Okay, Okay, Okay.

Stop it! Just stop it! I have gotten the GQ article. I have gotten it and gotten it and gotten it and gotten it. Stop sending it to me. Please, just stop.

As I’ve said before, the problem Ralph Reed has is that if he does pull it off on Tuesday, he then faces Cagle AND whoever wins the Democratic Primary.

They will not stop until Ralph is crushed. Why? Because were he to win, he becomes one more player on the way to 2010 and the governor’s mansion and then the White House. And if all this crap doesn’t kill him off, what will?

Cockroaches can survive a nuclear war. I’m kind of curious to see if Ralph can survive this election season.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    For you SW GA posters, the above should be translated to:

    “You reckon that Reed boy ‘n’ Keith Richards is kinfolk?”

  2. Demonbeck says:

    I try, since those of us in Southeast Georgia can understand both, we have to translate quite often between the Atlanta Yankee English and the Southern Geechee English.

    I guess that makes us amphibious…or is it bi-lateral?

  3. Chris says:

    Erick, take a breath….. good. breath in…. breath out……

    Ignore those conspiratorial nuts who think that because you don’t post something good/bad about a candidate you are backing the other guy.

    You’re doing a damn good job. Especially knowing what I’m paying you. 🙂

  4. Maurice Atkinson says:

    This is perhaps the most concise synopsis of the problems surrounding Ralph. Much of this only scratches the surface but presents a compelling argument for further investigation.

  5. Southern By Choice says:

    I think Erik is right on because the fact is middle America has much more in common with the Christian Coalition than Moveon.org. This is something Ralph’s and my Hero Ronald Reagan understood! Ralph has a great stump speech and connects one on one with the grassroots. If the plan works 2010 or 14 is perfect for Reed. Of course he has to weather the storm(Zell Miller and Guliani surely help). Others with far worse sins have survived and thrived.

    BTW. I am new here and this is a cool blog!

  6. Bull Moose says:

    Is Erick the only person in this state besides Mrs. Reed and Debbie who still thinks Ralph Greed still has a chance?

    I mean, come on already…

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, is anyone not concerned about Ralph and Abramoff’s racist plans regarding bilking black church leaders? Good night I almost fell off my chair reading about it…

    Great, not only is he an alleged money launderer, now he’s a racist…

    Nominate him as the Republican nominee and watch the GOP go down…

    Whatcha say Debbie?

  8. BahamaBoy says:

    New York Times is up next!

    A reporter and photographer from the famed liberal media outlet were cruising tonight’s Cobb County Republican Women’s meeting and following both Cagle and Reed. After their speeches, Cagle went outside with the reporter for about 10-15 minutes. He came back cheerful and smiling. The reporter next tried to get Reed to talk with her. He took his sweet time walking in the door’s direction, stopping along the way to shake hands and delay the proposed encounter. She exited and Reed followed shortly thereafter. But the reporter returned 2-3 minutes later emptyhanded. Reed must have delined her invitation once outside. Score another one for Reed’s evasiveness.

    How can someone run for the job of Lieutenant Governor at the same time he is running from the press? Do any of these Kool-Aid drinkers have a clue about the hopelessness of their candidate?

    Speaking of Kool-Aid drinkers, our very own Little Debbie was there fawning over Ralph and introducing her friends to him like he was her brother home for the holidays. That explains why she’s been silent tonight. Me too!

  9. BahamaBoy says:

    Oh, I think the New York Times piece will run Friday or, more likely, in the Sunday Edition. I guess I’d better renew my subscription.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    I really want to say that Maurice is a good man and that Ralph owes Maurice an apology.

  11. larry smith says:

    Do you think Jared Thomas will ever get another phone number at a bar after the way he got nailed in that GQ piece?

  12. larry smith says:

    You know, “Tab Tab Cola, what a beautiful treat. Tab, tab cola for beautiful people.”

    Appropriate, I think.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    Now I know who you are Bahama Boy You are tall and have a very short hair cut.

    I have been silent because I have been on the phone with one of the ladies interviewed by the New York Times hatchet girl. The woman’s she interviewed is Doris and Doris said she kept repeating that Ralph had to know where the money came form and aksed very leading questions. Doris told her she had known Ralph since the Pat Robertson days and her support for Ralph was still strong and she did not care about the Abramoff scandal she was sticking by Ralph.

  14. debbie0040 says:

    I was also introducing Karen and Black around too.

    By the way the lady I took to meet Ralph was a Cagle supporter and she wanted to know why I supported Ralph so strongly. She said she had been a strong Cagle supporter but had began to waiver because of the attack ads and because Zell Miller was supporting Ralph. So I took her to meet Ralph. She even had a Cagle sticker on.

    Have you seen the ads being run by David Donelly. Man, Cagle is in cahoots with left wing groups sponsored by George Soros…

    Domain ID: D98309416-LROR
    Created On: 02-Jul-2003 16: 50: 21 UTC
    Last Updated On: 04-Apr-2006 00: 04: 08 UTC
    Expiration Date: 02-Jul-2007 16: 50: 21 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar: Go Daddy Software Inc. (R91-LROR)
    Registrant ID: GODA-018567623
    Registrant Name: Nick Nyhart
    Registrant Organization: Public Campaign — refered to your company by rick
    Registrant Street1: 1320 – 19th Street NW Suite M-1
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City: Washington
    Registrant State/Province: District of Columbia


    Evie46 wrote:

    ——-Original Message——-

    From: David Donnelly, Public Campaign Action Fund
    Date: 05/17/06 15:15:04
    Subject: Hard-Hitting Ad Targets Ralph Reed’s Hypocrisy

    Ralph Reed’s relationship with convicted disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his casino clients made Reed a very rich man. Now he’s running for Lieutenant Governor in Georgia, he doesn’t want anyone to know that he took the gambling money. That’s where we come in.
    On the eve of a major fundraiser, with Rudy Guiliani, for Reed in Atlanta on Thursday, Public Campaign Action Fund’s Campaign Money Watch project is launching a new radio ad to expose the hypocrisy of the real Ralph Reed.
    Help us run this ad in targeted counties in Georgia with a donation today.
    The ad is already running on several radio stations in Georgia with a large percentage of Republican listeners. With your support of $25, $50, $100 or more, we’ll extend this radio ad buy in order to reach more voters.
    Here’s part of the script:
    “Say, what would you think about someone who said ‘gambling is a cancer. It is stealing food from the mouths of children,’ and then turned around and took a $4 million job from casinos?
    “That’s what Ralph Reed did. And that’s not all. Working with convicted Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed used Christian groups as a front for his paying casino clients. That’s right, Ralph Reed hit the jackpot doing dirty work for casinos.
    “Whatever happened to practicing what you preach?”
    Listen to the full ad here.
    Recent polling shows the Reed is viewed unfavorably by 45% of Georgia’s Republican voters, but he is still leading his GOP primary opponent by six points. It is critical that voters hear the truth about Ralph Reed before he spends his millions glossing over his image and sweeping his corruption and hypocrisy under the rug.
    Please contribute what you can to making sure Georgia’s voters know about the real Ralph Reed. After that, please spread the word by forwarding this email to others.
    Thanks so much for all you do,
    David Donnelly
    Director, PCAF’s Campaign Money Watch
    P.S. Some people prefer to send contributions through the mail. Please send checks to Campaign Money Watch, 1320 19th Street, NW, Suite M-1, Washington, DC 20036. Contributions are not tax deductible. For contributions of $200 or more, please include employer and occupation information. We do not receive contributions from corporations or unions. Thanks!
    P.P.S. Mac users may have trouble accessing the links in this email. Please cut and paste these links directly into your browser window. To listen to the radio ad, visit: http://ga3.org/ct/J12WLwd1sm6v/. To keep this ad on the air, visit: http://ga3.org/ct/Jd2WLwd1sm65/


    Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

    If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for Public Campaign Action Fund.

  15. landman says:


    Whats the deal with your so called ban on cut and paste,every other post from crazy Debbie is nothing more than cut and paste crap straight from the Reed Team.

    Are you guys censoring what opinion you dont allow,based on your personal opinion or what,its annoying as hell!!!!
    Its all the crazy woman does.

  16. Maurice Atkinson says:

    From a human perspective, this is a sad, outrageous, annoying and irritating story that will not go away. The tentacles are too broad. Contrary to those who excuse him, it must be dealt with. The questions have to be asked and answers sought.

    In problem solving you have to expose the problem to correct it. Those who want to exonerate him only perpetuate the culture of corruption that is pervasive in the political arena.

  17. JP says:

    Throwing Soros’ name in, and the Times..its’ getting desperate!

    Reed needs to be squashed–I wrote today that Georgia should send him back to go “humping in corporate accounts” again rather than electing him to hump the electorate.

  18. Bull Moose says:

    Maurice — It will be a travesty beyone words if Ralph Reed somehow is victorious. However, I think that the side of what is good and just in this world will prevail and Casey Cagle will be victorious on Tuesday.

    Folks like you and I have been working hard and I think we will be well rewarded by the voters on Tuesday.

    I hope from there that we can begin to demand more authenticity from politicians. One thing about Casey, he is very sincere and authentic in his respect and appreciation of the importance of the position of Lt. Governor and the difference he’ll be able to make in the lives of Georgians.

    Victory will be on the side of what is right and just on Tuesday.

    I just hope that Ralph Reed will do the right thing and support Casey after the primary.

    Oh, and Debbie, you really have lost all credibility at least on here. And now that you’ve gone so far to continue to support Ralph, you’ll likely lose any influence you had in your own local party.

  19. debbie0040 says:

    Landman that was NOT from the Reed campaign. I checked that out when that email first surfaced in May. I went to samspade.org to see who owned the domain name that email address belonged to. That email that was included was the email from David Donelly that was sent.

    Anything else?

    Bullmoose, you don’t have and never had any credibility as far as I was concerned. You have an obvious grudge against Ralph. What are you going to do when Reed wins?

    I can assure you I still have credibility.

    Southern comfort, you are the one that is intellectually challenged,,


    DEBBIE, I don’t mean to be so forward, but listen to yourself. It’s really sad….

  21. BahamaBoy says:

    Good morning, folks. Another day in the trading pits — political jabs, that is.

    No New York Times report yet. I bet they’re waiting to run it in the Sunday Edition to reach more readers. Oh, I can hear Little Debbie squalk now: “Liberal media, Liberal media.” Truth is, is the Times somehow did endorse Reed he would shout it from the rooftops and proudly own it. It will probably paint a picture of the Reed-Cagle slugfest that looks like a WWF title bout, complete with all sorts of Southern references. Watch for some jibe about the bugler who missed more than a few notes playing the National Anthem last night. New Yorkers will eat it up.

    The GQ article is better copy because the reporter worked on it for four months and it includes nearly everything ever dug up from Reed’s sordid past. (I wish they could have included a photo of Reed’s gator boots for the Style Section.) The article is simply a “must read” item for the Georgia political sophisticate. (Debbie, it will soon be out on tape.)

    Tip of the Day is Churches. Word has it that the big lie will be distributed to churches Sunday by desperate Reed supporters looking to sink Cagle any way they can. The tactic has worked for Reed in the past and, frankly, there is little else left in his dwindling arsenal. Vigilence is the only thing that will stop them in their tracks.

  22. Bull Moose says:

    If I found out my church started touting the Reed gospel, I’d stand up in the middle of it and call them all hypocrites and then start reading the GQ article at this point.

    Debbie, I don’t have to worry about Reed winning, cause that’s just not going to happen.

  23. debbie0040 says:

    Bahama boy, i do agree with you one point about the New York Times article when it runs. It will not paint southerners or conservatives in a favorable light.

  24. northside elephant says:

    Ralph’s supporters keep complaining about the “liberal media” apparently they don’t read much of the WSJ, World, National Review, Washington Post or TNR…

    The fact is the media smells blood in the water. Nothing pisses them off more than a liar, be it Bill Clinton or Ralph Reed. They will hound Ralph Reed until the full truth is revealed about lobbying for Mariannas and forced labor, working for Casinos, working for Abramoff, fighting immigration reform.

    If Ralph were nominated his troubles would only double. Running from the press won’t solve anything for him.

  25. BahamaBoy says:

    What’s this? Debbie says “Bahama boy, i do agree with you one point about the New York Times article when it runs. It will not paint southerners or conservatives in a favorable light.”

    You made my day. See, we do agree every once in a while.

    Now get back to work and dig me up some facts that are mis-stated in the FactCheck.org piece.

  26. northside elephant says:

    Why is Ralph so afraid of the NYT? So what if it is liberal?

    Ralph lets himself get pushed around by some fresh-faced Columbia grad that came down to ask him some tough questions. Is that Ralph’s idea of conservative leadership?

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