from out-of-state and pay them $20 per hour to work 12-hours days to support his flailing campaign? Doesn’t make any sense to me. But then, of course, according to you I am “audaciously, contemptuous, imperious, insolent, ans supercilious!”

    I’ll take that as a complement coming from someone whose logic is so flawed and twisted that she has to resort to name-calling.

  76. ReaganRepublican says:

    Christians are not voting for Ralph, sure their are a few cool-aid drinkers, but the majority of Christian right voters will not vote for that lying deceiver. I know atheists working on his campaign. Also, people like Cecil Staton who have published books caliing Christ a liar.. These things are resounding in true Christians minds. Christians will do the right thing and vote for the true Christian, Casey Cagle…….

  77. Maurice Atkinson says:

    In June I received a call from an acquaintance in DC. The person told me had had been talking with another friend who was close to Reed. He said then, he was disappointed that they were having a hard time getting Georgian homeschoolers out to support Ralph. So what’s an activist to do? Bus em in from another state. And we have the audacity to criticize Jesse Jackson for having rent a protest groups.

  78. Bill Simon says:


    I’m sorry, but I did not know that “names” were “Republican” or “Democrat”. My parents named me back in 1960.

    On a non-moronic note (something you cannot avoid, GOPeach), I got a call today from Eric Zeir for Ralph Reed..

    Yesterday I got a call from John Smoltz.

    Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll get a call from Jerry Falwell.

    Monday, I expect a call from Newt Gingrich talking about how much he admires Ralph for his pro-family values.

  79. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie…”Doris” is “Doris Fowler”…NOT the brightest light in the world, nor the most honest, and has ALWAYS been a Reed supporter, nor matter how crooked he is.


    DEBBIE/GOPEACH and any other patsy on here.Bring guys are about to get educated in the sport of politics…CAGLE ’06 RACING TO THE FINISH LINE!!!

  81. GOPeach says:

    You guys are having a pissing contest. LOL

    Who can be the meanest to Debbie and GOPeach???

    Hummmm let’s see here….. eeney, meany, miney, mo

    Well …. I have good news for you beautiful
    bloggers… I hardly think your insults will
    weaken us or cause us to change our resolve.

    It’s not cool to be a bully. But maybe “being
    cool” is not your goal.

    Oh BahamahBoy –

    The Cobb Home School Families are all over
    the State Campaigning for Ralph. He is not
    lacking support. He is not lacking money.
    The only thing he is lacking is your kindness.
    Oh well.

  82. timechols says:

    Wow, I just read all of the comments about my young people…and how creepy, and short, I am. You guys are really personal here.

    Just to set the record straight:

    All the kids are volunteers except my project leader. Galloway quoted $250 per day, but that was per week. He was sorry for the error.

    This is actually a GOP training project which allows students to do their own project in their state–which is why they flew in at their own expense for the most part to learn how to do GOTV. Ultimatlely, this will help Republicans in Maine, Hawaii, and other democrat strongholds. About half the kids are from GA.

    Fortunately, the article did not disclose the nitty-gritty about our GOTV efforts–which is extremely targeted. The LA Times will though, on Tuesday, in their story which is running nationally. Fox News (National) was with us Friday afternoon as well. Their story will run later in the week.

    I have been friends with Ralph Reed since 1982 and he has been a real advocate of my program. I simply can’t abandon a friend for the reasons many of you scold Ralph about. Loyalty is an important character quality I try to teach students, and I try to model it. I mentioned in the article that Casey was a fine man–though I am not sure many of the folks posting actually turned the page. We have to chose in the primary, and I have the relational equity with Ralph.

    Regardless of Ralph’s association with Jack or even his inadvertant taking of tribal money, I believe that he will deliver on issues I care deeply about. I am not electing a preacher, and in the 35 state capitols I work in, I find very few perfect politicians. These type of campaigns certainly discourage folks from wanting to run for office.

    Many of you that posted were very hard on these fine young people, and I only wish you could interact with them and see how sharp they are. They are certainly not Hitler youth–rather students who care deeply about their country and desire to make a difference. I pray to God they don’t read your posts about themselves here.

    Who knows, you may want them to help on your campaign one day.

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