1. rugby_fan says:

    Im not going to lie, if the Dems had a worthwile candidate I would maybe vote in that election.

    I do like Shyam…kind of.

  2. larry smith says:


    If sane rational people like you skip the race, you may as well vote for Ralph Reed.

    Believe me, the nuts who form his base aren’t having a conscience attack. You shouldn’t either.


    Don’t try to wiggle out now Erick, we all know you will (if you have not already) vote for Ralphie. You only make this comment because you have lost any input you would have from here on in,only if you could have kicked the koolaid.Be a man and stand with your pick even though it was flawed from the start.

  4. stephaniemills21 says:

    Playing off of SC’s last comment, how many people out there vote absentee or early? I have done it once (early voting), but not a fan. I like to go to the polls on election day and cast my vote. There is just something about it that feels more real.

  5. Broty says:

    I disagree with your last statement Larry because I now feel exactly the same way as Erick.

    I started in the Reed camp – and I’m sure that Ralph would be a strong leader – but the pattern of poor judgment he’s demonstrated in his business career is hard to overlook. In particular, the Marianas Islands story is very troubling to me. Anyone can get duped once, but twice? A third time?

    On the other hand, I’ve seen nothing from Cagle that’s puts me over the top. He seems like a nice guy but…so?

    I may regret it later, but as of right now I’d have no problem skipping over this race.

  6. Mike Hassinger says:

    Erick, a question for you (and of course, everyone else here):

    I am crossing over to vote against Cynthia McKinney in Georgia’s 4th CD. I’ll have to pull a Democrat ballot to do so. I know I’m giving up my chance to help select the man who will sit around the State Capitol for four years and wait for Sonny Perdue to die, and not participating in that selection -which is the defining question of our era- has caused me great angst.

    So, how about a trade? I’m voting for Hank Johnson. He’s a thoughtful liberal who will force conservatives like me to keep our arguments sharp and focused. But I’ll vote for all the other Democrat candidates you tell me to, if you’ll vote the way I tell you to on LG.

    Assuming this is all legal, (I don’t know, is it?) would you take that offer?

  7. jackson says:


    I see your point. However, Casey Cagle was a not just a State Senator no one knew about before this race. He was a respected member of the Senate. He always voted conservative, and has led a life that has been honest. Until even now, he has never been one folks at the Capitol thought of when they said, “that guy is corrupt or unethical”. If he wasnt so respected, do your really think so many senators would sign up with him so early?

    He may not be a party superstar, but do we really need that as Lt. Governor? What about just an honest guy that wants to do good for Georgia.

    Everyone that knows what’s going on knows that Casey isnt corrupt, and didnt use his position on the Finance committee to line his own pockets. Its just plain silly.

    If so, why does he live in a modest house in Hall County and have a modest office and drive a jeep? Reed calls him a millionare, but he is the on in the multi million dollar mansion in a gated community and drives a $70,000 car. Not that that is wrong, but, if you were a scumbag intent on bilking people out of money, what do you think their lifestyle would look like?

  8. Broty says:


    I don’t question Sen. Cagle’s integrity one bit. I never bought into the charge that he used his political position for financial gain. Silly is a good word for the allegations.

    The one thing that kept me with Ralph was that I know him to be a fighter – someone who would go to capital and fight for conservative values. Cagle, well, I’m not sure if he’s a real fighter. The $1000 payment to Mark Taylor really is tough to look past. That, along with the fact that he missed a few key votes, helped create a picture of guy who wants to be liked more than he wants to fight for what he believes. This is probably an oversimplification (I know Sen. Cagle has championed many conservative bills), but it’s raised enough doubts in my mind. The question for me is: Is Sen. Cagle a lukewarm politician? If he is, I’m not sure I can pull the lever for him.

    I will say this – posts like yours will do more good to get people on the fence to vote for you guy than a lot of what I’ve read here at PP. If Cagle folks are serious about finding every last vote for their candidate, they’d follow your lead.

  9. bowersville says:

    A year or so ago you could have counted me in the Reed camp. Five to six months ago, as more on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee investigation, became more available, I started having my doubts. When I had independent knowledge, well prior to the recent TV campaign spot, of the Marianas Isle concerns, because it bothered me the most, I started my own research, still not a Cagle fan. I found Cagle got to where he is in his personal life and political life by being a fighter. I do not know him personally, but I found some people who do. The 1K to Taylor still bothers me, but I was not there, but what I do know is Eric Johnson did the same, after the Skandilakis(sp?) fiasco over the false TV ad. I’m not asking you to accept it, but I decided Johnson and Cagle had more knowledge of the then current situations under the Gold Dome, than I have.

  10. Bull Moose says:

    I think it’s a cop out to not vote in this election. Vote for whomever you want, it’s just one vote. The stakes are high.

    Georgia is at a crucial point in its future. Will we move forward with Casey Cagle or will we embrace the politics of hate and personal destruction embodied by Ralph Reed. The choice is pretty simple.

  11. rtwingmom says:

    Reed is in a heep of trouble now. He will be on Martha Zoller’s show this morning (WDUN 550). I can’t wait to hear what he has to say about the Law Suit filed yesterday.

    Casey is a good man, go vote.

  12. LINDA says:

    Come on Erick, you said the same thing about the SPLOST. By not voting against the SPLOST, you were voting for it. And look where that got all of us with a deplorable tax situation.

    Vote your heart and your gut, but by all means vote! As a editorial writer on a political blog, not voting is a cop out.

  13. Demonbeck says:

    Casey Cagle played football for Erk Russell. Has there ever been a better reason than that to vote for someone? Erk Russell is a god.


    Erick will vote, he just thought he had a winner and his guy is slipping and he not unlike the rest are shellshocked.I anticipate he will come around and admit he made the wrong call and get on the Cagle train.

  15. Demonbeck says:


    Erick has been a level headed host at a party full of nut bags. As a true Cagle supporter, I resent your charges against him. Like you, I am certain that Erick will come around and get on the Cagle Race Team, because he is smart and does a good job of sorting through the rubbish. Your chiding him, however, will only serve to push him away from making the correct decision.

    Let’s be better than our counterparts on the other side of this race.

  16. BahamaBoy says:

    I sent Erick the federal lawsuit filed yesterday against Reed. I wonder if he read it and lost his spirit. Those who are interested in the document should contact he for an email copy.


    Demonbeck, believe me I am a true CC since DAY ONE and am very engaged. You can resent whoever or whatever you want but this is politics lad, a tough sport.It’s not personal and if anyone has that soft of skin, they need to toughen up or sit it out.Anyone who has been on here the last couple of months understands where I’m coming fromregardind the slant Erick has put forth regarding RALPHIE.

  18. Demonbeck says:


    You should also consider that this tough sport is one that requires finesse and agility. Most importantly, it requires a majority of support. You can’t go around hammering people on the head and expect them to see things your way. Persuasion doesn’t work that way.

    Take a look at philly – do you really think that his brand of discussion is in any way inviting to people who are unsure about Ralph Reed? Don’t become the CC version of philly. That’s all I ask. We are in the final days of trying to get the most votes for our candidate in this race. Embrace the undecideds and don’t give them a reason to run away from our cause.

  19. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Wow…Demonbeck not only has the sense of humor, but he has the persuasion and rationality too — ladies, he’s the total package!! Step right up for your chance at a real, live DEMON!! 🙂

  20. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Who says low turnout will benefit either. Party loyalist and activists are the ones voting. From all indicators I see, Ralph is far from having a clamp on this.

  21. Pingback: Test Blog

    Demonbeck, you are missing the point I do not for one minute believe Erick is or ever was an undecided.I understand the the dynamics involved in engineering a sucessful campaign and have for years. I embrace many undecideds everyday wooing them into our camp, but I get a belly full of the koolaiders and their arrogance and refuse to allow any to slip across the border just because their boy’s luck seems to be turning.Nothing personal just politics my man.Hope to get to met you in Duluth on Tuesday.

  23. GOPeach says:

    Just got back from the Cobb GOTV Rally.

    It was quite interesting. My husband saw Casey
    oustide the building with a very attractive young
    female reporter alone.

    Ralph Reed was inside with his wife Jo Anne.
    They were talking to people and working the grass roots.
    They were connected to THE PEOPLE as always!

    Casey was connected the The MEdia. ” ME- dia”

    This is who we have folks…

    Take your pick!!!!

  24. bowersville says:

    I choose Cagle. Does your husband have something against good looking reporters? What type of innuendo are you making? Get brave, be specific. Did Reed not speak to the same reporter?

  25. BahamaBoy says:

    GOPeach suggests Cagle had the hots for the “attractive” reporter? What a hoot!

    Reed went out with her too, but she spurned his advances?

    Get a grip. Cagle is not afraid to talk to any reporter, any time, and live with the reporting that results. Your man Reed, runs and hides like the coward he is.

    Face it, there’s blood in the water and Cagle hasn’t got a scratch on him. Your man is bleeding, and it shows everywhere — in press coverage, lawsuits, evading reporters, polling, fundraising . . .

    My caffeine hasn’t even kicked in yet, and I’m already giddy with the prospect of setting the record straight all day today, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. Blood in the water, GOPeach, and its not the kind we pray over.

  26. GOPeach says:

    Has anyone wondered why there are more “Cagle Blogges” thank
    REED bloggers???

    Maybe it’s because the REED supporters are busy talking to
    people that they actually know.

  27. GOPeach says:

    Jackson wrote:

    ( of Cagle) If he wasnt so respected, do your really think so many senators would sign up with him so early?

    Are you serious????

    These senators signed up with him on a “power move”. They like power a lot.
    They are addicted to it like a drug. I know. I counsel these types. They are
    never home and their wives have all kinds of problems.

    Have you ever seen Casey’s wife????? Why is she not standing beside him like
    Jo Anne Reed stands beside Ralph??? Jo Anne is almost always with Ralph.
    They are a team. She loves what Ralph does.

    Where is Casey’s wife??

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