Should We Question The Timing?


A Texas Indian tribe filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday alleging ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed and their associates engaged in fraud and racketeering to shut down the tribe’s casino.
The Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Livingston, Texas, alleged the defendants defrauded the tribe, the people of Texas and the Legislature to benefit another of Abramoff’s clients — the Louisiana Coushatta tribe — and “line their pockets with money.


  1. LINDA says:

    No, I don’t know why they waited so long! If it sends Reed into the political graveyard, then we will be better off in this state.

  2. John Galt says:

    I don’t question their timing. C’mon – it’s like guerrilla warfare. Everyone’s doing it.

    “It’s like guerrilla warfare. If you reveal your location, all it does is allow your opponent to improve his artillery bearings. It’s better to move quietly, with stealth, under cover of night. I want to be invisible. I do guerrilla warfare. I paint my face and travel at night. You don’t know it’s over until you’re in a body bag. You don’t know until election night.”

    My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

  3. blazer says:

    Duh Linda, they waited so long to ensure that ralph and co. couldn’t generate a response in time for it to matter.

  4. LINDA says:

    I think I just saw Debbie on the Atlanta news. Someone had traffic blocked walking with a human sign that said “Cagle is a scum bag, save yourself in he afterlife and vote for Saint Ralph Reed!”

  5. Romegaguy says:

    The Lord moves in mysterious ways….

    Besides, even if they had done this last week Ralphie wouldnt have a response up until AFTER the primaries.

  6. jacewalden says:

    You know what Casey’s problem is?

    Casey Cagle got an A+ Rating from the LIBERAL National Rifle Association.

    Casey Cagle got endorsed by the SOCIALIST Republican Liberty Caucus. EVERYONE knows that free markets are a product of Marxism…

    Casey Cagle was endorsed by the FAR LEFT Georgia Right to Life…a bastion of Liberal ideology.

    Casey Cagle is a RINO. So much that he NEVER voted for a Tax Increase. Everyone knows that true conservatives LOVE increasing taxes.

    …I love being sarcastic…

  7. amazed says:

    Are you sure that wasn’t Ralph himself? I know it’s hard to tell since he’s barely tall enough to reach the window level of the average SUV on the road 😉

  8. BahamaBoy says:

    From the lawsuit filed against Reed today:

    Reed “pitted Christian against Christian, tribe against tribe and cousin against cousin.

  9. midgajim says:

    What’s funny about all of this to me is that Ralph is now on the receiving end of the kind of ambushes he’s so proud to have done to others through the years. Something like “what goes around . . .”?

  10. Demonbeck says:

    I heard that Ralph Reed has a child whose skin is not nearly as light as his – if you know what I mean.

  11. eem2006 says:

    Hey Erick – did you see that Debbie plagarized your words on the AJC blog…

    check it out under the Reed Falling in Polls header.

  12. Demonbeck says:

    I didn’t say anything about Ralph’s wife Debbie, however, you seem to be protesting my comments a bit too much. Got something to get off your chest?

  13. LINDA says:

    I didn’t know Debbie was Ralph’s wife, I thought hiw wife was named Joanne. I have no beef with you, you are funny.

  14. Demonbeck says:

    Debbie isn’t Reed’s wife JoAnne – or is she? Maybe she could explain “the dark Reed child.”

  15. GAWire says:

    Galt’s comment cracked me up!

    As for the lawsuit … did you not expect for their to be legal “artillary” fired this close to the Primary?

    Still, gotv is the only thing that matters at this point. I hope Casey’s staff doesn’t waste their time on this. Every single dollar they have should be going to their turnout operations. That is where the real political warfare takes place!

  16. Demonbeck says:

    Bill, it is so much fun to mess with people who have no sense of humor. The problem is, though, that it is so easy, it gets boring at times.

  17. LINDA says:

    Irish genetics, Demonbeck. There are dark complected people from Ireland, and Ralph Reed is Irish. Simple explanation. no problemo

  18. Demonbeck says:

    LOL, Sometimes it is just too easy.

    I would love front page posting abilities, but I think I’d probably lose those privileges faster than BullMoose did. Maybe I’ll get them after the primaries are over and PeachPundit is a little more quiet.

  19. Bill Simon says:


    What YOU are missing from Demon’s sense of humor is that it was Ralph Reed’s company that made the calls back in 2000 during the presidential preference primary against John McCain in South Carolina.

    Ralph Reed’s Century Strategies was paid $25,000 by Bush for President to make calls referring to the fact that John McCain adopted a Vietamese baby and brought it to the states to live. Ralph Reed developed the script for live phone calls to South Carolina voters (the white Christian Coalition voters, mind you) that told them that John McCain had a “black baby.”

    THAT is the background that makes Demon’s comments all the more funnier. Get it now?

  20. HSC Republican says:

    I for one can say I have never seen a dark skinned Irish Man…..Linda you are thinking of Italians. Us Irish have to wear hats because we burn easily!

  21. debbie0040 says:

    Linda, I guess we will be seeing you waving signs that say David Duke is a genuine Christian.

    Anyone can see this is timed for political purpose.

    Notice who else Reed was assisting in this?

    “closed in 2002 by a federal court ruling in a 1999 lawsuit filed by the state’s then attorney general, John Cornyn, now a U.S. senator.”

    The lawsuit is silly. Is there anyone out there stupid enough to believe that Chrisitians would support a casino of any type?

  22. debbie0040 says:

    This week is not over yet, You keep forgetting that. There is much more to come, I am sure.

  23. Demonbeck says:


    I’m sorry, I must have misread your last post while I was planning Bingo Night with the Chairman of my church council.

  24. Bill Simon says:

    Yes, Debbie, much more to come and go…against Ralphie Boy.

    The fact you are predicting a winning margin of 10-15% demonstrates you are completely clueless. OR, you are listening to completely clueless people in the Ralph camp.

  25. Bull Moose says:

    Erick, are you really suggesting that the Texas tribe timed this for the Georgia primary? If so, I think you’re stretching just a bit here…

    Ralph get’s what he deserves… Win or lose, what he did was plain wrong.

  26. jacewalden says:


    Ma’am, can I please ask a question? WHAT IS THERE TO COME? You’ve been leaving us with your clever one liners since Ralph announced his candidacy:

    just wait…

    this race is far from over…

    there is much more to come…

    It has never come. And every time it fails to come, you revert to saying something to this effect. “Timing is everything in politics, just wait, Ralph and his campaign team are brilliant.”

    So, is this newest threat just another empty one?

  27. Demonbeck says:


    I guess we’ll find out after the primary. Don’t forget to vote before 7PM on Wednesday the 19th.

  28. John Galt says:

    When you all go in the voting booth next Wednesday and cast your ballot for Reed, I don’t know how you hope to emerge with a clean conscience.

  29. The Busdriver says:


    Way to go on quoting Senator Cornyn.

    I too have a Senator Cornyn quote to share:

    “Reed and Abramoff were somehow claiming credit and then bilking their Indian clients for millions of dollars. I certainly dissaprove of that.

  30. Bull Moose says:

    Good Lord Debbie honey, give it up… It’s a lost cause at this point. No Georgian in their right mind is going to cast a vote for Ralph Reed at this point. Come on, you don’t have to vote for Casey, but at least come off of the Reed kool-aid before you die darlin. I mean, loyalty has it’s limits, even for us political junkies here.

    Now, think about it, but the big girls and boys will be waiting for you to help us win the Lt. Governor’s race for the Republican Casey Cagle.

  31. BahamaBoy says:

    Debbie, this one will be easy.

    You said “closed in 2002 by a federal court ruling in a 1999 lawsuit filed by the state’s then attorney general, John Cornyn, now a U.S. senator.

  32. John Galt says:

    How many body bags have you all ordered for the party next week? Will there be face-painting for the little kids? Cause I think they would like that. You could get sort of a “Ralph Reed circa early 90s” theme going there.

  33. Bull Moose says:

    I think it’s newsworthy that the US House of Representatives has passed that horrible piece of legislation that Ralph Reed was so opposed too… You know, that piece of legislation that STOPPED online gambling. Yeah, it passed! It’s part of the Republicans Values Agenda. Funny, Ralph was so against this because it was against our (his pocket) values…

    Here’s the story…

    House Passes Bill to Restrict Internet Poker
    Legislation Would Forbid Use of Electronic Payments

    By Shailagh Murray and James V. Grimaldi
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, July 12, 2006; Page A01

    The House easily approved a bill yesterday to curb online poker games, sports betting and other Internet-based wagering that gained infamy as a central focus of a major lobbying scandal.

    The 317-to-93 vote came nearly six years to the day after a similar measure went down to surprise defeat. At the time, unknown to its conservative supporters, the bill was derailed by lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the office of then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, on behalf of the disgraced lobbyist’s gambling clients.

    “This is the opportunity to expunge a smear on this House done by many lobbyists,” Abramoff included, said Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte (R-Va.), one of the legislation’s chief sponsors. “Now is the time to set the record straight.”

    The bill that was passed yesterday seeks to restrain the booming but difficult-to-regulate Internet gambling business. Proponents of the crackdown said the industry, which is mostly based overseas, provides a front for money laundering, some of it by drug sellers and terrorist groups, while preying on children and gambling addicts. Americans bet an estimated $6 billion per year online, accounting for half the worldwide market, according to analysis by the Congressional Research Service.

    Critics said the bill overreaches and would be difficult to enforce. At its heart are two provisions. One would update the 1961 Wire Act, which bars gambling entities from using wire-based communications for transmitting bets, to include the Internet. The other aims at cutting off the money flow from players to Internet gambling sites by barring the use of electronic payments, such as credit-card transactions.

    The biggest losers could be the estimated 23 million Americans who play poker over the Internet. “This bill would needlessly make outlaws of the millions of adult Americans who enjoy online poker, and is the latest example of how our representatives in Congress are ignoring real issues facing our country,” warned the grass-roots Poker Players Alliance, in an alert to its more than 25,000 members.

    The alliance urged Congress to regulate and tax online poker, rather than effectively ban it, as the House bill would. An economic analysis by the group showed that the federal tax revenue could reach $3.3 billion annually, while states could collect $1 billion more. “We hope that this analysis will give a fresh perspective for U.S. senators about the benefits of regulation,” said Michael Bolcerek, president of the alliance.

    Some Senate Republicans, in particular Jon Kyl of Arizona, have promoted similar measures and may revive their efforts now that the House has acted. The bill carves out exemptions for horse and dog racing, online lotteries and other games, including fantasy sports leagues, that are legal within state boundaries.

    Abramoff’s efforts in 2000 to kill the House bill have been under scrutiny in the federal government’s ongoing corruption investigation. In March this year, Tony C. Rudy, a former senior DeLay aide, pleaded guilty to fraud conspiracy. Rudy admitted to helping Abramoff scuttle the bill as part of a series of acts he performed in exchange for a stream of gifts, including luxury trips, golf fees, restaurant meals, entertainment, use of sports arena skyboxes and cash payments to his wife’s political consulting firm.

    Among other things, Rudy e-mailed Abramoff internal congressional communications and advice helpful to defeating the legislation, The Washington Post reported last year. Months later, Rudy was hired as a lobbyist by Abramoff.

    DeLay, who ranked third in the Republican House leadership at the time, voted against the bill, saying that it had unacceptable loopholes to placate regional lawmakers, such as exemptions for horse racing. Two months before he voted against the bill, DeLay, his wife, two aides and two lobbyists took a lavish $70,000 golf trip to Scotland, paid for by Abramoff clients who opposed the bill. DeLay denies any connection between the trip and the vote.

    An Abramoff ally in the earlier fight, the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition, has appeared on Capitol Hill this year to again oppose the bill. In 2000, gambling opponents such as Sheldon and Ralph Reed, former head of the Christian Coalition, were enlisted as part of Abramoff’s $2 million pro-gambling campaign.

    Sheldon said last year that he could not remember receiving money from Abramoff’s client and that he was unaware that Abramoff was involved in the campaign to defeat the bill. A spokesman for Reed, now a candidate for lieutenant governor of Georgia, said that he and his associates were unaware that any money they received had come from gambling activities.

  34. Bull Moose says:

    The bottom line here is that you shouldn’t be a hypocrite in dealing with faith because God doesn’t like that.

  35. debbie0040 says:

    JOhn, as for the body bags ordered for next, so I know how many to order, how many distraught Cagle supporters will need body bags? Can you give me a rough estimate? I figure at the very least you, Bill Simon, Demonbeck, LArry, Busdriver, Landman, Bullmoose, Linda, etc.

  36. Michael C says:

    Guys I warn against gloating too soon. Debbie has had a smug attitude, frankly we all have to an extent. Politics will do that. But lets not count our chickens just yet. There is still plenty of work to do.

  37. rugby_fan says:

    awww man…I loves me my online poker…seriously…although I only play with fake chips (btw: i made 35, 000 in “chips” over the weekend. “Drinks” are on me!).

  38. LINDA says:


    Thank you for telling me what Ralph Reed did to McCain. That is the lowest someone could go in a political campaign. Now I not only know that Ralph is a crook, a person that helped flood our country with illegal immigrants and a person in deep doo doo, but he is a bigot, too! Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  39. rugby_fan says:

    Allright look, I am going to express a political opinion (never done before by me): Debbie et al, if, *IF* this is true, does it matter if it was timed for political reasons?

  40. GOPeach says:

    Ah- There it is again…

    The Casey Clan’s Feeding Frenzie…
    You guys don’t even wait until Ralph
    is well done— You eat him RAW!!!!


    You and your “graveyard” “coffin” terminology..
    Are we back to the campfire telling scary ghost stories. Boooooooo

    Please know this too shall pass.
    Have you looked into who is representing the Indians

    Look at this statement directly from the Indians!!!

    There is a plot from the liberal left to use Casey
    to destroy Ralph Reed. Have you never read Sun Tsu.
    It is an old strategy to destroy a party from within.

    Remember gang, I am married to a Judge.

    We are doing our homework.

    Lou Dubose is the man behind the REED slander.
    Lou Dubose was the Editor of the Texas Observer.
    Now he is a free lance writter and his target
    market is Swing Voters and Democrats. He knows
    how to sell articles and books. Look him up.

    If you are a “soft republican”, Lou is your
    drum major. You are marching step with him
    straight in to the Socialist Party AKA Democrats!


    If you are undecided …. DO YOUR HOMEWORKS!!!

  41. Demonbeck says:


    It is sad that I am not surprised that you could be married to a judge. Of the three branches of government, the judicial system is the only one that doesn’t work like it is supposed to.

  42. GOPeach says:

    A taste of Lou Dubose-

    There is a fox in the hen house.
    I would not be so quick to repeat the Texas Observer-
    a “Progressive Political Newpaper” in Austin Tx.

    It looks like bait and switch to me.

    The Reed folks like me will NOT FALL for the
    “Vote Democrat” ploy that is in the works.

    Think people, think!!!!

  43. The Busdriver says:

    Watch yourself, GOPeach. Independent thought is strictly prohibited within the Reed ranks.

  44. GOPeach says:


    Even though you are voting for Cagle.

    DO NOT GIVE THE LIBERAL LEFT the satisfictive
    of ” pitting ” us against each other in the GOP!

    Let’s not ock our wounded.

    Let’s stay together in ONE PARTY!

    If you are a HARD ‘R” like me, YOU WILL KNOW

    Blow the RED WHISTLE loud and clear.
    Tell your friends to stop wagging their tongues.

    Let the courts decide not the GOP!

    Gotta go make some phone calls!

  45. LINDA says:

    Well gopeach,”if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” If you truly value your Christian teachings, then how can you support someone that is a thief. The Lord will judge Ralph in the hereafter, but gee open your eyes and see that your guy is just not right to be the Lt. Governor of Georgia. I feel your pain because I know it is hard to support someone and have them turn out to be something other than what you thought they were. But, this kind of stuff happens all of the time. Just because you wish someone appears to be perfect is not reality-based thinking. I hate to see someone that has betrayed the trust of the faithful, but that does not mean that I have to say “oh well he is a Christian, so I need to give him a vote.” That is ridiculous. My vote is for Casey and he will win in November with no problem. In the interim, I will say a prayer for Ralph.

  46. GOPeach says:

    Typing fast..

    Meant to write;

    ” Let’s not KICK our wounded!!”

    It was a very important point to make…

    And Budwiser-

    Please know the REED folks are free thinkers!!
    How do you think we have come this far???
    We were free thinking when Jimmy Carter was
    campaigning in GEORGIA!!!! We were backing
    Gerald Ford!!! We are used to not being

    We know how to dig and read and bird dog the
    money trail ( on ALL sides).

    I am always alerted when someone is RANTING
    and there is SOOOOOO much Rhetoric….
    Why ??? Who???? Where?????

    C’mon folks lets dig and think.

  47. LINDA says:

    I voted for Jimmy Carter because he was a devout Christian, and former Navy officer. That was my first presidential election in Kentucky.

  48. LINDA says:

    If Reed voters and supporters were free thinkers, they would be looking for a life vest because his ship is sinking.

  49. GOPeach says:

    That’s right Linda
    the LORD WILL judge Ralph, not you!
    I’d say you should back off and let God be God.

    Vote for Casye and shut up!

  50. LINDA says:

    Wow GOOeach,

    You are sure a spiteful person. It looks as though you are the one guilty of judging people. But let us see where the chips fall with the lawsuit. I bet Ralph will look good in an orange jumpsuit.




    Linda the problem with GOPEACH and the rest of the RR patsies is they share the belief that they are superior.They are reeling now because they are being exposed for the bible thumping, do as I say not as I doers they are…

  53. GOPeach says:


    That’s not judgmental. That is a fact.
    You should take a US Government Course so you
    will understand what a Democract really is.

    We are not a democracy. We are a REPUBLIC!
    We do not pledge allegiance to the Democracy.
    We pledge to the Republic!

    I suggest you review the terms and then you will
    not be so sensative.


    You are flattering yourself with such comments
    about the REED people being ” punch drunk”.

    You remind me of some kid on a basketball court
    talking trash in order weaken your opponent.
    The next thing we will hear from you is something
    like our mama wears combat boots. lol

    Honestly- that doesn’t work with adults. Oi.
    You are wasting your time with the liberal

    It will not weaken us. It will make us stronger.
    I suppose I should thank you.

    As far as feeling supperior. You have that right!
    Do you think we are alligned with ignorace?
    Not on your life.

  54. GOPeach says:


    Do you suffer from memeory loss????

    You said
    ” I bet Ralph will look good in an orange jumpsuit.”

    You really are bitter and resentful aren’t you?

    There are a lot of teens reading these
    blogs trying to learn about politics.

    The Reed children have friends who are
    reading these blogs and you would stoop so
    low. Shame on you!

    What if your kids were reading this sort of thing
    posted by some Baptist woman about you.
    Give me a break lady.

    You and the rest of the Casey people on this blog are
    echoing the liberal media. You are repugnant.
    You are insenative to spew your ignominious comments.

    We REED supporters are strong. We know who we are.
    We are not swayed by frivolous propoganda.

    We are not back biters. I wish you had the backbone
    to say these things to the REED children in person.
    You are cold hearted.

    To all the friends of the REED Kids-

    Ralph Reed is a wonderful man. I know him.

    There are people on this blog who are bottom feeders.
    They say hurtful things about people they do not
    even know. They think it is funny to speak ill
    of someone’s father and husband. They have no
    regard for families and children.

    Just ignore people like this. They will not
    change unles they are humiliated. This whole
    scandal will draw many people to the REED Family.
    They will be surrounded by lost of support.
    You can count on that!

    Friends are friends no matter what. When our
    friends are being slandered and defamed is when
    we stand beside them. We do not abandon people
    just because of negativity.

    Do not become cynical like these adults.
    Keep hope alive. Ralph Reed is a winner!

  55. GOPeach says:


    They ( The REED family) will be surronded by


    He will win!

  56. debbie0040 says:

    GaPeach, you have to ignore Linda, she thinks David Duke is a genuine Christian, supports McBerry and even has a link to David Duke on her blog. I think she co -starred with Mel Gibson in the movie “Conspiracy Theory”

  57. JP says:

    Bye Bye Ralph Greed.

    Debbie, how can you possibly continue to defend this twit and maintain any sense of integrity?

  58. BahamaBoy says:

    Finally got around to reading the complaint filed in federal district court yesterday in Austin, Texas against Reed, Abramoff, and the rest of the crew that bilked Indian tribes with competing gambling interests. Here’s the gist of the lawsuit from the Alabama-Coushatta tribe’s perspective:

    The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe, a Christian community, was poised to operate and briefly operated a non-drinking casino on its modest reservation in Polk County, Texas. The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe used the casino revenues as a resource for providing healthcare for elders, educational opportunities for youth, and vital social services for its population. The Alabama-Coushatta Tribe had the general support of Polk County, which is economically depressed and benefited from the creation of job opportunities.

    The Defendants convinced the Louisiana-Coushatta Tribe, who operates a casino in Kinder, Louisiana, that the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe posed a threat to their business. The Defendants manipulated the Louisiana-Coushatta Tribe into paying millions of dollars to stop competition in Texas. Their immediate goal was to halt a Texas legislative measure that would grant the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe the unquestionable right to game under Texas State law. The Defendants violated Texas lobbying laws, set up sham entities and waged a lobbying battle fraught with misrepresentations and lies. The Defendants convinced the people of Texas, Texas legislators and the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe that Christian organizations opposed the bill on moral grounds. The Defendants failed to disclose that they created the opposition through fraud and false pretenses in order to protect an out-of-state casino from competition in Texas. The Defendants’ unlawful acts effectively stopped the passage of the bill. In so doing, they pitted Christian against Christian, Tribe against Tribe and cousin against cousin.

    I really like that last line: “they pitted Christian against Christian, Tribe against Tribe and cousin against cousin.” But the Reed, it was just doing the Lor’s work — and Abramoff’s, and Scanlon’s, etc.

    Reed is charged with:
    1. Civil RICO
    2. RICO Conspiracy
    3. Tortious Interference with Contracts and Prospective Economic Advantage
    4. Common Law Fraud
    5. Civil Conspiracy

    Can we all agree that if a group of investors in a certain Georgia bank had filed suit yesterday against Casey Cagle and his cohorts up in Gainsville, and made allegations like the one’s leveled at Reed in Texas, Cagle would have quite a bit of explaining to do. Might even sink his campaign.

    But the truth is there will be no such lawsuit against Cagle. And there will probably be more coming in Reed’s direction. How does Reed expect the preside over the state Senate when he has to spend some much time in Texas defending himself in federal lawsuits?

  59. Demonbeck says:

    That’s a lot of words to read before I’ve had my coffee. Can’t we wait until like 11:00 before we throw out the stemwinders?

  60. BahamaBoy says:

    From today’s Austin Statesman:

    Texas tribe sues Abramoff, former Christian Coalition leader
    . . .

    According to the lawsuit, the Louisiana-Coushattas spent almost $3.4 million with Reed over four months to kill the bill. To disguise the source of the money, Abramoff and Reed had the tribe write checks to the American International Center, a sham think tank. In turn, the lawsuit says, Reed used the money to create the Committee Against Gambling as a front group fighting the Texas gambling bill.

    At times, the lobbying effort was intense. In an e-mail, Reed reported to Abramoff that he was sending out 100,000 anti-gambling postcards to lawmakers’ constituents and “patching through” 8,000 phone calls to members of a key House committee.

    A former Reed employee, quoted in the lawsuit, said bogus organizations were set up to make phone calls. The organizations were just telephones in a drawer. When a phone would ring, the employee would open the drawer, figure out which phone was ringing and answer in the name of that organization, the lawsuit says.
    . . .

    In addition to [Phoenix attorney] Petti, the East Texas tribe has retained Andy Taylor, a Houston lawyer who was the top assistant to [Texas Attorney General] Cornyn before returning to private practice to represent Republican interests in high-profile cases. Taylor said he can represent the Alabama-Coushattas because the lawsuit involves events that began five months after Taylor left his state job.

    Reed wrote e-mails claiming that he was working with Cornyn’s staff on closing Indian casinos, but Cornyn said he does not remember meeting Reed and thinks he was just boasting to clients about his role.

    So, it looks like Reed was bragging about his work the Cornyn’s staff, and now Cornyn’s top assistant is suing Reed for all the mess he did in Texas politics while he wasn’t registered as a lobbyist. If anyone would know what Reed did with Cornyn’s staff it would be Taylor.

    Man, I can’t make this stuff up. Reed is in a whole lot of trouble over this one.

  61. Demonbeck says:

    “A former Reed employee, quoted in the lawsuit, said bogus organizations were set up to make phone calls. The organizations were just telephones in a drawer. When a phone would ring, the employee would open the drawer, figure out which phone was ringing and answer in the name of that organization, the lawsuit says.”

  62. BahamaBoy says:

    Defend Cagle?

    Heck, Debbie, Reed is the one out hiring defense attorneys to help him respond to the federal lawsuit filed against him and Abramoff yesterday. Cagle gets to spend HIS money putting out more info on Reed. Reed spends his on attorneys.

    Get a clue!

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