On the Strategic Vision Poll, I didn’t realize it was conducted on a Friday through Sunday. I don’t believe polls that are taken during that time. It’s too hard to get a good cross section of people over the weekend — especially the weekend after the 4th when a lot of people are returning home.



    You koolaiders will not beleive the results of the poll that will take place on Tuesday either, but hey it will be on a weekday.

  2. HJ Bailey says:

    Get um SouthernComfort. Make excuses all you want Debbie, Eric and whoever, and maybe the poll is wrong. The result on Tuesday will show Brian Kemp as Georgias Choice.

    VOTE NO to the liberal democrat special interest lobbyist.

  3. HJ Bailey says:

    Debbie, you are the one who said the straw polls in Cobb and Gwinnett were accurate but this one comes no where close right?

    What a joke. You need to lay off that koolaide of ignorance. You can trust a straw poll which is useless and denounce a real poll. Whatever.

  4. Ben says:

    Well this has been consistent with everything else we have seen- Kemp being in the lead. This one does give Kemp a larger margin though.

    This proves what Tuesday’s results are going to prove- Georgian’s want a Solid Conservative Leader as Ag Commish!!

    Go Kemp!!


    Erick,Debbie and the rest, you have to get a grip with reality. You may can control this microcosism but the voters will control who wins these races,and you all bet on the wrong horses.

  6. tobin smith says:

    Here is the only poll I believe. I am hearing from several people over the last couple of days–especially since the debate–that Cagle has gone too far. My mother even said last nigh, enough is enough. I think the last attack especially is so crazy that people no longer think Cagle is credible in his attacks.

    I have the feeling that Cagle has peaked too soon and gone just a bit too far. If people begin to conclude that Cagle has stretched his claims, his numbers could tank at the end and Reed could do much better than the polls currently suggest.

    I think the Cagle campaign has reached the point of lost credibility. They did not do just enough. They did too much and in doing so lost the prize.

  7. The Busdriver says:

    Tobin, you are a damn fool. “I have the feeling that Cagle has peaked too soon . . ”

    What, like the final week of the campaign? According to most polling, Ralph has been in the lead the entire campaign up until the last week or so.

    Are you that dense?

  8. BahamaBoy says:

    Tobin, the Cagle has not reached the point of lost credibility. It’s the only one in this race that has ANY credibility left.

    Reed’s ship is sinking and the crew is desperately seeking comfort wherever they can find it: the poll was taken over the weekend; the ads are too confusing for most voters; 900 percent! 900 percent! 900 percent!

    Enough already. Cagle’s pieces are hard-hitting but they tell the truth — something Reedite can’t seem to stomach. All those former Reed emplyees who went over to Cagle’s campaign told him where Ralph was weakest, and that’s where the guns have been aimed.

    Reed is going down, once and for all. He sold out and now it is all coming back to haunt him.

    Can you say condo on Miami beach? I hear a moving company has already been out to Sugar Loaf to quote the move!

  9. BahamaBoy says:

    Texas Tribe Names Abramoff, Reed in Suit

    The Associated Press
    Wednesday, July 12, 2006; 12:04 PM

    WASHINGTON — A Texas Indian tribe filed a federal civil suit Wednesday alleging that ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed and their associates engaged in fraud and racketeering to shut down the tribe’s casino.

    The Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Livingston, Texas, alleged the defendants defrauded the tribe, the people of Texas and the Legislature to benefit another of Abramoff’s clients, the Louisiana Coushatta tribe, and “line their pockets with money.”

    “Ultimately, the defendants’ greed and corruption led to the Alabama-Coushatta tribe permanently shutting its casino. The funding for economic programs evaporated, over 300 jobs were lost in Polk County and the Alabama-Coushatta tribe has spent years struggling to recover and revitalize its economy through other means,” the tribe said in its lawsuit, obtained by The Associated Press.

    The lawsuit also names Abramoff’s ex-business partner Michael Scanlon, a former aide to former Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas; Neil Volz, a former aide to Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio; and Jon Van Horne, Abramoff’s former colleague at his law and lobbying firm, Greenberg Traurig.

    Although the tribe alleges Greenberg Traurig was part of the scheme, it did not name the firm as a defendant. Attorney Fred Petti said the tribe is in settlement discussions with the firm.

    The tribe did not specify how much it was seeking, but asked for triple damages.

    Abramoff, Scanlon and Volz have pleaded guilty in a public corruption probe involving Abramoff’s former tribal clients and possibly members of Congress. The Alabama-Coushatta never hired Abramoff.

    The Alabama-Coushatta’s casino, on its reservation north of Houston, was closed in 2002 by a federal court ruling in a 1999 lawsuit filed by the state’s then attorney general, John Cornyn, now a U.S. senator.

    The Alabama-Coushatta said Abramoff and others conspired to defeat a bill in the 2001 Legislature that would have allowed it to operate gaming on its reservation. Reed helped to rally Christians against the bill with a group he formed, Committee Against Gambling, the tribe alleged.

    The tribe, which says it has strong Christian values, alleges Reed’s group called state legislators, sent targeted mailings to voters and ran radio ads against the bill without revealing their true origins, preventing the tribe from fighting back.

    Reed’s work made the opposition to the tribe’s casino appear to be based on Christian concerns, not competitive concerns from its sister tribe, the Alabama-Coushatta said.

    Had the public or tribe known the Louisiana Coushatta tribe was the main opponent, Christian groups would have been “less mobilized.” Because the Texas and Louisiana tribes share family ties, Louisiana Coushatta members would have opposed the attack on their sister tribe, the Alabama-Coushatta said.

    “They pitted Christian against Christian, tribe against tribe and cousin against cousin,” the tribe said.

    The tribe also alleges that Abramoff fraudulently bilked it of $50,000 and used it to “bribe” Ney with a golfing trip to Scotland in exchange for “fixing” its gaming problem. In his guilty plea, Abramoff said Ney accepted the trip knowing the tribal clients paid for the trip. Ney has repeatedly said he is innocent of wrongdoing.

    The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court’s western district of Texas in Austin.

  10. BahamaBoy says:

    So much for your “The Indians don’t have any complaints about Ralph’s work for them” line, Debbie.

  11. BahamaBoy says:

    Reed “pitted Christian against Christian, tribe against tribe and cousin against cousin.

  12. amazed says:

    Buzz – “I remember someone saying that weekend polls oversample Democrats. I suppose Republicans are out spending all that money they stole from the poor.”

    An educated guess would leave me to believe you’re an underachiever since you assume being a high earning Republican is only achieved through stealing money from the poor…and by the way, when did poor people get enough money to necessitate creating wealth for Republicans?

    Sad to wallow In flawed logic, but admitting that bad choices have led poor people to their financial situations would place blame on them…that can’t happen so it’s gotta be someone else’s fault! Hell, blame the Republicans!

  13. The Busdriver says:

    Hello Mr. Amazed, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Mr. Sarcasm.

    Duh, Buzz was joking.

  14. Bill Simon says:

    Demon, how could our public schools be so woefully inadequate? We’ve had 12 plus years of GOP control of the School Superintendent position.

  15. Demonbeck says:

    I’ll respond by saying that I wish Chuck Scheid was running for School Superintendent.

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