Taylor Leads Cox In Cash

Despite the impossibility of looking at the reports on the fabulous Republican created state ethics website, the Savannah Morning News is reporting the following in the Governor’s Race: 

Taylor raised $1,286,830 this period with $1,120,000 cash on hand.

Cox raised $1,286,321this period with $560,000 cash on hand. 

I expect to be seeing a lot more Taylor ads than Cox ads this week.


  1. Bill B. says:

    Same with Reed and Cagle

    Reed cash on hand – $1,460,659
    Cagle cash on hand -$ 813,283


  2. Romegaguy says:

    Guess again Bill. A lot of what Reed has left on hand is money collected for a runoff or general election (which he wont be in either by the way) and can only be legally used for those specific periods. But then again, as ethically challenged as Ralph is, he will probably go ahead and spend it illegally and hope to get out of it with a fine by the ethics commission and an apology.

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