Deleting Comments

Friends, Georgians, Commenters, lend me your ears.

I’m going to start deleting comments written in all caps. They annoy me and judging by most of your comments and emails, they annoy a lot of you too. I’m not naming any names, but please take off the cap locks key.

Oh, and we can do this now that we have the handy dandy new comment tracker that makes it really easy to seek out and destroy.


  1. nfire says:

    Too bad, I thought SoCo was pretty funny. He had the most constructive points of view in a lot of the Cagle v. Reed threads.

  2. Maurice Atkinson says:

    Too bad there’s not a way to induce meaningful dialogue. Heck, as of late, this has evolved into some Jerry Springeresque postings.


    Not to worry my fellow americans,Erick is just executing his right of ownership, it’s all good. I will not however be silent in my relentless task of exposing those of weak principles and thought processes,that could cause harm to our great party.Erick is in a state of denial at the present time and his actions though juvinile as they may be, are traits he inherited from his leader RALPHIE BOY.How about the side bet there Erick…did’nt think so.

  4. LINDA says:

    My nick name in high school was Barbara Streisand ugh because I was always so outspoken and always fighting for a cause. Remember that political movie she was in with that real good looking actor, oh yeah Robert Redford. Where is Chris?

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