Brian Kemp

I’m sure all of the people in the race for Agriculture Commissioner are very nice people. And they have all done a very good job of running clean campaigns.

Tomorrow Bob Greer will be the first candidate to put up a “Why You Should Vote for Me


  1. efstration says:

    Great choice Erick. Kemp is the strongest candidate to face Tommy in the General Election and he will be an excellent Commissioner.

  2. landman says:

    Erick,we agree!!

    As I have stated, my opinion is biased,Kemp’s a good friend,but he is by far the best candidate to beat Mr.Tommy,which is the end in mind here.

  3. memberg says:

    I don’t support Kemp, but I happily will pass along a folksy “Kempism” that he told me back in 2003:

    “If you want to stay up with the owls, you have to be able to get up with the roosters.”

    While I’m sure he didn’t coin that saying, it definitely shows his interest in agriculture.

  4. Hey Erick,
    My comment has nothing to do with the topic at hand. I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed reading Peach Pundit during the primary season. Thank you for your positive contribution to the “blogosphere.”

    David Ballard
    Vice-Chairman, UGA CR

  5. Groseclose says:

    Erick, I can appreciate your desire to take a position on this race and your frustration from your lack of knowledge about Black’s candidacy, but your stated reason for supporting Kemp, if shared by others, is extremely bothersome. Georgia agriculture is our state’s largest industry, contributing over 16% of our state’s economy. The leader of this important department needs to know, love, and understand this industry and its people. One quick look at Gary’s list of supporters, contributors, and vast experience indicates that Gary is the only candidate among the GOP field that can truly lead this industry. Republicans often talk about their desire for good, effective governance, such governance requires a skill sets to match the position. To that end, we have a clear choice in this primary—Gary Black. I just hope that GOP voters will listen to their agriculture colleagues within the party and support this exceptional candidate.

    Before today, I have never really questioned Brian’s integrity, just his blind ambition. But, today I read the profile he submitted to the AJC. There he called for a 10% cut to the department. That doesn’t make me happy as an agriculturalist, but as a Republican I can understand the philosophy behind it. But, his about face is troubling. In the Georgia Cattleman Association’s publication a few weeks, Kemp sure didn’t make that suggestion. Rather he reprimanded the current commissioner for not working harder for the agriculture budget. Now, Kemp is pandering to GOP primary voters with his AJC piece. He doesn’t care about farmers and agriculturalists. This contradiction is a glaring reminder of how political ambition removes all sense of integrity from some of the most decent men.

  6. Mike says:

    I like Erick’s idea about the #2 man gracefully bowing out. Flip a freakin’ coin if they tie.

  7. The Busdriver says:

    Is it just me or does Groseclose only rear his head when someone says something positive about Brian Kemp? Seriously. Can anyone verify this?

  8. IndyInjun says:

    Kemp’s mail flier was most amusing with the big picture of Osama Bin Laden and the scare tactic that Al Queda wishes to attack our food supply.

    Let’s see, Clinton and Bush have been trying to exterminate OBL for about 8 years with Hellfire missles…

    What is BK gonna do as Ag Commissioner of Georgia, drown OBL with Round Up?

  9. Cotton Boll says:

    That is okay Erik….we all make mistakes. I’ll fix yours by voting for Gary Black.

    Kemp fans – It is good to support your candidate, but he cannot win in November. Doesn’t matter though, because gary Black will be the guy elected next week. We’ll all be on the same team working for Gary Black in just a few days.

  10. HJ Bailey says:

    Brian Kemp is proposing to cut the budget due to waste. The fact that Gary doesn’t support a similar stance shows that he is the same old bureaucrat that Tommy Irvin is.

    Brian Kemp will win next week and in November.

    You black supporters are blinded by ignorance.

  11. waterboy says:

    I am with Cotton Boll, Groseclose and IndyInjun – a vote for Gary Black is the best vote for Agriculture Commissioner.

    Black will lead and will beat Irvin.

  12. HJ Bailey says:

    Did you have to verify you were with them? I think it is fairly obvious. You thought Gary was going to walk through this primary but you underestimated Kemp and now you will lose.

  13. atlantaman says:

    From a political advertising standpoint I’m not sure if I like the Osama piece or not. Personally, I know connecting Osama to tha AG department is a real stretch – but is the Osama stuff working with the typical Metro Repub voter that doesn’t know or care about the AG Department?

    I suppose in a race that is completely uninteresting to your typical Metro Repub voter it’s as good of strategy as any.

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