1. duluthmom says:

    Nice link JP.

    As for the suit:

    To avoid the copy and paste ban, I just want to say I thought Items 53, 65, 84, 99, were pretty relevant as to the underhanded lengths Reed went to in order to get what he wanted.

    Items 121 and 122 counter Reed’s claims that it is a frivolous lawsuit—that he had nothing to do with the state legally shutting down the casino. How can you have nothing to do with something you brag about having initiated?

    And all the emails, which detail their overwhelming greed are sickening.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Oh, nevermind RightWingMom….this isn’t as juicy as I thought it might be…or, maybe I’ve lost a taste for it after reading TONS of e-mails between Ralph Reed and Casino Jack Abramoff.

    BY THE WAY, I just received an auto-call from Ralph Reed himself…he must be losing the public relations war to break into the auto-calls of other people.

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