1. duluthmom says:

    I watched most of it. Cox and Taylor were both strong, especially when they discussed their ability to work with a bi-partisan legislature. Taylor continually pushed his work on HOPE throughout the debate and made a humorous comment on attack ads that had the crowd laughing—that Cox had gone after his family so much that his dog was on alert that he’d be the next target.
    Not sure which I’d claim won, since both were very articulate and neither stumbled in the parts I saw.

    Bolton bumbled and stuttered through a lot of the questions although he appeared to have a solid thought process behind all his answers, even if I didn’t always agree.

    McCarley appears to have completely lost all brain cells due to aging. When asked about teaching the Bible in Georgia schools he went off on a bizarre tangent about dissecting caterpillars and other small creatures, substitute teachers and lesson plans, before winding his way to an answer. Half his answers were incoherent.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    By the way, tune-in at 7:00 PM tonight on GPTV for the Rock Em’-Sock Em’ debate between embattled/entrenched, Tom-DeLay-worshipper Tom Price and earned-media-wunderkind-challenger-John Konop!

  3. MountainThinker says:

    I found it provocative that McCarley was the only one who stood up for the homosexual agenda-related issues, while advocating seperation of church and state, made the crowd laugh WITH HIM several times, and was polite and sincere. His punch points against Cathy and Mark seemed well made. If any Democrats that are liberal and proud of it were watching, I bet McCarley snagged their vote. Cathy sniped at Mark throughout the evening, appearing catty at moments, and Mark Taylor actually appeared gentlemanly, if a bit too scripted/talking point focused at times. I believe Mark is the one to beat currently, and I’m betting this race goes into a run-off. Yet more money to be spent!

    And as for Bolton….wow he’s WEIRD. Appreciated his principled views, as poorly as he expressed them, and his knowing and crediting Chip Rogers as a Republican who was doing something right (immigration reform). That showed class and character, despite his over-wraught intellectualism…

  4. BlueDevil2007 says:

    McCarley and Bolton obviously should have been excluded. Bolton both was bumbling the whole time but also has some incredibly eccentric ideas (I think he endorsed abortions as a method of borth control at one point, just the image Dems need to be portraying). McCarley had a better platform but certainly didn’t seem like a serious candidate.

    I think both Cox and Taylor did a decent job. They both seemed very prepared and articulate. Taylor’s response to the gay marriage question seemed more hard-line than Cox. His answer to the Bible in schools question also made it appear that he was the more conservative candidate. I wonder if that is the best strategy considering they are both fighting for the African-American vote right now.

    Overall I don’t think the debate will change the race much, maybe giving a slight boost to Cox.

  5. Mojo says:


    I think Taylor does have the best strategy to gain the African-American vote being that out of all the groups of Democrat voters they are the most likely to be socially conservative.

  6. I liked the line by Cox when asked about how she and Taylor were attacking each other. I don’t remember the exact wording, but she said something like, “I don’t pick fights, but I will fight back when I am attacked.” I thought it made her look strong while still portraying herself as the one being attacked.

    Taylor just seemed too stiff and stuffy to me. I liked some of what he had to say, but he just wasn’t very inspiring.

    Bolton was a fish out of water and more fringe-ly than the others. He was also pretty inarticulate. And McCorley (sp?) was the most entertaining and a straight shooter, but obviously not capable of being our governor.

  7. GP says:

    I only saw a couple of minutes of the debate, but I did meet Bolton in person a few weeks ago. He seemed completely crazy and talked about “shotgun weddings” in the context of gay mairrage for about 5 minutes. His business cards appeared to have been printed from his personal computer.

  8. rugby_fan says:

    Ive met candidates from the three parties and the thing that amazes me is how many Dems honestly think they have a chance and then don’t have a union bug on their stuff.

  9. Melb says:

    Cathy couldn’t beat Perdue, how can you look at her campaign and say that? Taylor is our best shot – period – do reps know that??

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