More fireworks in Gwinnett

Rep. Clay Cox threatened to sue his rival Woody Woodruff, for House 102:

In his direct mail piece, Woodruff accuses Cox of illegally collecting $178,434 in taxpayer funds through the company he runs and of pushing legislation to eliminate criminal charges against court clerks who fail to collect surcharges on fines from defendants.

The flier also accuses Cox of using taxpayer money to pay for an Atlanta City Court Christmas party but doesn’t explain how the GOP state representative attempted to protect his company from criminal charges.

Cox is CEO of Probation Professional Services, Inc., a private company that contracts with local governments to manage their court probation programs. In 1997, Cox sold the company to Universal Health Services Inc., which, he said, also is contemplating a suit against Woodruff.

Cox said the $178,434 were warrant fees the City Court of Atlanta ordered his company to collect for future exclusive use by the court, some of which the court decided to spend on a Christmas party.

“It’s the court’s money. We can’t remit it; we can’t make interest on it. We can only remit it to the court as directed by the court,” Cox said.

In the letter from Cox’s lawyer, the incumbent GOP legislator said he is demanding that Woodruff publicly retract the letter and send voters another mailer acknowledging that his accusations were false.

Cox called the flier an “absolute, total lie, and this time it’s going to cost him.”

Another interesting race involves two Democrats (In Gwinnett? imagine that!). Rep. Pedro Marin and political newcomer, Torry Lewis are going head to head for House 96. The AJC reports this:

Democrat Torry Lewis criticized his opponent, incumbent state Rep. Pedro Marin (D-Duluth), who also was not present (at last night’s Gwinnett Chamber Forum), for failing to advocate meaningful anti-gang legislation.

Lewis has also taken Marin to task over his lack of support for the tough illegal immigration law passed this year. In fact, Lewis, though he’s only 22 and just out of college, gained the endorsement of the AJC’s Gwinnett division.


  1. The Busdriver says:

    Woody is a lying scumbag and his media team is a bunch of degenerates. I hope Clay sues them all.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    “Another interesting race involves two Democrats (In Gwinnett? imagine that!).”

    It’s going to become more and more common, Buzz, as the demographics in Gwinnett change. Cobb County too. Despite the ineptitude of the Georgia Democratic Party.

  3. buzzbrockway says:


    When you asked this on another thread, I looked up the list of Cagle endorsements published here at PP and Clay is on that list. He’s supporting Cagle.

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