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I’m hearing that the only part of the state that is showing really higher than expected turnout levels is the Macon metro area — Bibb, Houston, Peach, and Crawford — where there are a lot of local races that are heavily contested.

In fact, I’m hearing that the metro Atlanta area is right now at a turnout level below even the low turnout projections.

You all disagree, but I think that benefits Ralph Reed, given his ground operation, which sources are telling me is in full swing and functioning as designed — yeah the sources are biased, but they’ve been accurate for as long as they’ve been talking to me.

And, can I say that I think it is somewhat sad that anyone is benefited by a low turnout.


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    “You all disagree, but I think that benefits Ralph Reed…”

    I don’t disagree -I predicted exactly this as Reed’s strategy, and have been saying “I told you so” every chance I get.

    What do I have to do, type it in all caps?

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t mind a low turnout. It just means that the people who care the most will determine the outcome.

  3. rugby_fan says:

    im just curious, why do people think MT would be easier for SP? Nothing, NOTHING, suggests that. No polls say that, none of MT’s history says that, so where do people get that idea?

    Just curious, not picking sides…

  4. Erick says:

    Rugby_fan, I thought Cox would be better against Perdue, but in the past few months came to the conclusion that Taylor would be tougher — if only because he’s a better fighter.

  5. Mike Hassinger says:

    Rugby, the thinking was (before Cathy Cox imploded) that Sonny’s support was weak among women voters, and that a Cox-Perdue match would give that advantage to Cox. I thought that way, but after watching Taylor squashing Cox like a bug for the last 6 weeks, I’m not so sure.

    I think R voters will outnumber D voters in November, and MT won’t play well among the suburban and ex-urban areas. He’ll make a good show, and he’ll land some cheap shots on Sonny, but he won’t be able to stitch black voters, hardcore yellow-dog rural dems, women, enviros, and labor all together.

    Just my thoughts…

  6. Nativeson says:

    Bottom line is that nobody outside of us political nuts who live and breathe the stuff gives one hoot in a whirlwind about this year’s elections. This is especially true of the downstate Dems. They don’t care at all.

  7. GOPeach says:

    Debbie is quiet.

    I will be quiet also after this post.
    This is when it all get’s interesting.

    Casey throws his best slanderous punch.
    Reed dodges it like a good fighting

    Then there it is the sweep!

    Ralph Reed is used to the BIG LEAGUES!
    He knows how to get Reagan and Bush elected.
    What would make you think he will be defeated
    by a State Senator who has ran his entire
    campaign on slander and negative campaigning???

    Casey is about to learn a hard lesson.

  8. LINDA says:

    If anything low voter turnout will favor Cagle more than it will Reed because of those that will turn out to vote for McBerry will outnumber the GOP elite that vote. McBerry votes will of course also go for Cagle. The Republicans that vote in the Democrat Primary are going to help Cagle, too. Of course this is my opinion, and everyone knows what they say about opinions.

  9. LINDA says:


    Ralph Reed had zilch to do with Reagan getting elected. I voted for Reagan, and I never heard of Ralph Reed until 2004! Reagan had charisma, name recognition and celebrity status! And what got Bush elected was scandals that Clinton got involved in, nothing more and nothing less. Well then again, did Ralph plant Monica in the White House? Hum….I never thought of that, maybe there is a Ralph Reed connection with Clinton. Cagle 2006!

  10. caroline says:

    think R voters will outnumber D voters in November, and MT won’t play well among the suburban and ex-urban areas.

    Don’t know about this. Not scientific here but most of the Republicans that I know don’t care about Sonny. They don’t really seem interested or motivated with regards to Nov. Of course, if Ralph Reed wins the Lt Gov. primary, that makes things a lot more interesting.

    I would think that McBerry voters would be voting for Reed. If they are ticked off enough at Sonny to vote for McBerry then I would think they could get another shot at him by voting for Reed.


    “LOW TURNOUT HELPS RALPH REED” hogwash this is the last wish and prayer you weaklings are grasping onto.Cagle’s grass roots are stronger and will turnout the numbers in the polls. You guys kill me what will it be on Wedesday … oh it rained and we could not get to the polls. As far as getting BUSH and REAGAN elected i will use a similar quote from a few years ago “I’VE MET YOU AND I’VE MET RONALD REAGAN AND YOU ARE NO RONALD REAGAN”, and by the way I’m Irish, please do not use REED and IRISH in the same analogy.

  12. GAWire says:

    I love it … every cycle I hear a group of CR’s (sorry, Jeff) and campaign volunteers talk about how this time turnout is going to be higher than usual.

    “It’s a presidential election year” … “It’s a highly contested race” … “People are really concerned about this race”

    Blah blah blah blah blah! Newsflash folks: Turnout is always going to be low, no matter what. That’s the key component that makes political strategy so important, i.e. who can turnout the MOST people, rather than who can beat who amongst high turnout.

    The fact is we are a very small minority of people that actually give a crap about politics, voting, etc. Most people don’t even remember its election day, and the majority of the ones that do, look at it as a hinderence and maybe they will get around to it between heading home from work, picking the kids up, and dinner.

    Now, everyone take that surprised look off of your faces and remember this about politics: turnout will always be low, and there isn’t an early voting strategy, big time race/candidate, or important issue that is going to change that fact anytime soon!

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Unless Ralph Reed promises everyone a $25 chip from a casino if they show him their “I Voted” sticker”…

    Of course, now that I think about it, wasn’t Ralph working for the promotion of Puerto Rico as a state? AND, doesn’t Puerto Rico have SEVERAL casinos?

    I wonder if any Indian tribes are connected to those casinos in Puerto Rico…?

  14. atlantaman says:

    Don’t forget, Bush had to win a Primary before he had the opportunity to run against Gore (whether you believe Bush beat Gore because of Clinton or not)

  15. debbie0040 says:

    I am glad you miss me when I don’t post on here but I have been in other threads on this site. 🙂 I was at the GOTV rally in Cobb yesterday and saw Bahama Boy but did not know it was him until after he posted last night.

    The Cobb GOP Breakfast should be interesting in the morning. They have both Bill Stephens and Karen Handel speaking. 8:30 am at Piccadilly Cafeteria, Town Center Mall in Kennesaw.

    If you think I have been quite then you can believe it is the calm before the storm if you want to.

  16. BahamaBoy says:

    So Debbie, why didn’t your man Reed speak with the New York Times reporter? Or any reporter for the past six months, for that matter?

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