Vote!!…or Not

Erick, who appears to be despairing over the prospect of wasting any more time or energy on the Lt. Gov. race in this election, was kind enough to provide me with this soapbox, so I’m going to use it:

I’m a firm believer that voting is something which an informed populace is not only able to do, but is almost required to do. Likewise, I  believe that the uninformed are almost duty-bound not to cast a ballot in an election, as not only is their doing so a slap in the face of the informed voter who has put so much work into preparing to vote, but it also all-but-negates the casting of an informed ballot by balancing it out with an uninformed one.

In this specific race/primary/election, I think, as always, it’s a matter of looking at the facts — ALL the facts — on each possible candidate, and voting with rationality and conscience. Don’t let the partisanship and divisiveness on either side weigh too heavily on you; simply decide, as you have done countless times before, which candidate best represents you, which would perform best in the job, which would be a better long-term officeholder, or which meets whatever other criteria to which you may wish to hold your selected representative, and cast your informed ballot for that man or woman.

While you cannot control any individual but yourself, you have all the power in the world to select that person which best represents you, and to push them one vote closer to office. In this nation/state/district/county of one man-one vote, that’s the greatest power you hold every two or four years. Don’t ignore it, don’t take it for granted…and always, always, always use it well.   

Idealistic? Sure. Sue me. 😉



    Erick is simply trying to minimize the importance of this race because his boy who was way out in front early is now getting his *** handed to him. Erick has been bias to the REED CAMP the whole way. He needs to stand up and take his medicine like a man. At least the other koolaiders are going down with the ship.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Get off Erick. Good Lord, and so what if he is supporting Ralph? This election is not going to be the end of the world, Ralph or no Ralph Casey or no Casey. And it’s certainly not worth destroying good friendships over.

    I have enormous disdain for what Ralph has done, but hardly a soul would have known if he hadn’t run. That is what is most disturbing. And Ralph is not the first nor the last to pimp out the populace for personal gain.

    At some point, obviously after the election, we as a Party are going to have to mend some fences and build consensus or we will never achieve anything.

    Politics is a constant vacuum. Unless people with strong principles are involved we’ll continue scandals. The forecast looks the same.


    Maurice, I agree and my comments are not meant to be taken personal however do not minimze the race just because your guy appears to have lost it.

  4. bowersville says:

    “your guy appears to have lost it?” Good grief SC, with everything I’ve read behind Maurice, it has been pro-Cagle.


    BVILLE, I was referring to my earlier comment to Erick not Maurice.I agree with Maurice.

  6. Maurice Atkinson says:

    SC, everything has a cycle and fortunately the furor in this race is getting close to a crescendo. The ads are effective and people are questioning where they are at and why. Actually that is a good thing. For 2 days I’ve been approached by people and received phone calls asking questions.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Maurice, I share your sentiments completely.

    It would be nice if Erick would at least put up Casey’s new ad that I sent to him.


    Maurice, I understand and am very educated on the dynamics of a campaign.I was simply stating lest it got lost in translation, do not minimize a certain race especially someone in Erick’s position just because your guy seems to be slipping. Nothing less, nothing more.

  9. BahamaBoy says:

    I sent Erick a copy of the federal lawsuit filed against Reed yesterday. After reading it, Erick probably lost heart and his spirit. Interested readers should contact him for an email copy of the complaint.

    Believe me: if such a lawsuit had been filed against Cagle yesterday, we’d all be pouring over it to see what it really says. But, of course, there isn’t such a lawsuit, and there probably will never be.

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