Who Will Make the Dem Secretary of State Runoff?

And there will most certainly be a runoff with so many candidates in the race. My thoughts are that there are 3 major contenders: Shyam Reddy, Scott Holcomb, and Darryl Hicks.

Reddy has the financial edge, and the media buzz around his candidacy. Holcomb has a catchy new ad, veteran status, and an endorsement from General Wesley Clark. Hicks just received an endorsement from former Ambassador Andrew Young and received the Macon Telegraph endorsement. However, Hicks could be hurt by a split in the African American vote between himself and Miss Angela who has Cynthia McKinney’s support.

However, my thought is that the Andrew Young endorsement could be big for Hicks. I don’t think that any candidate in this field is going to get more than a third (33%) of the vote. With the percentage of the African American vote being possibly higher than as 50% in the primary, if Hicks is able to pull off a majority of the African American vote, I think he’ll see himself in the runoff.

Who will he be in the runoff against? My gut tells me that it will be Reddy, who has run a smart campaign for months now. While Holcomb has definitely gained some momentum, I think it might be just a little too late for him to get a high enough percentage of the vote to make it.

So, expect a Reddy vs. Hicks runoff. But I could be surprised in this highly unpredictable race.

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  1. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Wow, I know I’m late to this….but it DOES sound like Miss Angela is a “Bobble-headed fetus.”

    I just don’t see an endorsement from Wesley Clark putting a candidate for Secretary of State over the top, so I’m not sure about Holcomb. I thought Reddy for sure, but after seeing his last (mediocre) ad, I’m not sure about him, either. Reddy, at least, should be in the runoff — however, I think that in his advertising for THAT election, he’s got to let himself be on camera at least a LITTLE bit in his own commercials.

  2. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    What is also true about the Hicks campaign that will not be obvious to metro Atlanta folks, is the intense field work that has been going on.

    No other DEM SOS candidates have been in the places Hicks has, or if they were there, they didn’t know how to sell themselves to those audiences.

    Who else was at the Watermelon festival in Cordelle? Who else shook hands with the Longshoreman in Savannah getting off the night shift? Who else sat through the entire AME connvention? Who else has the contacts with the Masons?

    While some may think it’s all about the media buy, I’m keeping score, air vs. field… We’ll see Wednesday.

  3. atlantaman says:

    I noticed Reddy leaves his first name off of his yard signs, do you think it’s intentional?

  4. 30329 says:

    I suspect it will be Reddy vs. Hicks.

    It will be very interesting to observe, to see which is more effective at turning out the votes–a $320,000 statewide television ad buy and $65,000 in direct mail (Reddy) or $75,000 on Clear Channel Outdoor Media and Lamar billboards and paid field workers on the ground (Hicks).

    I bet Darryl curses Angela Moore every night.

  5. Demonbeck says:

    I think that Who Cares? will be facing I’ve Never Heard of Him.

    I could be wrong though – It Doesn’t Really Matter could sneak into the runoff.

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