They’ve endorsed Karen Handel and Shyam Reddy for the SOS spot. Pity. I may have to vote for Stephens now. Kidding.

On a serious note, does anyone think the AJC or the Macon Telegraph really counts for anything on the endorsement side? I remember in 2004, everybody endorsed by the Macon Telegraph lost their election in the general. I found it rather humorous.


  1. Chris says:

    I think the AJC endorsement does help with conservative leaning centrists. This demographic knows there is a bias to the AJC, and think its a pretty crappy paper, but still consider it one of the best sources for non-national news (There is no Georiga focused Wall Street Journal).

    The problem is that the endorsements aren’t glowing enought of the endorsee nor scathing enough of the opponent to motivate someone to leave work early to get to the polls.

  2. Dawgsrock says:

    There is a thread below that shows some past primary endorsements for the AJC and Macon Telegraph. Their records for picking primary winners isn’t bad.

  3. techtrack says:

    i just read the ajc endorsement in this race. what is very interesting is that one of the two authors of the endorsement is jim wooten.

    we all know what a left wing radical liberal wooten is…

    as far as impact of the endorsement. keep in mind that anyone who is participating in political blogs is an engaged voter. i would suggest that the majority of the people voting tuesday are not that engaged. they will make their mind up at the last minute and look to “third party sources” for information. from that perspective it helps.

    i will concede that people who vote in primaries would tend to be a little more engaged

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