House 98

A group called Georgia Conservation Voters, though their PAC, has started sending out mailpieces and running TV ads against former Gwinnett Commission Chairman and current House Candidate Wayne Hill. Hill is challenging incumbent Bobby Reese for House District 98 in northern Gwinnett. From their press release:

We surveyed Republicans in the District who told us overwhelmingly that traffic is a major quality-of-life issue for them, and that government decisions made in the 1990s contributed to the traffic we all suffer with. Our efforts in this race have been encouraged by top Republican leaders and elected officials,


  1. Mike Hassinger says:

    You may be a rabble-rouser, Buzz, but you are a cutting- edge rabble rouser!

    That link took me to their site, where after some hunting I found their list of endorsements in the 2006 primary. It includes Kathy Ashe, Karla Drenner, Nan Orrock, Gloria Butler and others. 9 of their 14 endorsements are for Democrats.

    Crunchy? Yes. Conservative? Not so much.

    Here’s the link to the endorsements page.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Mike and Buzz,

    Man, if I gotta tell you two once, I gotta tell you two a million times: There is a DIFFERENCE between the word “conservative” and the word “conservation”.

    “Conservation” is concerned with conserving land and air resources and green space and stuff like that.

    The group is named Georgia Conservation Voters, NOT “Georgia Conservative Voters”.

    They are into things like “conserving” the environment, so, of course they would be endorsing lots of Dems…because, the only “conserving” “conservatives” care about is the number of cigarettes they have to smoke after spending it all day on Peach Pundit. 😉

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