And you thought Cagle v. Reed was rough?

AJC: John’s Creek opponent run down by SUV

Dale Nesbit, who heads an umbrella group of neighborhoods in a section of Johns Creek, was hit by a car driven by a man she’d caught defacing a political sign in her yard early Friday morning, police said.

Nesbit suffered a broken left wrist and bruises when the man swerved his gold Chevy Suburban toward Nesbit and slammed into her after she’d chased him to his car, Nesbit said.

Nesbit gave police the tag number, and both Fulton and Roswell police arrested John Stone, 39, of Abbottswell Drive in unincorporated north Fulton and charged him with aggravated assault, a felony. A sign in his front yard urged voters to support Johns Creek.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Wow! Dale Nesbit has been in Fulton County GOP politics for awhile. I hope they confiscate this clown’s SUV and make him do some community service.

  2. Headin\' South says:

    Great, some lame brain gets out of control, and now Dale Nesbit, a Roswell resident, is going to try to use this to prevent the Johns Creek citizens from throwing off the chains and shackles of Fulton County government. I really hope this doesn’t impact the referendum.

    … and can we institute capital punishment for stupidity? It sounds like this driver qualiies.

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