1. GAWire says:

    Just FYI, I was the first to vote REALITY! The Reed ground game is no myth. He is a formidable opponent.

    To get caught up in our own pride would only result in hubris, as Pericles taught us (It was Pericles, wasn’t it … the allegory of the cave? So I goofed off a lot in college, but I do recall some things).

    Taking from another ancient strategists … Sun Tzu would say that knowing your opponent, i.e. his strengths, weaknesses, etc, is the most crucial component of warfare.

    Sorry for the references from antiquity, but election time gives me nostalgic feelings all over!


    Reed’s game is over, and it’s good for our party that his style and mode of operandi will be shelved in the annals of history…

  3. The Busdriver says:

    Ralph has half the integrity of your average person, but his GOTV ground game has no shortcomings. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Do not take him lightly. Ralph will turn his people out.

  4. BahamaBoy says:

    I agree with Busdriver: don’t discount Reed’s GOTV effort. It is legendary. But I predict it will fail him this time, just like it did when he first got into campaign consulting after leaving the Christian Coalition. His candidates lost nearly every race, except Paul Coverdale (R-GA)and Richard Shelby (R-AL), who were both heavily favored to win even without Reed’s help.

    Reed’s use of Christians for his political pursuits knows no bounds and he will pull out all the stops to get them out in force on election day. He has all his chips on the table (pardon the gambling reference!) and $500k of his own money is in there. Either he squeeks out a victory Tuesday or he is finished for the foreseeable future. He is damaged goods and no corporation, politician, or Indian tribe is going to hire him for anything any time soon. The lawsuits will have to be defended. Indictments may be just around the corner. Dark days indeed for Reed.

    So it falls to the opposition to mobilize their base and energize their friends and neighbors to turn out for what has obviously become the most important election in recent Georgia history.

    History will again be made on July 18, 2006. Either Reed pulls off the unthinkable, or Casey Cagle pulls off the impossible.

    Who said politics isn’t entertaining?

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, I’m going to say that I just don’t know how in good sense Reed can win.

    There is just too much stuff out there. It’s more than the fact that Reed really isn’t qualified, I mean, he’s got some major legal and ethical issues that just seem to disqualify him from serving the public in a position of trust.

    After reading that GQ piece, wow. He’s also got some racial baggage that the GOP doesn’t need.

    If for some odd reason Ralph does pull it out and wins, I think we might want to consider starting a new party and moving everyone onto that party because Ralph Reed will singly handidly destroy and sink the Republican Party of Georgia.

    And to the GOP Leaders who have endorsed and continue to support Ralph Reed, I really think that you need to pull your endorsements if you want to be taken serious in the future.

  6. larry smith says:

    Ralph Reed will be a threat to Republicans specifically and America generally until the moment his black little heart stops beating.

    Do not let up on this guy for a second. Turn out the vote, and keep turning out the vote until Ralph is finished.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Okay, hold it right there… I worked on the Coverdell 1998 reelection and I can tell you straight up that Ralph Reed did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help us win reelection…

    First and foremost, we had an excellent candidate in Paul D. Coverdell. A fine and outstanding man. Coverdell had a very well established group of supporters, none of them more loyal than Dot Burns who did a lot to build the Coverdell organization from his squeaker of a victory in 1992 to his guaranteed victory in 1998.

    We had a very talented and gifted campaign manager in Marty Ryall.

    We had a brilliant media campaign put together by Fred Davis.

    And one thing we had, we had one of the hardest working campaign teams this state had ever seen.

    From Columbus to Macon to Brunswick to Rome to Augusta and on, we worked our tails off with local GOP and business leaders to ensure Paul Coverdell became the first Republican ever reelected in this state — and we succeeded.


    Again I say bring it!!! We have out worked them and have a better canidate. I am not gloating and have believed we would beat him since I engaged.Casey is a good man,good friend and will be a good steward of our state.As to the leaders that pushed RR on us, they will be dealt with in due time,along the whole culture they brought to the table.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    I know alot has been said about RR destroying the GAGOP but, that’s been said before…and he kind of strengthened the party.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Bull, apparently you don’t know just how ruthless the people are who support RR. They will lie, cheat, steal, and stuff ballot boxes any way they can figure it out to win.

  11. bowersville says:

    Interesting article over at AJC political insider. They are reporting home schooled children from 10 different states placing signs and holding up signs around Ga. Mall at an expense of $250 a day paid by Reed.


    RR and his patsies have attempted to polorize our party, with their arrogant bible thumping b.s., and it will not fly any longer, and any good he actually has did for GAGOP has been erased by all the ill wills he has committed.Again I say BRING IT PATSIES!!!

  13. benevolus says:

    Drive down W. Paces Ferry tomorrow.
    Lot’s of big Reed signs in front of really big houses.
    Money. Clout. Whatever.
    I don’t think Reed can lose the primary.
    Since when did legal woes bother the faithful?
    Might be a problem in the general though.

  14. bowersville says:

    Nope, went back and read it again, 76 children from 10 different states at $250 at day, by Jim Galloway. I guess Reed wasn’t there to keep them from speaking to the press!

  15. The Busdriver says:

    Ugggh. Homeschoolers are worth $250 per day on the street. Sad. Very sad.

    Note to self: crush Virginia Galloway.

  16. GOPeach says:

    Rugby Fan-

    You are 100% Right!

    I have been working with the GOP in GA for 30
    years and RALPH REED has done more for this party
    than anyone I know!!!

    He has devoted hos life to CONSERVATIVE VALUES.

    To say Ralph Reed is a threat to the GOP is
    like saying clean water is a threat to fish!!!

  17. GOPeach says:

    If Ralph is awarding Home Schoolers $250 per day
    to campaign for him- That is very noble!

    FYI- Home School families have to pay Public School
    Property Tax and they get no rewards for this. Also,
    Homeschool families live on ONE INCOME!

    This is a wonderful gesture.

    I find it typical that all the CASEY CLONES
    use the same type of violent hate language-

    Budwiser writes:
    “crush Virginia Galloway”

    Larry Smith writes:
    “Ralph Reed will be a threat to Republicans specifically and America generally until the moment his black little heart stops beating”

    Notice RALPH REED supporters do not speak this way.
    We do not use harsh violent language filled with
    hate and bitterness.

    Ever since 9-11, Negative violent language is not
    culturally acceptable. People like to see a big
    smile and hear laughter. That is who RALPH REED is.

    He is a lot like SONNY PERDUE! They are both
    really upbeat and sincere people who will work
    well together. RALPH REED will be Sonny’s biggest
    supporter. He will be loyal and work relentlessly.

    It will be wonderful. It’s all good!

  18. Bull Moose says:

    GOPeach, my word, you poor lost woman. You still think Ralph is an honest man. You really are kind of drunk on the kool aid aren’t you? Oh, Tuesday is going to be a really sad day for you. I’m worried for you and Debbie.

    I mean, that’s really the only way you could support an alleged money laundering, Native American cheating, non-profit abusing, phony Christian, and now racist candidate like Ralph Reed.

  19. bowersville says:

    I’m not picking on you, but “Reed supporters do not speak this way.” “Philly et al” on past comments is a prime example of a Reed supporter gone wild. First, we got the sermons, quoting scripture, as to why we are wrong. Then it was a cursing at us, when we persisted. Then open challeges to “meet me, I’ll show you I’m a man.” I haven’t noticed Philly on this board lately, but there has been somebody over on the political blogs at AJC named Philly espousing the same garbage. As far as Reed bringing in children at $250 a day, I have to disagree. I view it as using children the same way as he used believers in the past. Except this time, Reed is paying out money, instead of recieving money for an illusion. BTW, Debbie has never participated in any such behaviour, and she has endured much.

  20. The Busdriver says:

    I said “crush” Virginia Galloway, when I actually meant to say “destroy.” My bad.


    benevolous,goppeach it does matter how big the house or the signs, where were the donations? These are people that were there early and probably figure what the hell, as far as RR he is polarizing our party but he is about to be put where he belongs.Ralph is damaged goods and the clowns that stay with him need us to pray for them.

  22. debbie0040 says:

    Why is this now showing up green on my screen?

    Bowersvile, thanks for the last line.

    If you think those home schoolers are being used, talk to them and you will know that is not true. A few are even supporting Cagle.

    Ask Governor Perdue what he thinks of Virginia Galloway and her homeschoolers and he will sing nothing but praise.

    The bottom line is that once we are all back united on one team, we will all be glad they are on Team GOP for the November elections.

    I can tell you that the Marianna’s ad has hurt Cagle. I know you don’t believe me and if I were in your shoes, I doubt I would. But I can assure you it is true. Talk to people without telling them who you support. People are angry over that ad and one even compared that to blaming Bush for Katrina.

  23. rtwingmom says:

    If RR wins, it will be a sad , sad day for GA.
    The entire country will be saying we are headed for a church run state. Bad news for us and the GOP.

    Go Casey, Go Casey

  24. Smillican says:

    I’ve never posted much, but I can’t let the baseless accusations and obviously bigoted rhetoric on this thread go without responding.

    I work for a state Senator and committee chairman. I’ve been serving the Republican Party in Georgia full time for six years in various capacities, from working under Ralph Reed at the GAGOP to acting as a travel assistant to Senator Zeill Miller. I was, am, and always will proudly be, a home schooled graduate. As such, I’m intimately familiar with Teenpact, Tim Echols, Virginia Galloway, Ken and Mary Jo Patterson, the Georgia Home Educator’s Association, and all of the organizations that contribute to the pulse of homeschooled political activism in this state. And several of you are woefully wrong and misinformed in the statements you make on here.

    First, get your facts right. Ya’ll are spinning this in such a way so as to make it sound like Reed for Lt. Governor is expending $250.00 per study per day in wages/awards/compensation. On the contrary, that money is being expended to provide them with food to eat and a roof over their heads. To imply that these homeschoolers are either blindly offering their help and services without considering, and believing, in their candidate, or to insinuate that their doing it because they’re being compensated is immature, foolish, and patently offensive. Quite to the contrary, I can guarantee you that each of these students, and their families, has carefully considered the candidates in this race, and offer their services and time because they believe in Ralph Reed and what he stands for, not beacuse of third party compulsion or desire for financial gain. To insinuate such is to insult not only our intelligence, but our character. I dare you to do so to our faces, under your real name.

    Virginia Galloway, Busdriver, is dedicated Republican leader in north Metro politics, and has been for years, as have been members of her family. To question her commitment to our conservative principles and our party in this state is also blatantly false.

    I believe that the main thrust of this volunteerism by these young people is a bold statement as they reject the negative campaigning and the deceptive rhetoric of the Cagle campaign, and present their colors for the proven conservative leader in this race.

    Bowers, thanks for at least telling the truth about Debbie and the way she communicates on here.

  25. Maurice Atkinson says:

    I have no problem with kids providing service. It is an outstanding experience. Casey has been a long sponsor of Teen Pact both financially and physically addressing their audiences.

    While raising my children, I involved them in the political process. It is necessary. In today’s environment most people have no clue how government operates and the necessary entities to make it work. Stumping is only one side of the political coin. Governance and effective leadership involving consensus building and producing an agenda that benefits ALL people is ultimately what needs to happen.

    I’m quite satisfied that our Republican leadership has diligently tried to present an agenda that works for ALL Georgians. Is everything perfect? Not hardly. Is the total agenda everything that conservatives, or liberals for that matter, want? Doubtfully. However, I can say with all certainty that our Republican majority has a whole different paradigm of governance that the former Democrat leadership. It’s good for Georgia.

  26. Bill Simon says:

    It’s good that Casey has supported Teen Pac, but with a cheater and an IRS-rule breaker like Tim Echols in charge, I don’t think they will care about Casey’s support.

    They will just push and preach to the kids that Ralph is The Chosen One and He alone is worthy of their work and vote.

  27. polincorrect says:

    Reed’s grassroots campaigning is the best in the nation. As a recent graduate, and avid campaigner, the current system used by the state GOP is all his doing. Ralph is going to pull this off.

  28. northside elephant says:


    TEENPACT kids stay for free at supporters homes, I know because I have hosted a team before! They also eat some of their meals at the host home and some are provided by the candidate that they are helping!

    Ralph Reed pays for homeschool labor, $250 a pop is a good deal if you need volunteers. The troubling part is that Ralph continues to do and say anything regardless of the truth and his supporters go along with it.

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